SEO Strategy in 2020: Google RankBrain, Zero-Click Revolution




FreelanceFront takes the opportunity to Welcome and Introduce a very talented young SEO Scientist Muhammad Mahmood as a Guest Author. He came up with this great piece of informational article on the latest SEO trends as well as upcoming Google revolutionary changes for 2020.

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Affording SEO is becoming abstruse day by day because of dynamic changes. These changes in SEO are making the process of optimization from blunt to the finest. Within the next few years, the concept of black hat SEO will disappear I think. Do you know why? Let’s discover!


In this article, we will discuss what “SEO” will look like in 2020.

The search spiders of different search engines are becoming smarter, they are continuously changing their algorithms to make it harder to rank any website. There will be only two options

  1. Do SEO with enough budget or
  2. Run a PPC campaign with less budget

People will not dare to invest their money in black hat SEO. Either they will forget about SEO and will go through PPC for their marketing goal or they will increase their budget.

The search spiders of any search engine are designed to make more business with PPC ads, and it is a multi-billion dollar business so, why do you think, or the people who do “black hat SEO” that it is easy to rank a website with black hat SEO?


Black hat SEO comes into the mind when people have less budget with a greedy mind for high returns. If you have such kind of mentality then get yourself away from SEO….SORRY for the hard word.

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Years back partially from 2019 to 2011, google announced different updates to their algorithm.

Penguin Update, Panda Update, and Hummingbird Update are the major algorithm updates of Google that brought the revolution in SEO.

Penguin Updates condemned spammy links that were bought from any link network, panda update condemned poor quality content to give their users a better experience, and Hummingbird Update condemned the irrelevant content on the site.

In the next section, we will discuss the changes in the algorithm in 2020.

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2020 is the year of the AI system so when it comes to SEO, we talk about the RankBrain updates.

RankBrain comes with an about combination of almost all the search filters. It’s hard to say how RankBrain works so, we only can assume what is going to have happened.

Google never disclosed its major algorithm but they inform us about the effect to hold our rankings.

Google previously announced the top 3 ranking factors which are Links, contents, and RankBrain.

Links and contents were protected by the Penguin and Panda updates but RankBrain is continuously changing over and over and assuming that it will also be changing in 2020.

RankBrain search filters are based on user experience, which is self-taught.

However, RankBrain introduced a new feature called “Zero Click Normal”  CTR was one of the most important ranking factors in terms of SEO but now it is slightly different.

People who search queries for “when,” “how many,” “what year,” and so on can get their answers on the search page without entering the site itself.

So, more than half of the search queries are now zero-click searches

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Although more than half of the search queries are zero-click searches, still you have opportunities to build the credibility of your site.

In 2020, credibility is a more important ranking factor than the authority of the site.

Google is trying to focus on the content written by the most credited person who has on depth knowledge and expertise on that particular topic.

So, if your brand doesn’t have credibility, your brand is not going to be ranked on the search result.

Now the question is how you can build credibility more and more for your site.

Instead of focusing on link building only, you should focus on traffic and engagement.

Use the brand name in different social media activities and do guest posting as much as you can.


Google launched a new algorithm called Google BERT. Its main functionality is to understand natural language processing (NLP). Adding keywords to your content is now playing less than 1% role in terms of SEO.

So, be careful while writing the title of your content. Google will process the steps of the ranking of your site by processing the intention of your content.

If the search intent and your content mismatch, your content will not show up.

Initially, a company name keyword has zero searches therefore most people avoid optimizing their content with the brand name.

Do not do the same, in 2020 brand credibility is the most important ranking factor being understood.



  • SEO is more than we can think so never stuck with any one of the theories.
  • Be practical and do more and more to discover what works for your brand.
  • It’s the most competitive space in the world so be a warrior and follow Google’s instruction.
  • Once you can align your brand with search methodology, the brand will boost up.

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