8 Eeriesistible Halloween Virtual Escape Rooms to Explore This Season at the Workplace


1. How Do You Organize a Halloween Virtual Escape Room for Your Team?

1.1. Pick a theme

The first thing you want to do when you plan a virtual Halloween escape room is to decide on a Halloween-themed scenario for your virtual escape room. You can select spooky themes like haunted houses, zombies invasions, or vampires or any other eerie settings that sets the tone for your escape room.

1.2. Send invites

Next, you’ll need to reach out to your team members with invites regarding the time, where to meet and how to play. In the invite email (or any other communication method), you should also include the escape room link and instructions that govern gameplay.

1.3.Divide into teams

Divide into teams

Since such games typically call for a large number of participants to take on escape room challenges in teams or groups,  you’ll need to break them up into smaller teams where they can collaborate and solve the puzzles together.


1.4. Choose a room

Next, decide on the Halloween virtual escape room that you and your team will be trying to beat. Not to worry, at the end of this article, you’ll have delightful options.

1.5. Set a timer

The best Halloween virtual room experiences are those that involve a race against the clock. So, set a timer and let your team members know how long they have to find their way out of the escape room.

1.6. Debrief afterwards

Debrief afterwards

Finally, your team bonding experience is not complete without discussing and reliving the experience of the Halloween virtual escape room. So, make sure to do that before everyone leaves the call.


2. 8 Best Halloween Virtual Escape Room Ideas for Your Remote Team

2.1. The Nancy Drew Virtual Escape Room

The Nancy Drew Virtual Escape Room

Inspired by the iconic detective, participants are tasked with solving intricate puzzles and unraveling mysteries just like Nancy Drew herself. Each challenge leads to another clue, creating an engaging storyline that requires logic, deduction, and problem-solving skills.

With the Nancy Drew Virtual Escape Room, you and your team members will have to follow Nancy’s elusive trail, decipher hidden letters, and piece together cleverly scattered hints within the exquisite English manor.

You’ll need to make your way through elegant hallways, parlors, and libraries to uncover the truth behind Nancy’s mysterious absence. It’s a captivating adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


2.2. The Grimm Escape Puzzle Break

Another popular option for an unforgettable Halloween virtual escape room is the Grimm Escape Puzzle Break

This escape room draws from the dark and enchanting tales of the Brothers Grimm, this escape room promises a twisted adventure. Players must navigate through immersive scenarios based on famous fairy tales while solving eerie puzzles to find their way out.

So, gather your teammates from different corners of the world to break the curse placed upon a virtual enchanted forest in The Grimm Escape Puzzle Break. Of course, this gameplay also involves a race against time to solve puzzles and unravel the witch’s spell that has cast a dark shadow over the forest.

With the Grimm Escape Puzzle Break, the clock is ticking, and your collaborative efforts will determine whether you succeed or succumb to the curse.

2.3. The Heist

In this thrilling virtual escape room, participants take on the role of skilled thieves attempting a daring bank heist. You’ll need to solve complex puzzles and decipher codes to unlock vaults, outsmart security systems, and make a successful escape.

Plan the ultimate heist from the comfort of your own home with The Heist virtual escape room from The Escape Game.

As an elite team of thieves, you’ll navigate through intricate puzzles and crafty schemes to steal priceless artwork. The immersive storyline and realistic sound effects make this experience a thrilling adventure.

Your mission? Infiltrate the office of the untrustworthy curator Vincent Hahn and recover the stolen masterpiece before time runs out.

2.4. Ruins: Forbidden Treasure

Ruins Forbidden Treasure

Ruins: Forbidden Treasure is another Halloween virtual escape room you should try. Transporting players to an ancient and mysterious realm, this escape room challenges participants to explore mystical ruins and uncover hidden treasures. Ruins: Forbidden Treasure puzzles are intertwined with the lore of the ruins to create an immersive adventure.

During gameplay, you’ll embark on an Indiana Jones-style adventure to escape the room. Your team will journey to an ancient burial site, crack codes, and solve ancient riddles to claim a hidden relic.

This multi-room and immersive experience takes you on a rusty propeller plane piloted by Captain Theodore MacManus, who seeks the legendary Ehlari treasure buried within the ruins. But can you unravel the mysteries and claim the long-lost treasure?

2.5. The Hogwart’s Digital Escape Room

The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

This virtual escape room caters to Harry Potter fans, offering an opportunity to experience the enchanting world of magic through Hogwarts lens. Participants must solve wizardry-themed puzzles to navigate through Hogwarts and face challenges that reflect the spirit of the Harry Potter franchise.

For Harry Potter aficionados, The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room offers a magical experience like no other and makes it to our lineup of the best Halloween virtual escape rooms.. You get to virtually transport yourself to Hogwarts, where you’ll face logic puzzles, potion-making challenges, and spells as you take your O.W.L exams.

If you and your team members are looking to immerse yourself in the world of wizardry, solve riddles, and uncover secrets as you search for a missing friend, then this enchanting escape room is perfect for you.

2.6. Murfreesboro Escape Rooms

With a variety of themes to choose from, Murfreesboro Escape Rooms provide diverse adventures, from solving mysteries on a deserted island to escaping a haunted cabin. Each room offers a unique storyline and a range of interactive puzzles.

Even more interestingly, this escape room can provide tailored experiences for groups of up to 49 people, making them a perfect option for team building, celebrations, or simply a night of fun. 

With two locations and a variety of themes, these escape rooms offer an unforgettable shared adventure and make it to the list of top Halloween virtual escape rooms. Whether you’re seeking a casual team outing or a special occasion, Murfreesboro Escape Rooms is a great way to go

2.7. The Haunted Mansion Mystery

The Haunted Mansion Mystery

Next on our list of the best Halloween virtual escape rooms for teams is the Haunted Mansion Mystery. This escape room is set in a digitally crafted haunted mansion and exposes players to an eerie atmosphere filled with ghostly surprises.

Of course, participants must use their intellect to solve paranormal puzzles while uncovering the mansion’s chilling secrets in order to “escape.”

As you delve deeper into the mystery of the previous owner’s disappearance, you’ll be drawn into a world of eerie ambiance and challenging puzzles that will keep you engaged until the final reveal.

2.8. Halloween Haunted House

Another option that tops our list of Halloween virtual escape rooms is the Halloween Haunted House. Here, you and your team step into a virtual haunted house where participants are greeted with a series of spooky challenges.

As you progress, you’ll encounter enigmas related to the haunted house’s history, adding layers of intrigue to the experience. Of course, the goal remains to try and find your way out.

In the Halloween Haunted House, you’ll get to confront zombie invasions and ghostly apparitions as you navigate through a hauntingly eerie environment. In addition, you’ll need to solve puzzles, find objects, and reverse an ancient curse to escape the clutches of the haunted house.

With spine-chilling sound effects and dim lighting, this escape room promises a frightful yet exhilarating Halloween adventure.

3. FAQs

3.1. Can you do an escape room virtually?

Yes, many escape room companies have created virtual versions playable online through video conferencing. These remote games use puzzles, codes, objects, and storylines just like real-life escape rooms!

3.2. What are the scariest escape rooms?

The Asylum, The Cabin in the Wood, and The Haunted House are some of the scariest escape rooms that offer spine-chilling experiences

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