Is Remotasks Legit Or A Scam? (Honest Review & Earnings!)


If you want to make money online, using microtask sites is one of the easiest ways to get started.

Remotasks is a great example. The platform lets you make money in your spare time by completing a variety of short tasks, and it’s available in dozens of countries.


But is Remotasks legit? And how much money can you realistically expect to make? I signed up for the platform to learn how it works. And my Remotasks review is sharing its pros and cons, earning potential, and testimonials from other Remotasks workers so you can decide if it’s worth using.

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Is Remotasks Legit?

Yes, Remotasks is legit and lets you make money in your spare time by completing a variety of AI training tasks. The company pays workers weekly, and there is payment proof online and many positive reviews.


I was also able to sign up for Remotasks quite easily. And once I completed the basic training and set my account up, I could claim available jobs and begin working, and tasks paid me. Overall, it’s a reputable microtask site and is very beginner-friendly.

However, note that this isn’t a very high-paying side hustle. There are many other legit online jobs that pay more per hour, and most Remotasks workers only make a few dollars per hour at most.

About Remotasks

Remotasks is a popular microtask website that pays people for completing short online tasks like data labeling, transcription, AI training, content moderation, and similar jobs.


The company focuses primarily on AI related projects, so workers complete various tasks to help train AI and AI chatbots to function properly.

If you’ve ever used websites like Appen and Clickworker, then Remotasks should feel very familiar.

The platform is currently available in over 90 countries and has over 240,000 taskers according to its website. Overall, it’s a very beginner-friendly way to make money online, and you don’t need any prior skills or training to sign up and begin working.

How Does Remotasks Work?

I signed up for Remotasks and created a profile to learn how the platform works. Overall, it’s similar to other gpt sites in the space and takes six steps:

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete safety training
  3. Complete training courses
  4. Claim and complete tasks
  5. Level up your account
  6. Get paid

1. Sign Up

Signing up for Remotasks is easy. You register with your email or by connecting your Facebook or Google account.

At the time of writing, Remotasks is also available in over 90 countries. You have to be 18 or older to sign up, and signing up is free.

Remotasks sign up

Just note that Remotasks isn’t available in every state. And the list of available areas is a little vague, so many users do not find out their area is not available until they apply.

After you sign up, you complete your profile by answering a few questions about your computer’s hardware, where you live, and read some instructional slides about how Remotasks works.

2. Complete Safety Training

To finish creating your profile, you have to complete an online data safety training quiz.

The quiz is simple and just educates new workers on things like data security and phishing. It’s a seven question quiz, and it took me about two minutes to read the slides and complete it.

Remotasks safety training

Once you wrap up safety training, you’re ready to begin tasking to make extra money. However, there’s some more training to get to first!

3. Complete Training Courses

Sites like Remotasks require workers to complete short training courses before unlocking paid tasks.

There are some projects you can complete without training. But for the most part, new workers have to complete some short, unpaid work to qualify for paid projects.

This rule is in place because Remotasks pays workers based on how accurately they follow instructions. So, the company wants to ensure tasks are done well.

Remotasks training course

My first training course involved rating Amazon product data and if AI would be able to answer specific questions about it. For example, I had to judge if AI would know if a certain type of jacket is flattering or not based on some data.

I honestly found this quite confusing. But I only had five practice questions, so it didn’t take long to complete the training.

4. Complete Tasks

After you complete your training, you can begin to task and actually earn money online.

Tasks have an expiration timer, so you usually have a few hours to complete a task. The one I received after training involved more Amazon product data rating, and I had three hours to complete the task.

The work was very similar to the training module I completed. But there’s no indication of how long the task takes, so I didn’t know if I had to complete 20 questions or 100.

Remotasks dashboard

After completing about 10 questions, I paused the task. You can check task progress and resume working from your account’s dashboard.

Amazon product data training is just one example of tasks you can complete. Some other examples of gigs include:

  • Transcribing text
  • Transcribing audio
  • Labeling LiDAR data
  • Identifying and recognize images
  • 2D and 3D annotation tasks

The more training courses you complete, the more types of tasks you can begin. But again, I really dislike the fact that tasks don’t tell you how long they take, or at least, I couldn’t figure it out in my account. Also note that as you complete tasks, your accuracy score changes. Having a high account accuracy score is vital to getting paid as much as possible.

5. Level Up Your Account

Remotasks has several different account tiers. Your tier impacts how many jobs and the types of work that is available, as well as your pay.

Here are the different Remotasks tiers at the time of writing:

  • Attempter: These are new users who are encouraged to complete training courses and Bootcamps to access new types of projects. The projects they submit are known as attempts.
  • Reviewer: This is a Remotasks worker who has high accuracy and scores. They are in charge of checking the work of Attempter, and requiring revisions or redos if there are errors.
  • Super Reviewer: Reviewers check attempts for errors. Super Reviewers start out as trainees and then move to this level.
  • Mod QA: This role involves checking the work of other workers and super reviewers and having more of a QA role.
  • Trainer: These leaders get to be in charge of teams of their own. To qualify you need to graduate from a Bootcamp and regularly have high marks on your projects.

Remotasks tiers

It takes a long time to level up your account, but you gain experience the more questions and tasks you complete.

6. Get Paid

Remotasks pays users weekly via PayPal and Airtm. You can choose your preferred payment method, and I like that this is an online job that pays weekly and that you’re not waiting months to get paid. In contrast, sites like Appen require submitting invoices, so it takes much longer to get paid.

In my experience, Remotasks also approves payments for tasks quickly. My earnings were actually calculated almost instantly, so it’s nice that projects aren’t pending forever.

How Much Does Remotasks Pay?

Remotasks claims that their workers can earn up to $15 to $20 per hour performing tasks through their website. However, users report that actual earnings are more in the $2 to $3 per hour range

When I tested out Remotasks for this review, I completed a training module and then 13 question tasks. I earned $0.03 for completing 13 tasks, and this was with an accuracy score of 60% on my account.

Remotasks pay
My Remotasks pay.

This is a very small amount of money, and it goes to show that most gigs on Remotasks only pay a few dollars per hour at most.

You can earn more money over time if you complete more training and level up your account. This is because Remotasks pays workers based on three factors:

  • Task complexity
  • Your accuracy
  • Your overall contribution to an entire task

So, if you’re very accurate and do most of the work for a given task, you earn more money.

Also note that there’s a Remotasks Bootcamp you can complete to increase your earning potential. This program is a longer and more extensive program that takes most users between 10 and 14 days to complete. If you complete the program, Remotasks says you get access to more tasks and higher paying projects. 

Just note that this Bootcamp training is completely unpaid and you must pass the test at the end of the program. 

Pros & Cons


  • You get paid with PayPal money, not free gift cards
  • Automatic weekly payments
  • Remote work that can be done from home
  • No minimum payment amount to cash out
  • Large amount of work available
  • You don’t need any skills to sign up
  • Remotasks is available in over 90 countries


  • Very low hourly pay
  • Large amount of unpaid training is required before you can make money
  • The large number of workers means high competition and lower amount of opportunities
  • Requires users be fluent in English
  • Computer or laptop and a stable high speed internet connection is required for many tasks
  • You have to be 18 or older to sign up

Other Remotasks Reviews

After testing out Remotasks, I think it’s a legitimate online side hustle. That said, it’s not one of the highest-paying sites in the space, and hourly pay is only a few dollars at most.

However, it’s always good to read testimonials from other users to see if a side hustle is legitimate.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Remotasks reviews on forums like Reddit where current and former taskers share their experiences:

  • devboricha says: “Useless waste of time.”
  • LdWilmore says: “Don’t bother. Unlike other platforms they give you access to tasks sooner but you spend a lot of time with training and pay is so low it isn’t worth it.”
  • chuggMachine says: “Ridiculously complex at times. Long training courses. I have 0.66 dollars in my account right now for a day’s work. This particular day was like 3 months ago. It took more than a month to actually get the money show up in the dashboard because you need get your work approved.”
  • bananapettit says: “I gave up on Remotasks because the instructions are so strict but they don’t pay decently.”
  • avergcia says: “Waste of time. Complex tasks that take forever to learn…and does not pay enough. Your experience may vary.”

Remotasks review reddit

As you can see, most Remotasks reviews are negative, with users commonly complaining about low pay, confusing tasks, and not getting work approved.

Many users also suggest using sites like Clickworker and Amazon MTurk instead. Overall, it seems like hourly pay is too low for how complex Remotasks work is.

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The Best Remotasks Alternatives

After testing out Remotasks, I think the platform can pay a decent hourly wage if you put in a lot of effort to level-up your account. But for most people, this site can only pay $1 to $2 per hour at most.

Thankfully, there are numerous alternatives you can try if you want to make more money or have easier tasks:

Swagbucks sign up

These sites probably won’t make $50 dollars a day since they’re just a source of beermoney. But you can stack several of them to maximize your total earnings.

Is Remotasks Worth It?

Remotasks is worth it if you want an easy online job that’s flexible and pays you every week with PayPal money. However, it’s not worth it if you want to make hundreds of dollars per week since it only pays a few dollars per hour at most.

You can make more money with emotasks over time if you level up your account and become more efficient. But have realistic expectations. You can make $10 fast with this site if you grind out tasks, but it’s not a full-time income source.

Is Remotasks Safe?

Yes, Remotasks is safe, and you can sign up for free and begin making money with the platform. You don’t need to enter any of your payment information to become a tester either, and Remotasks even has a safety training module you complete when you sign up.

Overall, this side hustle doesn’t pose a risk to your personal information. However, it doesn’t pay very well.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been a gig worker longer than most, and I started making money online in 2010. I’ve done a variety of freelance side hustles including writing, blogging, surveys for cash, social media, playing games, and more to make money on my computer and my phone.

There are hundreds if not thousands of reputable companies to earn money remotely. And microtasks are a popular category of these gigs because they’re flexible and beginner friendly.

In the case of Remotasks, it’s a legit site that pays. But it doesn’t pay very much, and many users are unhappy with the platform. So, you have to decide if it’s worth using or not.

Hopefully, our Remotasks review helps make that decision a bit easier!

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Remotasks Review

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