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Altasciences is a medical research firm that enlists individuals to volunteer for paid clinical trials.

Expected pay: Varies widely by study


Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Major cities in the U.S. and Canada


Requirements: Vary by study

Altasciences review:

Altasciences is a medical research firm that enlists individuals to volunteer for paid clinical trials. This firm purchased WCCT Global and operates in a similar fashion.

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How it works

If you’re interested in volunteering for paid clinical trials, you can simply click on the “current studies” tab on Altasciences website. This will take you to a listing of clinical trials and the basic requirements.

For instance, one recent study called for healthy individuals, between the ages of 18 and 65, with a Body Mass Index between 16 and 32. The listing didn’t say what the trial was testing for. However, it did say that participants would need to be available for 9 outpatient visits, including a screening visit; an 8-night stay and 4 skin biopsies. The trial pays up to $14,650.


Those who qualify for an Altasciences study can fill out a short form and provide contact information. The site reviews the applications and calls to provide further details about the study, including what it’s for and what the risks are.

Overnight stays

Many of the treatments studied at Altasciences require overnight stays, so the medical staff can monitor side effects and provide immediate medical help, if necessary. Rooms are generally shared and hospital/dorm-like. However, the study locations have free wifi, game rooms, with ping pong, pool and arcade games, as well as movie viewing facilities. Participants are also provided with three meals daily and snacks.


Each study offers different compensation, which is paid over the course of the study. For instance, you might earn $150 for coming in for the screening exam; and $500 for each night you stay in the facility and $400 for each follow-up exam. These payments are made by check at regular intervals, which are noted in your study paperwork.


By the time treatments are tested on humans, they’ve already been through a few rounds of being tested on animals. So, researchers can generally tell you what the likely side effects are. However, it stands to reason that if you’re needed for overnight stays, the risks are significant enough to require serious consideration.

It’s also worth noting that Phase I trials are the riskiest because they’re the first to be tried on humans. Phase II and Phase III trials are used to establish a medicine’s effectiveness and dosage, so the side effects are usually better understood by this point. That said, changing dosages can have an impact on the severity of side effects, so they risks remain significant.

That said, participants are allowed to back out of medical research studies at any time. This will, of course, affect whether you’re paid for the study.


If you have the time and the interest, participating in clinical trials can be both psychologically and financially rewarding. However, be sure to read all of the disclosures carefully to fully understand the risks of the trial you’re participating in before you start.

You can find Altasciences current Los Angeles-area clinical trials here. Click on the “learn more” button for any that you’re interested in signing up for. To register for all clinical trials offered by Altasciences, click here.

Other sites where you can find paid clinical trials include Fortrea, and ClinicalConnections. You can also find clinical trials by zip code with UserLinker.

What their users say (from Yelp)

I have been going here off and on for about 12 years now. Everyone here on staff seem very caring and are very thorough on what to expect. During studies the catered food is really good! I definitely would refer anyone to go here and experience at least once. Getting paid to help out science and meeting new people are wonderful things!

This place is great. It had good food except the oatmeal! Yuk! Rooms are decent. You have a game room which is cool. Staff is awesome! I always like when Nesrin does my catheter and does my draws. No pain whatsoever and it flowed really well. She was the best and also actually talked to us which was nice. Also for sleep arrangements, being over 200 pounds myself, I would suggest heavier ppl be on the bottom bunk and snoring ppl to be together. Jasmine and Erica are awesome also! They know what they’re doing. Keep up the good work!

Who needs a job?

Back for another study this time it’s 17 days 18 nights I made it into the study only 12 people got to dos out of 19 people I actually was a back up so this was pure luck I’m loving the food & the environment the nurses people here are chill I got my own room and they also opened up a brand new area it’s super huge and then they opened up a gaming room so it’s a really cool extra movie room and all that good stuff so can’t wait to finish the study

I got paid total $2750, the study was $2500 but I did come back an extra time for extra dosing so they paid me $200 additional. So nice! My next study I am screening for will pay $4900 for 9 night in stay, and 1 outpatient with a screening day at the end of July 2021. I’m ready this time. Sign up! Just have to make sure to be healthy weight, no smoking, drinking, and absence from sex will qualify you for most studies, just depends what they need!

Late pay

The pay is great but it’s constantly late. But that’s not what I’m here about. I’m here about the how the study coordinators are seemingly impossible to contact. I tried to call throughout the week to ask for the late pay, as well as asking some questions about my health. I caught a cold and was told to contact them to log the changes in my health during the study period. However, it’s nigh impossible to actually get in touch with them. I’ve been trying to call every day for the last 5 business days that were not holiday or holiday substitute, but none of the 3 coordinators have picked up, nor answer my voice mail. Do they still work there? Also, the phone number to contact them doesn’t work either. It always disconnect, doesn’t matter which option you choose when you call.

This facility does not pay participants as promised. Payments are habitually late. Very disappointing. Staff doesn’t seem to care if you ask them where your payment is. Go to Paraexel or Celerion if you want to work with a clinical program that pays as promised.

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