7 High-Paying Solitaire Games That Pay Real Money (For 2024)


Solitaire is one of the most classic card games. And you’ve probably passed the time before by playing it on your laptop or smartphone.

But did you know it’s also possible to earn money with this card game? That’s right: there’s numerous Solitaire apps that pay real money, and that’s what this post is all about.


We’ve tested out dozens of gaming apps over the years. Here are some of our favorite cash Solitaire games.

The Best Solitaire Apps To Win Money

The top Solitaire games that pay money include:

  1. Solitaire Cash
  2. Blitz Win Cash
  3. Klondike Solitaire
  4. Solitaire Cube
  5. Solitaire Smash
  6. Solitaire Cruise
  7. Spider Solitaire

1. Solitaire Cash

Solitaire Cash is a leading real money game that lets you compete in games of Solitaire against other players.


It’s free to download for iPhone and Samsung devices. And the entire idea is to play against other players in cash tournaments that pay anywhere from a few dollars to $50 or even more.

My favorite part is that the app pays you right to your bank account or to PayPal. And it’s one of the higher paying apps in the Solitaire categories.


Just note that you have to deposit money to pay to compete in tournaments. So, it’s not the right app to use if you don’t want to deposit and play in tournaments. Also note that cash games aren’t available in a few states, including: AZ, AR, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT.

Try out Solitaire Cash!

2. Blitz Win Cash

Blitz Win Cash is my current favorite iPhone real money game. And that’s because it lets you win cash prizes by playing over a dozen types of games.

The app has a range of genres, including Solitaire, Bingo, pool, puzzle games, and plenty of other popular card games.

Blitz Win Cash app

Like most Solitaire cash games, you have to deposit money to compete in tournaments. But the games are skill-based since everyone has an identical deck, so it’s all about speed and accuracy.

Games pay anywhere from a few dollars to $65. And I like that Blitz Win Cash has over a dozen games so you can find the ones you enjoy the most. Just note that cash games aren’t available in these states: AR, MT, LA, and TN.

Try out Blitz Win Cash!

3. Klondike Solitaire

InboxDollars is a popular gpt website that’s available in the United States. It lets members earn with a variety of options, including surveys, gaming, and shopping offers.

The site also lets you play Klondike Solitaire to earn cash prizes. You earn scratch cards the longer you play games, and these scratch cards can earn you free cash rewards.


The best part is that there’s a $5 sign up bonus for new members. And you can then cash out with free gift cards or PayPal money once you earn $10 to $15 depending on the reward.

Plus, InboxDollars has other cash Solitaire games, including Pyramid Solitaire and other card and puzzle games.

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4. Solitaire Cube

Another fun app that pays you for playing games of Solitaire is Solitaire Cube.

This app is similar to Solitaire Cash. You get to compete in tournaments against players of a similar skill level, and everyone has identical decks. If you place well in tournaments, you walk away with a share of the cash prize pool.

Solitaire Cube app

You have to pay to play in tournaments. But free games are also available if you just want a fun way to hone your skills. Plus, you can grind out enough free games to sometimes compete in cash games.

The app pays you to your bank account or with PayPal money. And tournament matches can pay a few dollars to $45 or even more sometimes.

Just know that cash games aren’t available in these states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and SD.

Try out Solitaire Cube!

5. Solitaire Smash

Like Solitaire Cube, you can put your skills to the test and earn real money by winning games with the Solitaire Smash app.

This is a popular PayPal money game that lets you win money by winning games against other players. It’s the same premise as most other competitive apps in this space. Everyone has the same deck, so you need to be quick and accurate to come out on top.

Solitaire Smash game

Practice games are also available and can pay small amounts of cash. And if you’re willing to deposit money, there’s some lucrative tournaments paying anywhere from $1 to $55.

I also like that the app tries to match you with players who are a similar skill level. However, you can’t play cash games in these states: AZ, AR, IA, LA, MD, SC, SD, and VT.

Try out Solitaire Smash!

6. Solitaire Cruise

Like InboxDollars, Swagbucks is a popular and global rewards website. And it offers a range of ways to earn money online, including playing its game Solitaire Cruise.

Basically, Swagbucks pays you with points if you spend money on any cash games it offers. It also pays you for playing free Solitaire games on its platform which is nice.

Swagbucks sign up

Swagbucks even pays you to try out Solitaire Smash, which is a nice way to double-dip on rewards. Other games it pays you to play include Solitaire Deluxe 2, Solitaire Showtime, Solitaire Grand Harvest, and Tripeaks Solitaire Deluxe 2, so there’s plenty of options.

Plus, you can often get a $5 or $10 bonus when you sign up. So, it’s the perfect time to try out Swagbucks!

7. Spider Solitaire

One final Solitaire app that pays real money you can try out is Spider Solitaire.

Here’s the trick to making money with this app: you can download it from Cash Giraffe, a popular Android gaming app that pays you to download and play new games.

Cash Giraffe app

Cash Giraffe often has Spider Solitaire and other card, puzzle, and word games in its library. So, you can earn points by playing these games in your spare time.

The best part? It only takes $0.20 to $0.50 to cash out with PayPal. Free gift cards are also available to dozens of stores.

My pro tip is to stack Cash Giraffe with similar apps like Money Well and Mistplay. That way, you can find as many free Solitaire cash games as possible.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you earn with Solitaire cash games depends on the types of apps you use and how well you play. Some cash game apps pay $10 to $50+ if you win a game. However, these apps require spending money to compete in tournament matches.

If you want to stick with free apps, I suggest using sites like Swagbucks or apps like Cash Giraffe. But if you’re up for some competition, the real money Solitaire games are where you should start.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of Solitaire games that pay real money helps you turn your favorite card game into a new side hustle.

There are so many apps out there in this category. So, decide if you want to play the competitive apps or stick with some free options. Then, get ready to sharpen your skills and to potentially earn some cash or gift card prizes.

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