10 Popular TV Shows That Addressed COVID in Their Storylines


The new Netflix film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery did a brilliant job incorporating Covid into the film’s storyline. So it prompted someone to ask the internet which TV shows addressed Covid. Here are the top responses.

1. Superstore

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“Superstore crushed it with the COVID seasons. Spot on with a lot of what was happening in retail stores during COVID,” suggested one. A second explained, “Watched it recently and can confirm. It gave me a lot of flashbacks from my experience dealing with COVID while working at a grocery store.” Finally, a third admitted, “When the guy took off his mask to sneeze on Glenn, I lost it.”


2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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Someone suggested, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Season 15, episode one, “A Year in Review.” Another agreed, “The whole ‘Our guy didn’t get a fair shake”‘ has aged like wine.” “Dennis during the Ireland arc too. Holding in his cough in the travel agency was probably my favorite moment of the season,” a third confessed. 

3. Mythic Quest

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Mystic Quest doesn’t always land for me, but that episode was the best Quarantine episode of any show. They nailed it,” stated one. Another agreed, “Hands down the best quarantine-Zoom style episode of any show.”

4. The Righteous Gems

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“I love how in The Righteous Gemstones, the only reference to COVID is Uncle Baby Billy trying to sell his medicine that supposedly cures it. Very true to my experience of small southern towns during the pandemic,” another admitted. 


5. South Park

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Someone claimed, “South Park had the best COVID episodes of any show.” “I’m not much of a South Park fan, but the COVID and vaccine episodes were pretty good. The COVID special came out in 2020 when TV production was mostly shut down. So a show with famous fictional characters talking about the pandemic felt wild.”

6. Shameless

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Shameless. The series had a whole season during COVID and did an excellent job on how businesses closed and how they lost people,” a Redditor suggested. 

7. Work in Progress

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Work in Progress is a Showtime series with Abby McEnany,” replied one. “It does a beautiful job showing how someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) navigated the lockdown and COVID.”


8. The Good Doctor

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The Good Doctor addressed COVID-19 very well,” one answered. “It occurred at the beginning of this season six of last season. It was the best out of the shows that I’ve seen mentioned or covered the subject. Because it was raw and honest.”

9. Grey’s Anatomy

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“Grey’s Anatomy had a COVID season, and it was pretty good,” someone suggested. “I was happy they followed it by introducing each episode, saying this is a post-COVID world. I needed to get out of the COVID world.”

10. A Million Little Things

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A Million Little Things has a whole season with COVID/BLM hanging in the background. The COVID stuff was handled tastefully. The BLM stuff was heavy but good. One of my current favorite shows, and they didn’t mess it all up with these storylines,” another confessed. 

Source: Reddit.

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