10 Ways You Can Make Money with Excel


If you are an experienced Excel user, you can get paid to make excel spreadsheets.

But before getting into how to make money with Excel, for those unfamiliar, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet system that organizes data into columns and rows. These columns and rows can be manipulated through formulas, which allow Excel to perform mathematical functions on the data.


Excel is part of the Microsoft suite of software, along with other apps like Word. With Excel, you can format, organize, and calculate data in a spreadsheet.

Here are the best ways you can make money with Excel.

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1. Do some freelance work

You can do some freelance work where you offer your Excel skills to businesses and individuals who are looking for assistance with things like:

  • Data entry
  • Data analysis
  • Spreadsheet creation (get paid to make Excel spreadsheets!)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial forecasts
  • Data visualization
  • Process automation

You can find freelance work on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. You can also contact businesses directly to ask if they require any freelance Excel work.

Doing freelance work is a great way to make money from your Excel expertise.

2. Sell spreadsheet templates

Want to get paid to make Excel spreadsheets?


Then you should consider selling spreadsheet templates.

Spreadsheets are versatile and can be used for lots of different purposes such as wedding planning, bookkeeping, budgeting, workout tracking, and financial forecasting.

So, many people require spreadsheets, but they may have difficulty in creating a spreadsheet that meets their needs. That’s why many people use templates.

Templates are ready-made spreadsheets. Once a person has a template, all they need to do is add data. You could make money making and selling these templates.

3. Start a blog

Excel has many uses for both businesses and individuals.

A business for example may want to know how to use Excel for bookkeeping. An individual, for example, may want to use Excel to track their workouts.

Excel is a skill that many businesses and individuals want to get more skilled with. And, many people learn about things like Excel through blog posts. That’s why starting a blog could be a great way for you to make money with Excel.

You can offer tips, techniques, and tutorials about Excel.

Build up an audience for your blog and once you get enough traffic to your site, you’ll be able to start earning money from it.

There are lots of ways to make money from a blog, such as by:

  • Putting Google ads on your site
  • Using affiliate links in your posts
  • Creating sponsored content for brands

Blogging won’t make you money from the outset. You’ll first need to get traffic to your site before you start earning. After you’ve built up traffic though, blogging can be very profitable.

The more traffic you can get to your site the better, as this will give you more views on ads, more clicks on affiliate links, etc., and this means you’ll earn more money.

You can get a domain name and hosting from websites like Bluehost, HostGator, and GoDaddy, and use a site like WordPress.org to publish your blog posts.

So, start researching and writing blog posts about Excel. Then, upload blog posts on a consistent basis to help build a following and get traffic to your site.

4. Sell courses

Make money from your Excel skills by selling courses. You can create a course about Excel and sell it online.

Many people want to improve their Excel skills, so you could make money from selling a course where you share your knowledge and expertise about the app.

This is a great way to make money from your Excel skills.

You can sell courses on the following sites:

5. Do some data entry work

An easy way to make money with Excel is to simply do some data entry work. As a data entry clerk, you can get paid to enter data into spreadsheets.

You don’t need much experience to get started. You just need to be proficient with using Excel.

What’s great about data entry work is that it can be done on a freelance basis. So, you can pick up work when you need to, making it a great side hustle.

Here’s where you can find data entry work:

6. Start a YouTube Channel

Another option that you can try if you’re looking to earn some money from your spreadsheet skills is starting a YouTube channel.

People want to develop their Excel skills and learn more about using the program. And, many people go to YouTube when they want to learn about something.

So, you could make money by making YouTube videos about Excel.

You could offer tips, how-to guides, and tutorials all about Excel.

You can make money from YouTube as a YouTube Partner. With the YouTube Partner Program, you’re paid for the ads on your videos.

Once your channel gets enough views, you’ll be eligible to join the YouTube Partner program. Make sure you upload videos frequently to build an audience and to get enough views to join the YouTube Partner Program.

There are other ways that you can make money from your YouTube channel, like by creating sponsored videos and selling merch.

7. Conduct corporate training

Another way that you can earn money from Excel is to offer training to businesses. You can work with corporations to train their employees in Excel.

For example, you could provide Excel workshops, or design Excel training programs.

Basically, you help employees to develop and improve their Excel skills. This can help to make companies more efficient.

8. Offer Excel support

If you are really skilled with Excel and are great at troubleshooting any issues on the app then you may want to consider offering Excel support.

You can assist people with things like making spreadsheets function better, fixing bugs, and providing advice on best practices. Basically, you’ll get paid to be a resource in all things Excel!

9. Offer consulting

Another way that you can make money with Excel is by offering Excel-based consulting. Basically, you can use your Excel skills to help companies improve their business processes.

You can assist companies with Excel projects, such as creating unique solutions, automating procedures, and optimizing workflows. You can help companies to see which areas could be improved and help to put solutions in place. Your Excel consulting could enable companies to save time and make more money.

10. Publish a book about Excel with Amazon KDP

You could make money from your Excel skills by selling a book about Excel on Amazon. You can write your book and publish it for sale on Amazon with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

What’s great about this option is that once your book is listed for sale on Amazon, you can keep earning money from it over and over again. This makes it a great passive income stream.

Of course, you’ll need to market your book to increase sales. Once it’s up for sale though, you’ll keep earning money from it every time it sells.

Excel in Earning Money!

The Excel app is really handy for so many different purposes from wedding planning to bookkeeping to budgeting. That’s why it’s used by so many different businesses and individuals.

Since so many people use Excel, there are so many ways that you can make money with it. This can include everything from selling spreadsheet templates to writing blog posts to doing data entry work. There’s something for everyone, so if you’re looking to make money with Excel, then be sure to try the methods on our list.

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