Talk Your Book: Reliable Monthly Payouts to Age 100



Today’s Talk Your Book is brought to you by LifeX:

On today’s show, we spoke with Nate Conrad, Head of LifeX to discuss their new monthly retirement income funds launching in January.


On today’s show, we discuss:

  • What the LifeX income fund is and how it works
  • The difference between this fund, and annuities
  • Why this fund had not existed yet
  • Getting under the hood of the LifeX income fund, and how it’s able to generate monthly payouts
  • Why payouts are different depending on your starting age
  • How LifeX is able to generate higher yields than US Treasuries
  • Utilizing inflation protection within the LifeX income funds
  • How the mechanics work for offering a new fund for each birth year
  • Tax efficiencies with LifeX income funds
  • Fees and costs associated with LifeX income funds
  • Utilizing the LifeX income fund within a diversified portfolio

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The LifeX Funds are not annuities or other types of insurance contracts, and the distributions provided by the LifeX Funds are not guaranteed or otherwise backed by an insurance company or by any third party. 

The investment objective of the LifeX Funds is to achieve income and a high level of reliable monthly distributions while maintaining the safety of the principal amount of each fund’s investments. For more information about LifeX, please visit  The LifeX Funds are sold to persons of a single gender who were born in a particular calendar year specified in the relevant prospectus. Before making an investment/allocation decision, investors should (i) consider the suitability of this investment with respect to their investment objective and individual situation and (ii) consider factors such as their net worth, income, age and risk tolerance. Investment should be avoided by those with very serious or life-threatening health problems.

You should consider the investment objectives, risks and charges and expenses of the LifeX Funds carefully before investing; the prospectuses contain this and other information. Prospectuses for the LifeX Funds may be obtained by calling 855-609-3680. Alternatively, you may click the links below:  

LifeX Income Funds: here.  

LifeX Inflation-Protected Income Funds: here.  

Investing involves risks. Principal loss is possible. 

The LifeX Funds are distributed by Foreside Global Services, LLC. 

Anticipated launch date: January 2024. The LifeX Funds have not yet commenced operations, and their shares have not previously been offered. Therefore, the LifeX Funds do not have any financial history. Distribution rates discussed herein are based on estimated initial purchase prices in the funds’ prospectuses as revised 11/3/2023.

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