Finally, I Got My First Sale on My AI Product 🎉 What’s Next? | by David, @journeypreneur


Hey Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs! After last week’s announcement expressing my disappointment with the sales of my recent product, I am thrilled to announce that a few days after that, I received my first subscription on the platform.

Interestingly, the customer subscribed to the highest-tier plan. In fact, there has been a significant increase in new user traffic recently, possibly due to organic mentions on various AI websites. This sale marks the first time I have ever sold software I created, as my previous products were mostly monetized through advertising.

Not quite. Nothing changes, and my perception of the AI platform market remains the same, especially in the content creation space with AI/ChatGPT. The truth is, there are more AI solutions for content creation than ever before, many of which are available for free. I believe the real value in the market lies in solutions that use AI as a complementary tool. For example:

  • Automated video creation (write the script -> generate AI-powered voice-over -> select royalty-free videos based on the script -> allow users to manually adjust the content)
  • Creation of advertising banners
  • Landing page generation for websites
  • Email template creation
  • And more…

These AI tools should be included as features within existing SaaS solutions, rather than being the primary focus. For this reason, I will keep the platform online, possibly adding a few more content generation templates, but I won’t invest much more time in its development.

After working on various software projects, I realized there’s something missing that is crucial for my success as a solopreneur. The process of developing as a solo developer is slow, complex, and frustrating when it comes to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We have to make all decisions…

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