Layers of financial protection that matter.


I produced a couple of videos on the CPF MA recently.

I was wondering if I should do it because people are less interested in the CPF these days.


Also, many people think CPF MA is money trapped while CPF SA is money they would get to use in retirement.

I went ahead and did it anyway because I wanted to remind myself of the importance of the CPF MA.

As expected, only a small number of viewers were interested in the videos.


However, they did get some interesting comments.

Someone asked me why didn’t I talk about Careshield or Eldershield in the videos.

Well, I really don’t care much for Careshield and I only got Eldershield because a friend convinced me that I would be doing my part to bring down the cost of the group insurance by taking part.


AK likes helping if it is not too costly.

I don’t need Eldershield and I have blogged about this before.


Regular readers might remember that I blogged about how passive income is the best insurance in life.

Meaningful passive income.

After so many years, I believe that my passive income stream has become a river.

I should have no trouble with meeting day to day expenses even if I should become physically challenged.

However, I do worry about big financial bombs.

A constant stream of passive income is good at dealing with day to day expenses.

It isn’t going to be able to cope with atomic bomb events.

This is why I keep an emergency fund.

A large emergency fund.

This is why I supplement Medishield Life with Incomeshield.

I shield myself from huge medical bills which could one shot my bank account.

When working on the blueprint for retirement adequacy, I was very much aware of my limitations.

Some things we need and some things we don’t.

Must be judicious.

I want to be sure to have layers of financial protection which matter, and not anything superfluous or unnecessary through being more than enough.

If AK can do it, so can you!

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