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Rare Patient Voice seeks patients and caregivers to provide feedback on medical products, drugs, and other medical issues.

Expected pay: $120 per hour


Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide


Requirements: Varies by study

Rare Patient Voice review:

Rare Patient Voice seeks patients and caregivers to provide feedback on medical products, drugs, health outcomes and customer experience. The site also recruits for medical focus groups and clinical trials.

How it works

Prospective participants sign up and tell the site what condition ails you — or if you’re a caregiver for a person with a particular condition. The site will then contact you when it has a medical company looking for consumer feedback, advice or for participants in a clinical trial that matches your profile.


The site says its average pay per hour is currently $120. However, pay varies from study to study. A 5-minute background study on Alzheimers patients pays $25; A one-hour focus group for bladder cancer patients pays $100. Joining an online community for Crohn’s disease patients offers a $50 welcome gift and $60 for participating in discussions.


The site generally pays participants with a physical check or gift card after the research project is closed. This can mean that you don’t get paid for several months after you completed your part of the gig.

Participants who have questions about when they’ll be paid are encouraged to ask their group leader about when the project will be closed and paid out.


Because this site brings together people with often serious diseases, a side benefit to signing up here is that you can gain a sense of community with other people in your circumstances. And, because serious diseases can render patients incapable of other work, the relatively high pay for feedback here is particularly well appreciated.


If you have a disease, or are caring for someone with a serious ailment, we highly recommend signing up here.  You may also want to check out clinical trial opportunities with Altasciences, Fortrea or through UserLinker, which lets you find trials based on your zip code.

What their users say (from Reddit)

RPV isn’t a scam but it’s very very difficult to match into one of their studies. I’ve been using it for close to a year & only was eligible to participate in 2 of them. They have a specific subset of patients who suffer from the specific disease they’re studying (ie over/under a certain age, POC-only, has xyz co-morbidities) but they don’t tell you that.

Also re: payment, when I inquired about it they said that you’ll only get paid once the entire study is closed, not just when you finish your part. I’m still waiting on a check from one study that’s ongoing, but I got the other check a few weeks after it closed.

From the Better Business Bureau

I have use them for years now. As I am on disability, this really helps with making a little extra money. They have always been great and reliable. Any problems.. they fix it. Any questions, they have you. I definitely recommend. 100 times over!!

Love this research company. Has been very helpful in making money to assist with the bills! I haven’t really had an issue in receiving the incentives promised to me, but the one time I did have a discrepancy in the promised incentive the service team was extremely prompt in contacting the researchers and fixing the error.

Rare Patient Voice offers many opportunities, if you qualify, to take part in studies that offer a nice cash reward. I’ve done one for Bipolar, which paid out $50.00, and another one related to liver conditions, which paid out $25.00. Right now, they send you a check in the mail once you’ve completed your study, Soon, they may be sending rewards electronically. In any case, the studies are easy to do and the rewards are generous.


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