How Do People Make Money On Audible?


Curious about how people earn on Audible? Unlike traditional jobs, making money on Audible offers flexibility and passive income potential. By creating and selling audiobooks, individuals can generate revenue 24/7 without trading time for money. With a global audience hungry for content, the opportunity to profit from your passion or expertise is within reach. Stay tuned to learn the ins and outs of monetizing your creativity through Audible’s platform.

Understanding Audible

Audiobooks Platform

Audible, an audiobooks platform by Amazon, offers a vast selection of titles across genres and interests. Users can access these audiobooks through a subscription model, where they pay a monthly fee for credits to purchase audiobooks.


Royalties for Authors

Authors on Audible earn royalties based on the sales of their audiobooks. The royalty rates vary depending on the distribution model chosen by the author – exclusive distribution offers higher royalties compared to non-exclusive options.

Narration Opportunities

Narrators play a crucial role in bringing audiobooks to life on Audible. They are hired either by authors directly or through audiobook production companies to narrate books. Narrators receive payment for their work based on various factors such as book length and experience.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way people make money on Audible is through affiliate marketing. By promoting Audible subscriptions or specific audiobooks, individuals can earn commissions for every successful referral or sale made through their unique affiliate links.


Join Affiliate Program

Associates Program

Audible offers an associates program that allows individuals to earn commission by promoting Audible memberships. Participants can generate income through referrals.

Custom URL

Affiliates receive a custom URL to share with their audience. When someone signs up for Audible using this link, the affiliate earns a commission.

Affiliate marketing on Audible is a lucrative opportunity for content creators, bloggers, and social media influencers. By leveraging the associates program, individuals can monetize their platforms effectively.


Maximizing Earnings

To maximize earnings, affiliates should strategically promote Audible memberships to their audience. Creating engaging content around audiobooks and the benefits of using Audible can drive more conversions.

  • Pros:
    • Passive income potential
    • Diversification of revenue streams
  • Cons:
    • Requires consistent promotion efforts
    • Commission rates may vary

Joining the associates program empowers individuals to capitalize on the growing popularity of audiobooks while earning a passive income stream through commissions.

Create Audiobooks

Narration Process

To create audiobooks, individuals need to start by recording themselves narrating the content of a book. They can do this using free audiobook recording software available online.

Editing and Production

Once the narration is complete, the next step involves editing the audio files to ensure a high-quality listening experience for the audience. Individuals can use free editing tools like Audacity for this process.

Publishing on Audible

After editing, individuals can publish their audiobooks on platforms like Audible. By doing so, they make their creations available to a wide audience and have the potential to earn royalties based on sales and listens.

Creating audiobooks not only offers a way to make money on Audible but also allows individuals to showcase their storytelling skills and reach a broader audience with their content.

Become Narrator


To become a narrator on Audible, someone needs to possess a clear, engaging voice that can captivate listeners. The ability to convey emotions effectively through voice modulation is crucial for creating immersive audiobook experiences.


Narrators attract visitors to their audiobooks by showcasing their talent in sample recordings. By providing high-quality samples, they entice potential listeners to purchase the full audiobook. Engaging cover art and descriptive titles also play a significant role in attracting visitors.


Earnings on Audible can vary significantly based on factors such as the number of audiobooks produced, their popularity, and the royalty structure. Some successful narrators earn substantial incomes each month, especially if their audiobooks resonate well with listeners and gain traction in the market.

Explore Creator Program


Access to a wide audience on Audible. Earn royalties based on the number of hours listened. Opportunity to monetize your content through subscriptions and purchases.

The Creator Program empowers individuals to generate income by creating and sharing their original audio content on Audible. By participating in this program, creators gain access to a vast audience of audiobook enthusiasts. Through the program, creators can earn royalties based on the total number of hours that listeners engage with their content. This provides a unique opportunity to monetize their creations through both subscription models and direct purchases.


To join the Creator Program, individuals need to meet certain criteria:

  • Create high-quality audio content.
  • Adhere to Audible’s content guidelines.
  • Submit content for review and approval by Audible’s team.

Dive into Affiliate Marketing

how do people make money on audible

Generate Income through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing on Audible offers a profitable opportunity for individuals to earn income by promoting audiobooks. By joining Audible’s affiliate program, you can earn advertising fees for driving traffic and sales to the platform.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To start earning through affiliate marketing on Audible, you first need to sign up for their affiliate program. Once approved, you can generate income by sharing unique affiliate links to Audible’s audiobooks on your website, blog, or social media platforms. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase on Audible, you receive a commission.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on Audible:

  • Passive Income: Earn money while you sleep as your audience engages with Audible content.
  • Diverse Revenue Streams: Explore various audiobook genres and titles to promote based on your audience’s interests.

Tips for Success in Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Create engaging content that encourages your audience to explore Audible’s vast library of audiobooks.
  2. Promote special deals and discounts offered by Audible to attract more listeners.

Publish Your Work

Blog Post

Publishers can generate income by sharing their work through a blog post. Utilize social media to promote it.

Consider an advertisement strategy to reach a wider audience and attract potential buyers for your content.

Email Marketing

Engage in email marketing campaigns to connect with subscribers who might be interested in purchasing your work.

Content Creation

Consistent content creation is vital for maintaining audience interest and driving sales of your published material.

Narration Opportunities

Narrating Ways

People can make money on Audible by narrating audiobooks, utilizing their voice to bring stories to life. This presents a lucrative opportunity for individuals with a passion for reading and storytelling.

Times and Days

Narrators have the flexibility to choose the times and days they work, allowing them to balance their narration gigs with other commitments. This freedom is particularly appealing for those seeking a side hustle or additional income stream.

Savings Potential

One of the advantages of narrating for Audible is the savings potential it offers. By working from home and eliminating commute costs, narrators can save money while earning an income through their narration projects.

how do people make money on audible


Audible Account

To make money on Audible, individuals need to set up an account on the platform. This involves creating a profile and providing necessary details.

One can earn through royalties by selling their audiobooks on Audible. Authors receive a percentage of each sale made, deposited directly into their designated bank account.

Payment Process

Payments on Audible are typically processed monthly. Authors can track their earnings through the platform’s dashboard, which provides detailed insights into sales and royalties.

Authors should ensure they have accurate banking information linked to their Audible account to avoid payment delays or issues.

In conclusion, you’ve learned various ways to leverage Audible for financial gain. By joining the affiliate program, creating audiobooks, or exploring narration opportunities, you can tap into a lucrative market. The Creator Program and affiliate marketing offer additional avenues to boost your income. Publishing your work and seizing narration opportunities further enhance your earning potential. Now armed with these insights, it’s time to take action and start monetizing your passion for audiobooks.

hat are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Audible and turn your love for storytelling into a profitable venture!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn money through Audible’s Affiliate Program?

To earn through Audible’s Affiliate Program, you can promote Audible memberships on your platform. When users sign up for a membership through your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission for each successful referral.

What are the benefits of creating audiobooks on Audible?

Creating audiobooks on Audible allows you to reach a wide audience of listeners who prefer audio content. It provides an additional revenue stream, increases your visibility as an author or content creator, and offers the convenience of consuming content on-the-go.

How do I become a narrator for Audible?

To become a narrator for Audible, you can audition on platforms like ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange). Prepare a demo reel showcasing your narration skills and submit it to ACX. If approved, you can then start auditioning for available projects and collaborate with authors to bring their stories to life.

Can anyone participate in the Creator Program on Audible?

Yes, anyone can participate in the Creator Program on Audible. Whether you are an established author, aspiring writer, educator, or content creator, the Creator Program offers opportunities to publish original audio content and engage with a global audience of listeners.

How does affiliate marketing work in relation to Audible?

Affiliate marketing with Audible involves promoting Audible products or memberships through personalized links. When someone makes a purchase using your unique affiliate link, you earn a commission. It’s a way to monetize your platform by recommending valuable products to your audience.

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