Is Bubble Cash Legit?


The main draw of mobile gaming apps is that they offer a fun and relaxing experience with games that can be run virtually anywhere. But, there are also some mobile games that give the player the opportunity to earn money as they play. These apps are available for most popular smartphones and mobile devices. 


Money for playing games!

Bubble Cash - Win REAL Money by playing a bubble shooter game!


Bubble Cash – Win REAL Money by playing a bubble shooter game!

Bubble cash is one of the top ranked apps on both iphone and android devices (on the app store it has 4.6 out of 5.0 with almost 100,000 reviews. You get REAL CASH by playing a bubble shooter tournament game. This is a super fun way to make some extra cash!


So, it’s pretty simple to play a game to compete for cash prizes, if you have a little spare time. Bubble Cash (click here for android) is one of the more popular mobile gaming apps where players compete against each other to get high scores by shooting and matching bubbles. The game is fun, simple, and straightforward and you can win real cash prizes. Let’s take a closer look at how the Bubble Cash app works and if it will meet your mobile gaming needs.

The Bubble Cash Basics

Bubble Cash is the creation of Papaya Gaming Ltd., which is a mobile game developer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Some of their other popular mobile games include Solitaire Cash and Bingo Cash. But, Bubble Cash has been their breakout hit title and it’s easily their most popular mobile game. 

Every Papaya Gaming app gives the player the chance to win real cash by playing their mobile games. At this time, Bubble Cash is only available for compatible iOS devices in The App Store. On this platform, you will see that the game is labeled as a “bubble shooter” and skill-based shooting game. The aim of the game is to shoot or pop bubbles that appear on the screen to earn points and reach the highest scores.

If you’re new to arcade bubble games, there is a shallow learning curve to get good at this bubble shooter game. But, if you have played similar games, you will feel right at home in next to no time. The purpose of the game is to aim at bubbles, shoot them, and try and pop as many as you can. 

In tournament games, the top three places will win cash prizes and you can play for free to perfect your shooting skills. This is a similar concept to other popular mobile games, such as Solitaire Cash, Bubble Buzze, Solitaire Cube, and other tournament-based competitive, cash-winning games. These mobile games are still fun to play for free, but most people download them and play to win money. 

Bubble Cash is currently ranked at number 6 in Casino Games and it has been downloaded millions of times. Players need to be over 18 to play the game and at this time it is not available in several states including Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Carolina. 

Bubble Cash players are playing for real money, so it’s rated for people who are 18 or over on The App Store. An eligible iOS device that can run iOS 12.2 or later is required to play Bubble Cash, including iPhones, iPod touch, and iPads, too. Players using a Mac computer need macOS 11.0 or later and an Apple M1 chip or later. At this time, the app only supports the English language and it’s available in the US, UK, Canada, and Western Australia including Tasmania. Bubble Cash is a fun game if you enjoy shooter games, but remember you are staking your own money in cash tournaments.

How Bubble Cash Works 

The Bubble Cash app is free to play and has paid game tournament modes to test your skills. All bubble shooter games typically use the shooting or popping of bubbles to earn points to win matches. Practicing with free play is fun, but the vast majority of people that are playing Bubble Cash are attempting to win tournament cash prizes. 

Money for playing games!

Bubble Cash - Win REAL Money by playing a bubble shooter game!

Bubble Cash – Win REAL Money by playing a bubble shooter game!

Bubble cash is one of the top ranked apps on both iphone and android devices (on the app store it has 4.6 out of 5.0 with almost 100,000 reviews. You get REAL CASH by playing a bubble shooter tournament game. This is a super fun way to make some extra cash!

In the game, each player competes against other players to win the in-game current or cash prizes. This is a very simple way to start playing games to win money and the only barrier to entry is a compatible iOS device.

The gameplay in Bubble Cash is pretty easy to grasp. You start with a board filled with colored bubbles and you use the tip of your finger to shoot each bubble. If you can make three or more of the same colored bubble touch, they are removed from the board. The twist is that this will cause other touching bubbles to fall off the board, too. 

The goal of Bubble Cash is to clear all the bubbles or to achieve the highest score before the timer runs out. When you start a new Bubble Cash game, you receive three free hearts. If you shoot a bubble and nothing is cleared, you lose one of these hearts. If the shot clears bubbles from the board, you won’t lose a heart, but, if you lose the three hearts and take a shot that clears no bubbles, you will get an extra row added to the board and get three more hearts. 

Bubble Cash clearly displays the bubble colors that you can shoot and the color of the next bubble that’s about to arrive. This gives you some limited thinking time to prepare a strategy that makes the best use of your shots. The bubbles that are shot can be bounced on the sides at different angles. But, a bubble will always stop bouncing if it touches another bubble, which can lead to some elaborate trick shots. The final score is calculated by the clearance of bubbles and how much time remains if the board is fully cleared. 

This bubble shooter game has different game modes that players participate in when they play in a tournament. In most tournaments, the top three players will win prizes and the leaderboard can be checked after each match to see all the player scores. Let’s take a look at the four different Bubble Cash game modes in more detail:

  • Gems Games: The modes need gems to play and they offer gems as prizes. Gems can be earned through a wide variety of activities, such as: winning games, watching videos, collecting daily rewards, and more.

  • Limited Time: These game modes will appear and disappear after a certain allotment of time has passed. They are pay-to-play games that offer cash prizes for winners, but a positive cash balance is required to take part.

  • Freeroll: In this game mode, players use their gems to play for cash prizes.

  • Paid Games: This is a more typical game mode that requires a positive cash balance to play with cash prizes up for grabs. To create a cash balance, you can deposit money in your account or use your earned cash bonuses. With Cash Bubble, you can also win select game modes and refer friends and family to play to earn bonus cash too.

Bubble Cash has a built-in leveling up mechanic, which can add earned experience points during play to increase your level in the game. This can be useful later if you need to be at a certain level to unlock a specific game mode that interests you. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

Play Bubble Cash to earn money

Let’s be clear upfront, playing Bubble Cash isn’t a full-time career or a path to unlimited riches. But, what this mobile game does offer is the chance to have some fun and make some money playing games in your free time. If you get good at the game, you can participate in tournaments where you could be playing for $60 or even win larger cash prizes on higher prize pools.

To put this into perspective, let’s say that you’re playing a game mode with an $11 entrance fee which is offering a $61 prize pool. In this particular example, you would usually need to place in the top three players at the conclusion of the tournament to win enough to cover the cost of entry. The prize pool may break down as follows:

  • 1st Place: $24.

  • 2nd Place: $15. 

  • 3rd Place: $11.

So, to break even with an $11 entry, you would need to place in the third position. To make a profit, you would need to be in second or first place which would stake you for the next game, too. 

There are Bubble Cash games with lower entry fee requirements and you can play for money with only $1 staked. In these game modes, the prize pool may only be $5 which would be broken down between the top three players in the following manner:

  • 1st Place: $2.20.

  • 2nd Place: $1.40. 

  • 3rd Place: $0.80.

As you can see, in this particular scenario, the third-placed person would actually lose money because they paid $1 to enter the game and they only won $0.80. 

As you can imagine, there is some incentive to try and play the game without depositing your own money. To play in the cash game modes, you can earn bonus cash with referrals or you can play in Freeroll mode. The entry fee for Freeroll play is 1,200 gems with a $7 bonus cash prize pool which would be broken down amongst the top three players as follows: 

  • 1st Place: $4.

  • 2nd Place: $2. 

  • 3rd Place: $1.

The main drawback of this approach is that it can take some time to earn 1,200 gems. To put this into some perspective, you can win 60 gems by playing a game in gems-only mode. These games have a 20 gem entry fee and you need to rank in first place over 30 games to earn the 1,2000 gems you need. This is after you take into account the 20 gems needed to pay the entry fee to participate in each gems-only game. 

Every Bubble Cash game has a three-minute time limit, which is equivalent to 90 minutes of playing in Freeroll. But, that’s only if you manage to place first in every one of the thirty games and that would be a significant challenge for an experienced player.

The money earned from paid game models can be deposited into your Bubble Cash account or withdrawn as needed. The Bonus Cash cannot be withdrawn, but it can be used to enter cash tournaments. 

Every Cash Bubble withdrawal request incurs a $1 handling fee. To withdraw your funds, simply select “Withdraw” in the account menu and input the amount that you wish to withdraw. You will need a PayPal account to receive your funds. The funds are usually received in 3-5 business days, but it may take up to 14 days.

Is Bubble Cash Legit? 

Bubble Cash review is rather solid. It has a score of 4.6 out of 5 with 92.8k ratings and reviews on The App Store at the time of writing this article on August 1, 2023. This is ranked #6 in Casino Games on The App Store, which makes it one of the highest rated and most popular games in the category. So, it’s fair to say that Bubble Cash is legit and a safe mobile game that offers a genuine way to make cash playing games.

Bubble Cash is safe to use, but the playing experience that it offers should be approached carefully like any other form of entertainment that involves gambling. Taking part in any raffle, lottery, online poker or other gaming habit does run the risk of gambling addiction. So, it’s important to only stake the money that you can afford to lose and stick to your limits. If you develop sharpshooter skills with Bubble Cash, it is possible to make money, and many reviewers have confirmed that the company pays out on time. 

There are some gamers that have experienced glitches in the app that have affected their gameplay. These types of malfunctions are pretty common in every app and game to a certain extent. Papaya Gaming Ltd. to its credit has a good track record of identifying and fixing errors that may arise from time to time. 

Bubble Cash Pros and Cons 

No mobile gaming app is perfect and Bubble Cash is no exception. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons in more detail:


  • Bubble Cash can be played for free to hone your skills.

  • The tournament participants can win real money.

  • The earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal.

  • The paid tournaments are fair because players are matched by skill level.


  • Bubble Cash is only available for iOS users.

  • The cash tournaments are not available in certain US states.

  • A player must wager real money to enter a cash competition.

  • At this time, Bubble Cash is only available for US, UK, Canadian, and Australian residents.


As a casual player of Bubble Cash for this review, I didn’t win much money, but I did have fun and it was clear that there was some potential here to win much more. Although there are other GPT (Get Paid To) opportunities available with better earning potential, they are typically not a lot of fun. There are many microtask sites and side hustles with the potential to earn more, but they often pay out in the form of gift cards. For those people who want something casual to pass the time and a chance to win real money, Bubble Cash may be the ideal fit.

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