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TaxSlayer Alternatives

TaxSlayer has emerged as a strong platform in the DIY tax prep space. In fact, we named it one of the best tax software programs on the market, since its most inexpensive version supports all tax forms. That’s huge for side hustlers and business owners who have multiple forms and complex returns.

However, it may not be the best tax software option for you. In that case, you may be looking for TaxSlayer alternatives.


We break down our picks for the best TaxSlayer alternatives that you can use to prepare your taxes this year.

Comparing TaxSlayer With Other Tax Software Products

Includes W-2 income, unemployment, Social Security, and educational credits


Only supports W-2 and other basic income forms

Only supports W-2 and other basic income forms

Robust free tier with W-2, Social Security, unemployment income, etc.


100% free federal return for most tax situations

100% free federal and state returns for most tax situations

$0 – $52.95 federal; $0 – $39.95 state

$0 – $389 federal; $0 – $49 state

$0 – $64.99 federal; $39.99 – $44.99 state

$0 – $85 federal; $0 – $37 state

For certain paid versions only

*Listed pricing is for personal and self-employed taxes filed online only. Other types of small business and/or in-person filing will be subject to different fees.

What Is TaxSlayer?

In our recent review of TaxSlayer, we outlined a number of benefits to using it for your tax return software, including free filing if you are claiming student interest as a deduction. Here’s a quick review of TaxSlayer’s highlights:

  • Pricing: $0 (state included), $22.95, $42.95, and $52.95. For the three paid federal return options, you can also file a state return for $39.95.
  • Options for tax audit, live tax pro help, and self-employed
  • Online filing available
  • Easy to use
TaxSlayer Alternatives

TaxSlayer Alternatives

Most people will find that TaxSlayer meets their needs. Those with more complex tax filings may find they need more options than what is offered by TaxSlayer. In those cases, specialized tax software that can accommodate the unique needs of those filers will probably be the best option. Here are a few choices.


TurboTax offers a large variety of options but is on the more expensive side compared with other tax filing software. Like most tax filing software, it has multiple plans that increase in price as your tax needs increase or become more complex. Each higher-cost plan includes everything in the lower-cost plans. Except for the free edition, state filing will cost extra. You don’t have to pay for any plan until you file.

TurboTax’s versions have the following price ranges for federal returns:

  • DIY: $0 to $89
  • Live Assisted: $0 to $169
  • Live Full Service: $89 to $389

In addition to those fees for filing federal returns, TurboTax charges $39 to $49 for each state tax return that you file. If you file a free federal return with TurboTax, however, you’re entitled to file a free state return as well.

If you use TurboTax’s DIY version, you’ll answer a series of questions as you complete TurboTax’s guided online filing process. But the DIY version doesn’t provide access to live tax experts, which is a feature available with the Live Assisted version.

Those who don’t have time to file their own returns can use TurboTax’s Live Full Service version. With Live Full Service, you share your tax forms with TurboTax, and one of its tax experts files on your behalf.

Get started with TurboTax here >>

TaxSlayer Alternatives: TurboTax


TaxAct handles filings for anyone from individuals to businesses to those looking to maximize their deductions. There are four plans offered. Each higher-cost plan includes everything in the lower-cost plans:

  • Free: This is suitable for those with simple tax situations, like salaried employees. It also supports claims for two common tax credits: Child Tax Credits and Earned Income Credits.
  • Deluxe: This version costs $24.99 and allows you to itemize your deductions, claim credits for child and dependent care, and report contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA), among other additional features.
  • Premier: For $34.99, you can report income from rental properties, capital gains and losses from stock and other asset sales, foreign-earned income, etc.
  • Self-Employed: Freelancers, small business owners, and farmers can pay $64.99 to properly report their income, calculate asset depreciation, and access year-round tax planning resources.

The pricing above reflects fees for federal returns only. TaxAct charges $39.99 to $44.99 for state returns, even if you file your federal return for free.

Free account and technical support are included with each TaxAct plan. Those who want access to live tax experts and personalized tax advice, however, must pay an additional fee of $59.99, no matter which base version you paid for. TaxSlayer, on the other hand, offers built-in tax advice as part of both its Premium and Self-Employed versions at no additional charge.

Get started with TaxAct here >>

TaxSlayer Alternative: TaxAct

H&R Block

Sticking to the current theme, H&R Block also offers four plans for its online filing platform with one being free. H&R Block’s platform has a great-looking interface and is easy to use.

The four versions are as follows:

  • Free: This version supports basic tax situations. Both state and federal returns are free
  • Deluxe: For $35, you can report freelance income and HSA contributions, access live phone and chat support, and store six years of tax documents.
  • Premium: For $65, you can report investment income with a Schedule D, claim rental income and deductions with a Schedule E, and report cryptocurrency sales.
  • Self-Employed: For $85, you can claim small business expenses and report asset depreciation.

For H&R Block’s paid versions, state returns cost $37 each in addition to the fees for federal returns listed above.

TaxSlayer again has much better pricing than H&R Block Online, but H&R Block has some of the most robust assistance options of any tax software platform. Between online assistance, phone support, and its network of offices, if you need help with your taxes, you can find it easily. 

Get started with H&R Block here >>

TaxSlayer Alternatives: H&R BLock ONline


FreeTaxUSA is a popular alternative because it offers affordable pricing for its software. And it’s about on-par with TaxSlayer for ease of use. The platform is free to file a federal return and costs $14.99 per state return. 

With these low prices, FreeTaxUSA is much more affordable than TaxSlayer for those who are comfortable using online tax prep platforms independently and don’t need additional tax or technical advice.

But although its base price structure is very attractive, FreeTaxUSA does charge fees for other features. Customers need to pay $7.99 for live chat support; $39.99 for personalized tax advice; and $19.99 for audit assistance and defense. If you need all of those services, you’ll save more money by going with TaxSlayer’s Premium version, which includes them within its base $42.95 rate.

Get started with FreeTaxUSA here >>

TaxSlayer Alternatives: FreeTaxUSA

Cash App Taxes

Cash App Taxes is a popular alternative to TaxSlayer specifically because its the only tax software option that offers truly free Federal and State tax filing.

However, Cash App Taxes does have some drawbacks. For example, it doesn’t allow for multiple state taxes, and doesn’t support foreign earned income. There may be other tax situations that it doesn’t support as well.

As a result, TaxSlayer is still a competitive option. But if you have a simple tax return (like a W2 and maybe a 1099 for interest), Cash App Taxes could be a good choice.

Get started with Cash App Taxes here >>

TaxSlayer Alternatives: Cash App Taxes

Final Thoughts

If your filing needs are simple — for example, you’re a salaried employee and have no investments — there are plenty of free tax filing platforms that allow you to file both federal and state tax returns at no cost. In that circumstance, you might as well go with a respected and seasoned company, like H&R Block.

For more complex tax situations, like itemizing deductions or reporting freelance and investment income, there are some low-cost or even free options out there. But these platforms may not provide adequate technical support or tax advice.

TaxSlayer is a good middleground option. It offers lots of tax insight and technical help at an affordable price point.

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