How to Invest in ChatGPT: 4 Top Ways


Can you invest in ChatGPT? If yes, how? Here is a detailed guide on how to invest in ChatGPT and make money with the current AI craze.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries in recent years, and chatbots powered by AI technology have become increasingly popular. For instance, ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model by OpenAI, has recently become quite popular. This is mainly because it can generate human-like responses and engage in meaningful conversations.


But the big question today is; is it possible to invest and make money with such technological innovations? That’s what this article is all about. It aims to provide insights into how to invest in ChatGPT, exploring the various avenues available to potential investors.

So, if you’ve been wondering how you can benefit from this new wave of AI-powered chatbots, here are some ways you can invest in ChatGPT.

Top Ways to Invest in ChatGPT

1. Invest Directly in OpenAI


If you want to invest directly in ChatGPT, the best option is to invest in OpenAI itself. OpenAI is the company that developed ChatGPT and continues to research how it can be improved. This means it is a potential opportunity for investors to gain exposure to this technology.

However, OpenAI is currently a private company. Subsequently, you cannot buy its shares from the stock market. So, how do you invest here?

Well, being a private company doesn’t make it impossible to invest in. But, you will need to work with a venture capital firm or a hedge fund that invests in early-stage startups. This is usually considered a high-risk strategy, but it does offer an opportunity to get in early and potentially benefit from the growth of ChatGPT.


Buying shares in such a manner is known as pre-IPO placement. And before we go any further, let’s understand some of these terms.

What is Pre-IPO Investing?

Pre-IPO investing is the process of buying shares in a company before it goes public. Usually, venture capital firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms are the ones that invest in such companies. This is because they are willing to take on more risk for potentially higher returns.

The benefit of making a pre-IPO placement is the discount that comes along. Usually, since these firms are buying shares in large volumes, they get a discount from the private company. This discounted rate is usually not available to the public and gives these investors an edge over other investors.

Private firms use this method as a source of funds before they go public. But for investors, it is a way to get in on the ground floor and benefit from the growth of the company.

How to Buy Pre-IPO Stock?

To buy pre-IPO stock, you need to contact a venture capital firm or hedge fund that specializes in investing in early-stage startups. These firms usually have access to private companies looking for funds and can help you invest in these companies.

It is important to note that pre-IPO investments involve more risk than traditional investments. So, if you are considering investing in such a manner, it is important to invest only after doing thorough research on the company and its potential for growth.

Best Pre-IPO Investment Platforms

If you choose the pre-IPO way to invest in ChatGPT, here are the best platforms to consider.

Forgeglobal logo

With Forgeglobal, investing in private companies is as easy as investing in public ones. It is a private investment platform that allows you to buy and sell pre-IPO stock with ease.

The company believes that “Early is Best.” Meaning getting your hands on a company’s share before everyone else.

According to statistics on the site, OpenAI was among the most searched company as of May 2023. This shows that there is a high demand for OpenAI stock and that investors are actively looking for ways to invest in it.

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If you are looking to buy or sell private stocks, EquityZen Funds is the way to go. The company offers a platform that allows investors to buy pre-IPO shares in private companies in the easiest way.

The platform boasts over 37,000 closed investments and has served over 400 companies. This alone shows that they are a great choice when it comes to private investments. Join the over 30,000 users today and get your hands on the latest pre-IPO stock, including ChatGPT.

EquityBee is another great platform for pre-IPO investing. The platform is designed to help startup employees, and investors access pre-IPO shares of private companies.

The platform eliminates the complexities associated with buying pre-IPO stocks. It also offers an online platform for employees to convert their stock options into liquid cash. With EquityBee, you get a personalized dashboard where you can track your investments anytime.

Generally, EquityBee offers funding to startup employees to enable them to exercise their stock options and get access to pre-IPO shares. In other words, it gives you access to various pre-IPO stock opportunities.

This is an American alternative investments platform that allows investors to buy into pre-IPO stocks. The company’s main focus is giving investors more options when it comes to private market investment products. As such, it boasts a portfolio of over 250 companies and offers a range of investment opportunities such as private debt, real estate, legal finance, and transportation.

YieldStreet is an ideal choice if you are looking for diversified pre-IPO stock investments. And, with a net annualized return of 9.7% since 2015, this platform is undoubtedly an excellent way to get into the private market for investing.

The best thing about YieldStreet is that people trust the platform. It has over 420k members meaning you won’t have to worry about being scammed off your money.

Whichever type of private company you want to invest in, MicroVentures has your back. It is a venture capital platform for both accredited and non-accredited investors. The company gives you exclusive access to investment opportunities from some of the world’s leading brands, such as AT&T, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many others.

Moreover, MicroVentures also offers startup funding services for early-stage companies, allowing you to get in on the ground floor of some promising startups. So, if your goal is to invest in some of the newest products in the market, like ChatGPT, this might be the best platform for you.

But why choose MicroVentures? Well, it boasts over 200k investors, 900+ investment opportunities, and over $450 million in transactions. Plus, you get to invest in startup companies with as little as $100.

How to Invest in ChatGPT: More Ways

2. Invest in Companies with Large Stakes in ChatGPT

Microsoft logo

One of the most obvious ways to benefit from ChatGPT is to invest in companies that have invested heavily in the company. And a good example of such companies is Microsoft.

The software giant holds a significant stake in ChatGPT, having invested an initial $1 billion during startup and an additional $10 billion in 2023 after its unveiling. With such a huge investment, it shows that Microsoft believes that AI might be the next big thing. And, you might as well want to benefit from the potential success.

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3. Invest in Companies that offer Essential Products for ChatGPT.

Another way to benefit from the growth of ChatGPT is to invest in companies essential for the AI company’s success. Such companies include those that provide cloud computing services, data storage solutions, and even hardware components.

An excellent example here is NVIDIA (NVDA 2.54%). The company is among the most valuable semiconductor producers in the world and is popular for producing graphics processing units.

In fact, its GPUs are highly sought after for AI purposes, including large data processing and training language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. In other words, they are essential in machine learning models.

Investing in NVIDIA gives you access to ChatGPT’s growth, as well as the AI industry in general. Plus, it presents you with an opportunity to benefit from the company’s high-performance GPUs and other related products.

4. Invest in Companies that Utilize ChatGPT’s Technology

Another way to benefit from ChatGPT is to invest in companies that use its technology. There are several companies already leveraging the power of this technology to build their products. And these might help you invest in ChatGPT, although indirectly.

Some of these companies include:

Shopify logo

Shopify is using ChatGPT to power its new e-commerce shopping assistant. It will use ChatGPT to answer customers’ queries and offer recommendations based on the customer’s search. This means that by investing in Shopify, you’ll be investing in ChatGPT indirectly.

Google has integrated ChatGPT into its search engine and other services for improved accuracy and efficiency. You can, therefore, invest in Google and benefit from ChatGPT’s products.

Instacart will also integrate ChatGPT into its grocery pick-up and delivery service app. This will be available in the platform’s new feature dupped “Ask Instacart.”

From this feature, shoppers can ask the app any questions regarding food, recipes, ingredients, and more. The feature will pull information from the app’s 1.5 million products and offer the best answers possible.

This is a management consulting firm that recently partnered with OpenAI. The firm is using OpenAI’s technology, such as CHatGPT, in its management systems and research. 

In fact, Bain & Company said that Coca-Cola would be using some of its products (Systems generated using OpenAI’s technology) soon. Therefore, investing in Bain & Company is investing partly in ChatGPT.

Snapchat is also leveraging the power of ChatGPT to power its new feature known as “My AI on Snapchat.” The new feature is meant to offer answers to the platform’s over 2.5 million subscribers.

Here, you can ask the chatbot any prompt, including travel tips, dinner recipes, or even video game recommendations. However, Snapchat admits that the answers here might be influenced, thus becoming biased.

So, by investing in Snapchat, you will be indirectly benefiting from ChatGPT’s products as well.

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Why Invest in ChatGPT?

1. Growing Demand for AI Chatbots

The demand for AI-powered chatbots is rapidly increasing across various industries. Businesses are leveraging chatbots to provide efficient customer support, streamline operations, and enhance user experiences.

Investing in ChatGPT allows investors to tap into this growing market and potentially benefit from the adoption of AI chatbot solutions.

2. Potential for Profit

As the use of AI chatbots continues to expand, companies that develop and deploy advanced language models like ChatGPT are positioned for growth. Investors have the opportunity to participate in this market expansion and potentially benefit from the value created by AI-driven technologies.

Moreover, since ChatGPT focuses on language models, there is a potential for high rewards as these technologies become increasingly sophisticated over time.

Risks and Considerations

1. Market Volatility

Investing in AI technologies, including ChatGPT, carries inherent risks due to market volatility. The technology landscape is constantly evolving, and competition is intense. Investors should carefully assess the market dynamics, regulatory landscape, and potential risks before making investment decisions.

2. Ethical Considerations

Investors should also be aware of the ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies. Issues such as privacy, bias, and responsible use of AI need to be taken into account. Investing in companies that prioritize ethical practices and adhere to responsible AI guidelines can mitigate potential risks and promote long-term sustainability.

3. Regulatory Challenges

The field of AI is subject to evolving regulations and policy frameworks. Investors should stay updated on the legal and regulatory landscape governing AI technologies, as changes in regulations can impact the investment climate. Understanding and complying with regulatory requirements is crucial for a successful investment strategy.


How can I determine which AI startups to invest in?

When evaluating AI startups, consider factors such as their technology, market potential, team expertise, and funding history. Conduct thorough research, assess the competitive landscape, and consider seeking advice from investment professionals.

Is investing in ChatGPT a risky endeavor?

Like any investment, investing in AI carries risks. The AI industry is evolving rapidly, and there is market volatility. It is crucial to diversify investments, conduct due diligence, and stay informed to mitigate risks.

Can individuals invest directly in ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a product developed by OpenAI, and as of now, it is not available for direct investment. However, investors can explore opportunities to invest in companies that utilize or develop similar AI technologies. Better still, you can invest through companies that invest in startups.

Are there any ethical concerns with AI investments?

Yes, there are ethical considerations with AI investments. These include issues of privacy, bias, and responsible AI deployment. Investors should prioritize companies that adhere to ethical standards and support responsible AI practices.

How can I stay updated on the latest developments in AI investments?

To stay informed about AI investments, follow reputable news sources, attend industry conferences and webinars, join relevant communities or forums, and consider consulting with investment professionals specializing in AI and technology sectors.

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