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What caught my eye this week.

A year ago, we added membership to Monevator. Our Mavens and Moguls memberships are basically two tiers of special members-only content, like you see with the wildly-popular SubStack newsletters.


I won’t deny I was nervous about launching this.

Yes, I’d spent nearly two decades collecting hundreds of ‘thank you’ emails from readers – vastly more than for any other work I’ve done – and I’d turned down lots of unsolicited offers of cash, whether to support the site, or to buy my co-blogger @TA some thermal socks.

But we’d been free forever. Moreover we’d spent those years urging readers to save reflexively and to spend wisely. Not to mention we were in a wicked cost-of-living crisis. Or that we needed this new business model to work to keep the lights on at Monevator Towers.


So I wondered if we’d be writing articles exclusively for my mum to not read twice a month.

Happily I needn’t have worried.

My mum still doesn’t read our Monevator member emails. But many hundreds of you do. Nobody has to sign-up to pay for content in a tough media world where everyone is now asking for subscriptions, but loads of you guys have.


After a year in which countless more independent websites have thrown in the towel, we’re still standing.

We can’t thank you enough! Every member is ensuring the future of Monevator.

Content to please you

Happily I’ve enjoyed the content side of membership, too.

The Accumulator can nerd out even more so than usual – free from the tyranny of search engines – and Mavens has motivated him to start a new decumulation model portfolio just for members.

No small commitment given he’s been managing the original Slow & Steady for 15 years already.

Meanwhile, with Moguls I’ve been exploring some of the naughty active investing strands I originally started Monevator to pull on, before deciding to be responsible and to triple-down on highlighting passive investing into index funds as the best solution for most people.

My Moguls articles are far too long – the lengthiest over 5,000 words – and partly because of this the publishing schedule isn’t rock solid. But the feedback to my pieces, Mavens, and guest star contributions from Finumus have all been very heartening.

Frankly, a membership newsletter feels like blogging in the good old days.

There’s no thousands of daily spam comments and emails. The discussion threads are entirely positive and constructive. There are no trolls. And it’s so much nicer writing for real people happy to support you with a few quid a month than for search engines – let alone for AI training models threatening to do away with you altogether.

It’s tempting to make Monevator members-only and to switch off the free content. Life would be easier.

But then I remember why we actually wrote those 2,000-plus free articles in the first place. And also all those thank-yous from people we (or let’s face it, mostly @TA) have helped into the world of investing.

The good vibes still far outweigh the frustrations.

Besides, I know that many of you who signed-up for membership are explicitly supporting us not only for yourselves but also to help us to get the sensible investing message to as many as possible.

Which is both incredibly generous and an executive order for us to keep at it.

Any other business

A couple of quick housekeeping reminders on membership, as it’s been a while.

Firstly, if you’re having any sort of log-in problems it will almost certainly be a cookies issue or because you’re using an ad-blocker.

The membership software needs to use cookies to tell you’re logged in. And there are no ads for members browsing the site anyway.

So far in every case enabling third-party cookies, deleting stored cookies, and/or disabling the ad-blocker for Monevator has solved any log-in problems.

Secondly, there are still a couple of dozen members who are not getting member emails. Some may prefer to read us on the website. But I’m sure others would rather be getting our content in their in-box.

The solution here seems to be to make sure you’re signed-up to our free emails. Use this link to ensure you are. If you’re still having problems then please let me know via our contact form. I can then get you manually re-added to the email list. GDPR regulations mean I need your explicit permission to do so.

Remember there are dedicated Mavens and Moguls article archives.

Finally, I’m thinking of adding a Discord discussion forum for Monevator member investing chat. Do you think you would use it? I’ve resisted calls to add a forum due to the admin headaches, but it might work with members.

Okay, thanks again everyone who signed up for – and renewed – their Monevator membership. You have made all the difference!

Have a great weekend.

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And finally…

“Unlike any other form of thought, daydreaming is its own reward.”
– Michael Pollan, A Place of My Own

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