9 Lucrative Ways to Make Money with a Dump Trailer!


Just like your pick up truck, a dump trailer can be a great tool for earning money. And, that’s what today’s post is all about. Below, we’ll give you tips on how to make money with a dump trailer.

Most of us could do with more money. So if you’ve got a trusty dump trailer sitting in your backyard or garage, you might be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it.


Just like a dump truck, a dump trailer can be your ticket to some serious cash, and in this post, I’ll show you how to use your dump trailer to bring in extra cash.

Here are the best dump trailer business ideas that you can start with little to no money.

Landscaping projects require tools and materials transported to the site. Homeowners won’t want to purchase a trailer for a one-time landscaping project, so you could provide a service where you offer transportation for landscaping tools and materials.

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Local landscapers may also require transportation services. Some may hire dump trailers to come by their premises to pick up the supplies they need and haul them directly to the job site.

2. Snow removal service

If you live in a place that gets cold in the winter, then you should consider using your dump trailer to provide a snow removal service.

You could help local businesses and individuals who need snow removal from their area. Neighborhood associations may also require snow removal services.


This is a great way to make money over the winter months.

3. Construction site hauling

You could offer a hauling service to construction companies in your area.

Construction sites need to have things like dirt and debris hauled away, and they need materials hauling from one area to another. So, dump trailers are useful for construction companies.

Research construction companies near you and get in touch to ask about providing a hauling service.

4. Junk removal service

Most people have junk in their homes. Consider providing a service where you help homeowners remove junk from their homes.

You can load junk from people’s homes onto your dump trailer and then remove the junk.

Or, you could simply leave your dump trailer at the customer’s home, and then the owner can fill it up themselves and then let you know when it’s full and ready for collection and disposal.

5. Sell scrap metal

Another way that you can make money from a dump trailer is by selling scrap metal.

Use your dump trailer to collect scrap metal and then sell it. We have a post on how to sell scrap metal and how to find scrap yards near you, so have a read of those.

6. Offer dump trailer rentals

If you own a dump trailer, then you could rent it to individuals and businesses. Lots of people are in need of a dump trailer but don’t want to buy one, or can’t afford to buy one, so they’ll rent one instead.

You could advertise your dump trailer rental service online or in your local paper.

7. Deliver trees and nursery goods from local nurseries

You can offer to deliver trees and nursery goods from local nurseries. You could contact local nurseries near you and ask if they’d be interested in your delivery service.

By providing a delivery service, you could save the nursery the hassle of having to buy a dump trailer for its deliveries.

8. Move stuff for people who are relocating

You could also help people to move. Moving is a hassle, so lots of people hire movers and when moving, a dump trailer is really useful.

You could contact local moving companies to see if they require any help, or you could advertise your moving service online or in your local paper.

9. Work for a roofing company

You could work with a local roofing company using your dump trailer to help them get their supplies to their next job or to haul away any trash and other debris that’s produced when removing an old roof from a property.

Do some research to find local roofing companies and contact them to offer your dump trailer services.

The Final Haul: Dump Trailer Money-Making Conclusions!

And there you have it – a load of insights on how to make money with your trusty dump trailer.

Whether you’re hauling debris, landscaping materials, or any other payload, your dump trailer can be a valuable asset for your income.

Remember to keep those wheels turning and your bank account growing. Happy hauling!

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