How To Get Your Money Back If UPS Doesn’t Deliver Your Package


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How can you get your shipping funds back if UPS does not deliver your package?

We’re going to share a recent experience we went through where UPS didn’t deliver a package and how we got through it. 

I recently sold a Peg Perego Thomas The Train six-volt toy. It’s the kind of toy that kids ride on and it had to be shipped in three boxes. We shipped the first two with FedEx, but the third box was larger and it was cheaper to ship with UPS, so that’s what I used. It saved me $15-$20 on shipping to do it this way.


We got this toy a long time ago for $25 and sold it for $450 plus $100 shipping, so we used it and then made some good money on it. 

What Happened With UPS

FedEx delivered the two boxes perfectly without any issues. The UPS box made it to the shipping terminal right next to where the buyer was and then instead of trying to deliver this box, the driver marked it as refused by the buyer. 

The lady who bought it messaged me the same day this happened and said she did not refuse it. Nobody can pinpoint who the delivery guy is that actually took it off the truck and threw it back on and said the buyer refused it. They told me they couldn’t pinpoint who the culprit was.


Then I had to get on the phone with UPS to figure out what was going on. It took me 45 minutes to get someone on the phone because I could not bypass the  automated system.

When I finally got somebody on the phone they said the buyer refused it. And I said, “I just talked to the recipient. It was never tried. You guys never tried to deliver it. You just said that they refused it so you didn’t have to deliver it. Now, it’s showing that you guys didn’t do anything wrong. You’re shipping it back to me.” I said, “Stop it. It’s still at the terminal right now.”

How To Get Your Money Back If UPS Doesn't Deliver Your Package

The agent told me they would take care of it and they did not. They told me they were going to have a supervisor contact myself and the buyer. Then I was out of town and two days later I messaged the buyer to ask if she heard anything and she said no. I looked at the tracking. Sure enough, it was going to get delivered the next day back to me. They shipped it back to me. 

After all of that it came back to me so I called them again. They said, “We can’t change anything, create another label.”

Next Steps With The Item

The most important thing right now is getting it to the buyer. She paid for it. She needs it. So that’s our first call of action is get this thing out back to her and get it delivered to her. The buyer was very understandable when I explained what was going on.

I got another label through eBay for FedEx and shipped it out to the customer, but I didn’t give up on dealing with UPS to get my $80 in shipping back. 

I then had to start the process to get my money back. We create labels through eBay for FedEx, UPS, and USPS. The problem is they’re not on our account because eBay has the big account and that’s why we get such a big discount. UPS wouldn’t give me my money back because I didn’t buy my label directly with them. So then I had to get eBay on the phone and get them to file a claim with UPS for this. Luckily I had asked UPS for a case ID number for this when I got them on the phone and escalated it to the supervisor. I got them to note on the tracking number that it was not delivered and no fault of mine. It was because of their negligence that their driver didn’t want to deliver the package.

I called eBay up and told eBay what happened. eBay was able to open the claim with UPS and got me my refund back, with that case ID.

Takeaways From Dealing With UPS

If you do run into a situation like this, get a case ID from UPS. You need that to show that they did something wrong. They opened up the case, but then you have to go through eBay to actually get the refund because eBay is the one paying UPS for the label. They’re the ones who will get the refund and then it will go back on your account. 

Then when eBay fills out a form to actually get the funds back from UPS, you have to give them that case ID that they can put in the form so they can see it’s already all been taken care of. And then they will not try to drag it out. 

With both of these places I had to escalate it because the reps told me they couldn’t do it. It’s okay to escalate a concern to a supervisor.

Another takeaway is to follow up on the process to make sure you actually get your full refund. Be polite with people but firm. Be confident in your situation, and know what needs to happen. If the rep on the phone cannot help you, ask to speak with the supervisor. There are ways to get your money back when a shipping provider doesn’t deliver an item.

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