13 Engaging Team Building Activities For 10 Employees


1. Why Should Firms Organize Team Building Activities?

Why should firms organize team building activities?

Team building activities are primarily organized to build stronger bonds between colleagues, to optimize working relationships. Properly deployed, however, they can do so much more than just that, including improving soft skills like communication, creativity, and problem-solving, as well as boosting morale.

2. Best Team Building Activities for 10 Employees

2.1. Escape Room

Escape room

Get ready for a unique experience with the Escape Room Challenge by Hooray Teams. This virtual team building platform has a range of fun-filled team events for groups of all sizes. A dedicated host will guide you through the event and help you decipher clues, solve codes, and unlock mysteries to escape from a locked room. 

Hooray Teams has a variety of themed escape room challenges to choose from –  If you’re into retro vibes and want a feel of the good old days, give Mafia 360 a shot. Craving for a mystery experience? Take your pick from  Patient 360 or Dungeon Things. Go for The Alchemist escapade if you and your team are longing for a mind-boggling challenge of wits.


2.2. Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia

Dive into the ultimate world of knowledge, competitive cheer, and laughter with a Virtual Trivia Session by Hooray Teams team-building platform. Hosted by a lively quiz master, you and your team will be guided through amazing 4 – 5 rounds of trivia based on general knowledge, movies, music, or pop culture to name a few. 

For those who want to tailor their trivia experience, they can create a custom trivia round based on your company or any topic that you select. These trivia games are an effective way to spark lively conversations, boost creative thinking, and make team collaboration a cakewalk.

2.3. Murder Mystery

Murder mystery

Gather the super sleuths in your team to solve a deadly Murder Mystery game by Hooray Teams. You and your colleagues have to work together to uncover clues, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries behind the murder before the time runs out. 


Our team of 8 players had a fantastic time playing Hooray Teams Murder at the Manor. Since they handled all the details right from booking to running the show, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the mystery and enjoy a seamless and thrilling experience from start to finish. The attention to detail, engaging storyline, and professional hosting made it an unforgettable team-building event for everyone involved.

2.4. Mood Picture

Mood pictures game is one of the best introductory team building activities for 10 employees, encouraging staff to speak about themselves in an indirect way that some people find more comfortable. 

Inspired by mood boards, this activity only takes a couple of minutes and provides staff with an opportunity to express themselves using non-verbal tools. In preparation, assemble a collection of images that depict various kinds of images in an array of color palettes. These can be cutouts from old magazines or newspapers or printouts of online images. During the team building session, instruct each person to pick an image, then ask them to explain why they chose that particular picture and the emotions it evokes.


2.5. Charades

Aside from being a highly entertaining game that helps staff to relax, Charades promotes better office relationships by having staff engage with one another more informally.

The goal of Charades is for players to silently act out a word or phrase so that their teammates can guess it within a minute. These prompts can include songs, novels, famous figures, or even workplace idioms. Several shorthand signs can be explained beforehand, but otherwise, success is all down to each individual’s creativity and non-verbal communication skills. Charades is ideally suited to about 10 people, who can be divided into two groups of 5. 

As with mood pictures, the activity can be extended to a larger gathering, but this means it will take longer to give everybody at least one go at miming. The game should last between 30 minutes and an hour for maximum engagement.

2.6. Jeopardy

virual jeopardy

Jeopardy is a fun flip on the classic trivia game and makes for an engaging choice in our list of team building activities for 10 employees. This question-and-answer format game can be played in the office or even with virtual teams since the format can be easily adapted to both.   Teams can have fun brainstorming the clues to create answers and pose them as questions to score points. This is a great way to promote bonding and camaraderie beyond the boardrooms. 

For remote teams, to make it easier, you can hire an external team building platform like Hooray Teams to run the show. Hooray Teams specializes in organizing hosted virtual company gatherings, offering a mixture of escape rooms, trivia quizzes, and murder mysteries alongside creative workshops, such as cookie decorating and cocktail making.

2.7. Penny for Your Thoughts

Another short and sweet activity, this icebreaker game takes inspiration from the idiom “penny for your thoughts.” Place a selection of pennies or other small change with different dates on them in the middle of the group. Ask everybody to take a coin from the center, then go around the circle, asking each person to reveal what date their coin has on it and a memory they have from that year. These memories could be anything from traveling to another country to buying their first air fryer.

Similar to mood pictures, the idea is to encourage employees to reveal personal tidbits about themselves to their team. Given the simplicity of the activity, it is easy to scale up beyond 10 people to as many participants as required, though staff may start to lose concentration if it extends beyond 15 to 20 minutes.

2.8. Two Truths, One Lie

How good are your team at thinking on their feet? Two Truths, One Lie tests mental agility and creativity, while at the same time encouraging colleagues to reveal little personal details about themselves to one another.

Gameplay is simple: each person takes a turn to share three statements about themselves. These statements can be about pets, hobbies, personal achievements, or anything else they like. Two of these statements should be true and one of them should be a lie. Everybody else then gets a couple of minutes to ask questions to try and determine which facts are genuine and which one is made up.

Like many of the team building activities for 10 employees on this list, Two truths and a lie can easily be played by more people. However, it works best when it’s kept to a relatively small group so that it doesn’t become overly time-consuming.

2.9. Back-to-back Drawing

Back to back drawing

This paired activity can be played with 10 people or even more, all you need is paper, pens, and some pre-prepared printed pictures of common objects, such as a bicycle, an animal, or a kitchen appliance. 

During the team bonding session, divide the group into twos and have them sit back-to-back on chairs. One person is the describer and the other is the drawer. The describer is given one of the printed pictures to examine and must get the drawer to recreate the image by explaining aspects like shape and size without explicitly stating what the item is. After 5 minutes, compare the two images.

Communication is key to success in this activity, both on the part of the describer, who must precisely phrase their words and on the part of the drawer, who needs to listen carefully to the instructions.

2.10. Photo Caption Contest

Photo caption contests are principally about fun and bonding, though they do also allow colleagues to show off their wits. Whether you are looking for team building activities for 10 employees or 100 employees, a photo caption contest is guaranteed to get the laughter flowing. Source a series of suggestive photographs, then send them out to the team a few days ahead of time, soliciting humorous captions. 

If you are playing with 10 employees, all of the responses can be worked into a slideshow, with everybody voting on their favorite answer for each photo. For an added challenge, only reveal the photos during the team-building session, giving everybody only a minute per photo to come up with appropriate accompanying text. This version works best in groups of 10, as larger numbers can make the process drag.

2.11. Lunch & Learn

Lunch and learn

Team building can be educational as well as entertaining. Institute a weekly or monthly lunch and learn session where staff gathers for a presentation on skills acquisition, diversity and inclusion, or any other topic that is informative and interesting. It could even be structured as a book club geared towards professional development or a rotating series of staff presentations on a topic that interests them.

These sessions are an informal way to combine knowledge sharing with social interaction. Use the team budget to purchase lunch for everyone as an added incentive for participation and to make the occasion something to look forward to.

While more than 10 people can participate in a lunch and learn session, the more participants there are, the less opportunity there is for the attendees to get to know one another better.

2.12. Personality Test

Personality test

Get the best of both worlds, by organizing team building activities for 10 employees based on personality tests. Using common assessment questionnaires like the Enneagram System and Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI), colleagues can identify areas of self-improvement while also gaining a better understanding of how to work with different kinds of personalities within their department.

Ask staff to fill in the chosen test ahead of time (most take around 20 to 40 minutes to complete). When everybody is gathered together, explain the meaning of the various possible results, then go around the room asking people what their assessment revealed. For example, if the MBTI typology was used, discuss differences between extroversion and introversion, sensing and intuition, before asking each member of staff to share their results.

Many personality tests contain complex information to digest, which is why it works better for smaller groups of up to 10 to discuss results together.

2.13. Spectrum Mapping

Spectrum mapping promotes better understanding between colleagues by revealing different perspectives on various issues. The issues under discussion can be directly related to work, such as the best way to improve customer relationships, or wider world questions, such as the impact of television on modern culture. 

There are two main ways to solicit perspectives. The first is to provide a statement, such as “Superman is better than Spiderman.” Each person then says whether they strongly agree, agree, feel neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree. The second method is to ask an open question, such as “What is the most important quality in a superhero?” Each person’s response is recorded on a sticky note, and the group then discusses the reasons behind each answer and tries to group similar thoughts along a spectrum.

A group of 10 is a good number to obtain a variety of inputs while keeping the numbers small enough that each person can take part in the discussion.

3. FAQs

3.1. What is a fun team game for work?

Photo caption contests, charades, and trivia quizzes are all entertaining ways to get staff relaxed and jovial, encouraging a more informal, social atmosphere that is ideal for fostering closer bonds within a team.

3.2. How to do fun team meetings?

Starting team meetings with a quick icebreaker is good for boosting mood as well as stimulating cognition. One example of this is two truths, one lie, which is perfect for getting the synapses firing before you dive into the more serious aspects of the meeting.

3.3. What is the don’t smile game?

The don’t smile game involves trying to make a colleague grin by telling them jokes, pulling silly faces, or performing any other action that might elicit a chuckle. It’s a great game for lightening the mood during a team building session.

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