The Big Secret Behind Our Last 2 Flips Of $750


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Want to know the big secret that helped us make $750 in the last 24 hours in just two flips? 

The big secret is not actually a secret, but it’s listing consistently!

Let’s dive into what we sold. The first item was a Cadillac door. I had purchased a bunch of components in a big lot that I bought including four doors, a trunk lid, a subframe, and a couple of little things, all for $100. So the average price of this item that I sold was $20. I sold it for $300 plus shipping. 


The second item was a Thomas the train engine riding toy. We got this when our kids were little and used it a ton. Paid $25 for it years ago and sold it for $450 plus shipping. 

The Secret To Sales

The secret to sales is listing consistently. It may not sound like a secret, but if you list consistently you will make sales. I had probably listed three to five items total since April because we took the summer off. I recently started a 10-day listing challenge with our one-on-one coaching group and it got me to start listing consistently again. Five days in is when I had my first sale. And then within less than 24 hours, I had my second sale. So the secret is consistency. 

If you want to make consistent income in this business, get consistent with what you’re doing. We saw results five days in when I got consistent. We usually see sales come in threes. 

The Big Secret Behind Our Last 2 Flips Of $750 car door

We sell a lot fewer items than many resellers because our items are high profit and often larger. But sometimes I’ll throw in cheaper items too just to have something to list. 

It’s worth noting that both of the items that sold were not the items recently listed, so even listing new items can generate views on your old items. 

I’ve been doing this for 27 years, and every time we buckle down and we start doing this with the high profit items, we start to see sales come in and they’re substantial sales as well.

Another Secret: Find An Accountability Partner

If you need someone to hold you accountable to list every day, find an accountability partner. Ask a friend or a reseller in an online group. Decide that you’re going to do it and do a listing challenge for yourself. Start with 10 days and maybe go 30 days. It’s amazing what you’ll see. Get it done!

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