21 Stimulating Team Building Activities for CEOs and Executives


1. What Are Leadership Activities?

2. Engaging Team Building Activities for CEOs

2.1 Executive Retreats

2.2 Networking Happy Hours

2.3 Tête-à-tête With Executives


2.4 “Undercover Boss” IRL

2.5 Problem-Solving Activities

2.6 Personality Assessments as a Group

2.7 Domino Effect Challenge

Everyone likes to watch dominoes topple and form that satisfying swarm or ripple, or however, you have arranged the pattern to be. Even if one domino is out of place, the end result would not be as expected. The in-person domino effect challenge is one of the excellent team building activities for executives, department heads, and to learn about collaborating effectively with each other with minimal conflicts.



2.8 No-Business Gala Night

2.9 Indulge in Wellness Sessions

2.10 Have a CSR Outing

According to Georg Wernicke, “CEOs hold significant sway over the success of policies — especially CSR initiatives.” The C-suite’s support can effectively drive socially responsible senior management team building activities across the organization. Why is this a significant team building activity for the CEOs? Because it brings the team together and sets the tone for the organization in working towards impacting a cause and making a difference in society.

3. Virtual Team Building Activities for CEOs


In order to tap into the pulse of your employees, it’s important to stay updated and acknowledge their contributions at the workplace. Choose an enterprising employee engagement software that can provide a public platform to reward employees based on their achievements and, in turn, nurture a more positive mindset, boost productivity, and inspire company loyalty. Sorry, I was on Mute offers one such integrated platform that can be used to acknowledge and reward excellent work or contributions at an individual or team level across your organization. You can also make data-driven decisions based on the reports and analytic information that this software provides for each employee or team in order to create the appropriate award system.


3.2 Remote Team Management Workshops

3.3 Executive Escape Room

3.4 Mastermind Chatroom

3.5 Virtual “TED” Talks

3.6 Donate Towards a Cause

3.7 Organize Learning Circle Workshops

3.8 Bring out the Hidden MasterChef

This is a fun way to interact with the leadership team virtually. Each leader can prepare a simple recipe – with or without fire – and create a dish that others can either cook along or just watch and ask questions, maybe even judge MasterChef style. 

3.9 Book Club

3.10 Virtual Wine Tasting

3.11 Executive Virtual Murder Mystery

4. FAQs

Team building activities usually focus on 4 crucial aspects – 

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Adaptability and planning
  • Trust-building

4.2 How do you lead team building activities?

  • Plan the activities at a time that is feasible for all participants
  • Promote equal collaboration and participation
  • Be professional. You are still colleagues
  • Listen and observe throughout but do not forget to have fun 

4.3 What are the best executive team building activities?

Some effective executive team building activities include – strategic retreats, leadership workshops, team building exercises, outdoor adventure programs, and wellness retreats. 

4.4 What are the benefits of executive team building workshops?

Some of the benefits of executive team building workshops include – enhanced team work, improved communication,  leadership skills, and better decision making. 

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