15 Best Virtual Terrarium Workshop Classes For Teams to Unearth Creativity and Connection


1. Why Virtual Terrarium Workshops Can Be a Great Team-Building Activity?

Virtual terrarium workshops are excellent team-building activities for boosting camaraderie. These workshops require participants to work toward a common goal, communicate effectively, and share ideas, which helps them understand each other better.

This activity builds trust, ultimately creating a close-knit group that will continue working well together to benefit the company.

2. How to Organize a Virtual Terrarium Workshop?

2.1 Select a Virtual Platform

The first step to organizing a virtual terrarium workshop is choosing a virtual event platform that will support your group size and specific needs. The activity must be as interactive and engaging as possible, and your chosen platform must be able to facilitate this.


2.2 Decide on the Specific Terrarium Design

Consider your team’s specific needs when designing the workshop. Choose a design and activity that aligns with your team-building goals and will deliver what you want to get out of it.

2.3 Send the DIY Kit to Employees

Prepare DIY kits with all the materials required to build terrariums and send them to your employees. Schedule delivery so the kits reach their destinations before the virtual terrarium workshop.

2.4 Select the Date & Create Evites in Advance

Choose a date and time for the event that’s convenient for your team members and doesn’t conflict with other personal or work commitments. Communicate the details to your team in advance by sending them Evites.


3. Best Virtual Terrarium Workshops to Dig Into

3.1 Hooray Teams


Hooray Teams is a fun team building platform that host engaging activities that cover a wide gamut of categories. Their virtual terrarium workshop is tailored to help remote teams share an experience that helps them thrive collectively. They can easily host live-streaming sessions for ten up to 1,000 participants, with their expert instructors guiding you along the way.

Their virtual sessions are beginner-friendly and very relaxed. What’s more? They supply you with a terrarium kit that includes succulents, moss, a glass fishbowl vase, soil, rocks, and sand!

Duration: 60 mins -120 mins


Pricing : Customizable

3.2 Succulent Bar

The Succulent Bar has the perfect solution if you want to have a team-building and brand promotion activity in one. You can customize your kit items with your brand’s logo and include other personalized details. You can choose from a long list of designs and decorations to customize your terrariums.

Succulent Bar is well-known for helping companies host events for team-building, client-appreciation, and celebrations. Their workshops accommodate 10 to 999 participants. They deliver the kits to the participant’s locations. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $25 (for class), $85 (for class and kit)

3.3 Confetti

With Confetti, you can send fun invitations to your employees to get them excited about the team-building activity. A botanical expert conducts the session and answers all your questions while giving you some fun plant facts. The session is paced well and allows ample time for introductions, material review, terrarium-making, and maintenance.

The price of the session varies based on the bowl size and any add-ons you may want to include. The platform hosts up to 300 participants.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $79 – $113

3.4 ClassBento

If you want to challenge your team with a terrarium-making competition, ClassBento is your solution. They offer various virtual terrarium workshops with different themes, decorations, and containers, all delivered directly to your attendees. The sessions can accommodate up to 5,000 participants. 

You and your team can also enjoy lessons on the different types of succulents. Some of their popular terrarium workshops are air plant terrarium, Wardian case terrarium, sea glass terrarium, and fall succulent terrarium.

Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Pricing: $25 – $109

3.5 The Crafty Kit


The Crafty Kit specializes in DIY crafts workshops and events. A wide range of activities are on offer, including virtual terrarium, glassware painting, candle making, and many more. Their terrarium workshops are conducted by horticultural therapists who will guide you through the wellness-promoting experience.

Their workshops focus on team-building, connection, and employee wellness. They can accommodate up to 200+ attendees and provide all the supplies needed.

Duration: 30 – 120 minutes

Pricing: $65

3.6 Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens is a non-profit organization with a goal to connect people to the natural world. Their terrarium workshops come with detailed explanations of the water cycle and plant ecosystems. All kits are individually packed and include a Sway presentation with instructions.While their virtual terrarium workshop is primarily marketed for students up to Grade 12, you can request one for your company. 

Note that they can only accommodate 15 participants, and you must pick up the kits and distribute them yourself.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $100 per 60-minute session, $11 per kit

3.7 Modern Terrarium Bar

If you’re looking for a slow-paced virtual terrarium workshop, try Modern Terrarium Bar. Their workshops include step-by-step instructions with plant care and watering guidelines. Attendees can also choose their preferred DIY kit style for the workshop.

They ship all the materials to your doorstep and can provide add-ons like paint and pot kits for a combo workshop. Participants get an instruction card to help them care for their plants from delivery until the event.

Note that they charge an extra fee for every 15 minutes over the 1-hour session.

Duration: 40 – 60 minutes

Pricing: $200 per session, $41.95 for terrarium kits

3.8 The Garden Home


The Garden Home offers botanical workshops for corporate events, birthdays, and other celebrations. Their succulent terrarium workshops come with home-delivered kits and are great for all types of gardeners, whether beginner or advanced.

All participants get a variety of succulent cuttings, moss, and decorations so they can be as creative as they want with their terrariums. Participants also access tips and suggestions to help them design and arrange everything.The best part is that they share and teach different models of terrariums to inspire your creativity and help you create something truly unique.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $100 per person (free US shipping)

3.9 CourseHorse

If you want something extra with your virtual terrarium workshop, CourseHorse is an excellent choice. Along with terrarium building, they also offer feng shui tips to help you assemble and arrange items to bring good luck, prosperity, and health.They ship all the needed materials to participants, which includes organic succulent soil. Their glass-encased terrariums can be displayed on a table or shelf or by hanging!

They can accommodate up to 50 attendees and ship all required materials (domestic only).

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $75 per person

3.10 The Urban Botanist


The Urban Botanist runs interactive botanical workshops and distributes non-toxic plants that are safe for your pets. They also accept orders for brand customizations for the products in their kits or the kits themselves.

While they need a minimum of 20 participants to conduct a workshop, their upper limit is flexible. And perhaps best of all, they ship kits globally! Their workshops are great for client- or staff-appreciation and team-building. They are very engaging, and you’re sure to learn plenty about terrarium ecosystems and plant care.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $85 – $150 per person

3.11 The Together Collective

The Together Collective offers three types of terrarium workshops based on jar type, plants, and add-ons selected. Their activities focus on inspiring creativity and collaboration while supporting small businesses. Their workshops focus on supporting mindfulness, creativity, and mental health through gardening. The kit items are carefully chosen to help you create a minimal yet elegant terrarium.

They primarily ship to the mainland UK and other parts of Europe, but you can inquire about international locations. They support all group sizes, but their minimum attendance is 10.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $56 – $75 per person + VAT, $218 + VAT (fewer than 15 participants)

3.12 Terrarium Therapy


If you want to host a large company-wide event, Terrarium Therapy is the organizer you need. They have tons of experience hosting workshops for corporations, non-profits, fundraising organizations, and small groups, so they know what to do.

They ensure an entertaining and fun workshop where the participants leave with tons of tips and tricks on plant care. And they welcome attendees with all levels of knowledge when it comes to gardening! You can add customized logos or send messages to your team through their kits. They can accommodate 10 to 500 attendees and ship their kits internationally.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $75 – $80

3.13 The Little Shop of Horticulture

Want to host a themed virtual terrarium workshop? The Little Shop of Horticulture will make it happen. They partner with local businesses to provide participants with unique gifts!

They’re a great choice if you want to organize customized or hybrid workshops for your team. You can set a theme for your workshop or add fun games to the schedule. They also take care of delivering the required items to participants all over the world.

Duration: 90 – 120 minutes

Pricing: $55 – $80 per person

3.14 Jar and Fern

Jar and Fern provides a briefing session on the history and science of terrariums at the beginning of each workshop. Participants can ask questions throughout the session and then learn how to care for terrariums in a plant care segment towards the end. You have the option to schedule a corked jar, bottle, or succulent terrarium workshop. They pick the most eye-catching plants and decoration items to include in the kits.

They ship the required materials to each participant (10-day lead time for the UK, 20-day lead time for international) and provide group discounts for large groups.

Duration: 60 minutes

Pricing: $49 – $74 per person

3.15 Plant Circle


If you want to hold a virtual terrarium workshop that your employees will remember forever, Plant Circle is your best choice. Members only need to pay once to gain unlimited access to their tutorial videos. While they send participants a terrarium kit (at an additional price), it doesn’t contain all the materials needed. So you will need to arrange additional delivery or send your employees a terrarium kit from elsewhere.

They also have an online shop where you can purchase plants, gardening supplies, and gift certificates to give your teammates a nice surprise!

Duration: Not disclosed

Pricing: $16 (session), $19 (terrarium kit)

4. FAQ

  • What Is a Terrarium Workshop?

A terrarium workshop is a class where the participants are taught how to make terrariums or miniature gardens in glass containers. The workshop teaches participants how to choose the best plants and decorations and how to arrange them.

  • What Materials Are Required for the Virtual Terrarium Workshop?

Hosting a virtual terrarium workshop requires a glass terrarium, succulent, reindeer moss, decorative rocks, organic succulent soil, crystals, and other decorative items.

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