Battle of AI – ChatGPT vs Bard Part II


In part I, I pitted ChatGPT and Bard against each other in a battle of concept explanation, specifically to explain the concept of fractional reserve banking.

In this follow-up, I’m looking to see how different the 2 systems are, in trying to come up with something creative.


Outlining a Novel

So, I tasked them both to provide me with an outline of a novel. Here’s the prompt I provided them:

I want to write a novel about the impending destruction of Earth from over-utilisation of resources. A global government conspiracy is afoot to hide the truth from the majority of people from finding out, while prepping starships to relocate only 5% of the population deemed worthy of saving to another planet. Please propose a story outline with chapter names and synopsis of each chapter.


ChatGPT’s response

Title: **”Exodus Threshold”**

**Chapter 1: “The Unseen Hand”**
Synopsis: Introduce the protagonist, Dr. Alex Chambers, a renowned geologist studying the rapid depletion of Earth’s resources. He stumbles upon data that suggests a much more rapid decline in Earth’s resources than the public is aware of.


**Chapter 2: “Shadows of Secrecy”**
Synopsis: Alex starts seeing patterns that point to a global conspiracy to hide the truth about Earth’s impending doom. His attempts to share this information are blocked at every turn, enhancing his suspicion of a higher power at play.

**Chapter 3: “The Whistleblower”**
Synopsis: An anonymous insider from the global government, codenamed “Prometheus,” contacts Alex, confirming his suspicions and urging him to expose the conspiracy.

**Chapter 4: “The Hidden Ark”**
Synopsis: Prometheus reveals the government’s plan to evacuate the ‘worthy’ 5% population to another planet using starships. Alex is shocked and decides to gather evidence of this plan.

**Chapter 5: “Chasing Shadows”**
Synopsis: Alex embarks on a dangerous journey to gather proof of the government’s plan. He faces numerous obstacles, ranging from government agents trying to silence him to the disbelief of his peers.

**Chapter 6: “Revelations”**
Synopsis: Alex successfully obtains evidence of the Ark project, including the criteria used to select the “worthy” passengers. He discovers that the selection is biased towards the wealthy and influential, leaving out countless deserving individuals.

**Chapter 7: “Breaking the Silence”**
Synopsis: With the help of Prometheus, Alex leaks the information to the public, causing widespread panic and anger. The government denies the allegations, labeling Alex as a fear-monger and traitor.

**Chapter 8: “The Uprising”**
Synopsis: Chaos ensues globally as people demand answers and justice. Small uprisings turn into organized movements, challenging the government’s oppressive reign.

**Chapter 9: “The Exodus Protocol”**
Synopsis: As the situation on Earth becomes untenable, the government initiates the Exodus Protocol sooner than planned. The first batch of “worthy” individuals is prepared for departure.

**Chapter 10: “The Last Stand”**
Synopsis: Alex and a group of rebels plan a daring mission to commandeer one of the starships to ensure that more deserving individuals can escape Earth.

**Chapter 11: “The Great Escape”**
Synopsis: Amidst high stakes and tense moments, the rebels manage to seize control of a starship. A diverse group of individuals, representing the true spirit of humanity, boards the ship for the uncertain journey ahead.

**Chapter 12: “Farewell, Terra”**
Synopsis: As the starship departs, Earth plunges into further chaos. Alex looks back at the dying planet, vowing to build a more equitable society on their new home. The story ends with a glimmer of hope amidst the vast uncertainty of space.

**Epilogue: “The New Dawn”**
Synopsis: The starship reaches the new planet, named “Nova Terra.” Despite the struggles ahead, the passengers are determined to learn from Earth’s mistakes and create a sustainable future on this new world.

Bard’s response

**Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End**

The year is 2042. The world is in chaos. The climate has changed drastically, and resources are scarce. The global government has been secretly working on a plan to save humanity, but they have kept it a secret from the public.

**Chapter 2: The Discovery**

A young scientist named Anya makes a shocking discovery. She finds out that the global government has been planning to evacuate the planet, leaving behind 95% of the population. Anya is determined to expose the truth, but she soon realizes that the government is willing to do anything to keep their secrets.

**Chapter 3: The Resistance**

Anya joins a group of rebels who are fighting to expose the government’s plan. The rebels are led by a charismatic leader named David. David is determined to save humanity, even if it means risking his own life.

**Chapter 4: The Chase**

The government is aware of the rebels’ plans, and they send a team of agents to stop them. The agents are led by a ruthless man named Agent Smith. Smith is determined to capture Anya and David, no matter the cost.

**Chapter 5: The Escape**

The rebels are able to escape from the government agents, but they know that they are not safe. The government will not stop until they are captured. The rebels must find a way to get to the starships before it’s too late.

**Chapter 6: The Final Battle**

The rebels make their way to the starships, but they are met by a final obstacle. The government has sent a fleet of ships to destroy the starships. The rebels must fight to protect the starships, or humanity will be lost forever.

**Chapter 7: The New Beginning**

The rebels are victorious, and the starships are able to escape. The rebels have saved humanity, and they are now on their way to a new planet. The future is uncertain, but the rebels are hopeful that they can build a better world.

Given the same prompt, personally, I like that ChatGPT actually gave the novel a working title. The chapter arcs were also more detailed, with more thoughtful plot pointers.

In the end, both stories kind of converged around similar themes and endings, and feel rather derivative of existing stories and films. But simply judging from this first prompt, I think I will give the creativity win to ChatGPT.

What do you think?

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