5 Best Places to Sell Your Catalytic Converter Near You!


Most people would rather sell car parts like that to someone local.

While you can certainly sell catalytic converters online it just doesn’t make sense. They are long and bulky, so the shipping cost would eat up much of your profit.


So if you want a hassle free and less costly way of doing it, it’s best to find stores and people who buy catalytic converters near you. You also want to sell to someone who pays the most for catalytic converters.

In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know in order to sell your catalytic converter for the highest price near you.

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The catalytic converter is an important part of your car. It’s one of the parts of the modern exhaust system on vehicles that helps to control emissions and make them more environmentally friendly.


Catalytic converters convert toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas into substances, like water vapor and carbon dioxide, that are less harmful to the environment through a chemical reaction.

Catalytic converters are required by federal law for all gasoline-powered vehicles that are produced after 1974.

Why Sell Your Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters are super valuable because they contain high value metals, such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium. Unfortunately, this has resulted in people stealing them. That’s not good.


This post is designed to help people who want to sell a catalytic converter that they actually own. Not a stolen one. We, of course, do not condone selling stolen goods.

If you have a catalytic converter of your own to sell though, we’ve got you covered.

There are many instances where you may want to sell your catalytic converter. For example, you may be getting rid of your old car. And rather than selling it whole, you want to sell it for parts instead – this could include the battery, the rims, and, of course, the catalytic converter.

Another situation where you may have a catalytic converter to sell is if yours has broken and you need to replace it with a new one. You can sell the old broken one.

Where to Sell My Catalytic Converter Near Me

Whether you want to recycle catalytic converters, sell it as scrap metal or sell to be used in a vehicle again, these are the best places where you can sell your catalytic converter locally.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a good place to sell since the platform is free to use and it doesn’t charge you any commission either. So, you get to keep more of your profits from the sale of your catalytic converter.

List your catalytic converter for sale on Craigslist to local buyers.

2. eBay

“Can I sell catalytic converter on eBay?”

Yes, you can!

But if you don’t want to deal with shipping, you have to choose the local sales option.

One of the best places to sell a catalytic converter is on eBay. eBay gets tons of visitors, so there are plenty of potential buyers on there.

You can list up to 250 items for free on eBay. Once you sell on eBay though, you do need to pay a selling fee – this is normally 13.25% for most categories.

If you want to sell your catalytic converter locally on eBay, then you need to select the option for local sales when you create your listing.

You can do this by selecting “No shipping: Local pickup only” from the dropdown menu in the Shipping details section. Be sure to enter your ZIP code in the item location because it will show on your listing.

3. Local auto shops

When you have used car parts to sell, local auto shops are a great choice. Many of them will pay you cash for your old vehicle components, like tires, rims, and car batteries.

Not all local auto shops will buy catalytic converters, but it’s worth calling a few in your area to ask.

Do an internet search for “auto shops near me” to find places nearby.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Get cash for your catalytic converter when you sell to local buyers on Facebook Marketplace.

What’s good about selling on Facebook Marketplace is that it doesn’t charge you any fees for local sales. This means that you get to keep all of the cash from your sale.

Facebook Marketplace also gives you the option to ship your catalytic converter. However, you are charged a fee of 5% or $0.40 minimum per order when you ship items.

5. Scrap metal yards

Another good option is to try scrap metal yards. This option is particularly useful if you have a broken catalytic converter that you want to sell. Even if the catalytic converter doesn’t work, it can still be sold for scrap metal.

Scrap metal yards will give you the scrap metal value for your catalytic converter.

You can get a rough estimate for the current value for metal from iScrap App.

You can do an internet search for “scrap metal yards near me” to get some nearby places.

In most cities, you can find at least one or two scrap yards. Just google “scrap yards near me” and I am sure you’ll find a few scrap yards or metal recycling centers that buy catalytic converters near you.

How Much is a Catalytic Converter Worth?

Catalytic converters are worth $20 to $800+. It really depends on the type of catalytic converter you have and where you sell it. Some places can give you more than $1,000 for it.

Here are some examples of how much they’re worth from RRCats.com:

  • National Catalytic Converter Average: $75.39 each
  • Large Foreign Cat: $67 to $455 each
  • XL Foreign Cat: $157 to $304 each
  • Regular Domestic Cat: $18 to $132 each
  • Large GM Cat: $76 to $285 each
  • Flow Cats: $15 to $450 each
  • Bead Cat: $18 to $247 each
  • Exotic Cat: $200 to $568 each
  • Torpedo Cat: $110 to $1150 each
  • Small Foreign Cat: $15 to $217 each
  • Medium Foreign Cat: $36 to $421 each
  • Pre-Domestic Cat: $14 to $93 each
  • Foreign Pre-Cat: $16 to $227 each
  • High Grade Domestic Cat: $40 to $608 each
  • Small GM Cat: $18 to $79 each
  • Small Breadloaf Cat: $40 to $304 each
  • Large Breadloaf Cat: $46 to $504 each
  • Small Domestic Cat: $21 to $170 each
  • Large Chrysler Cat: $89 to $275 each
  • Foreign Lite: $11 to $87 each
  • Small Foil/Wire: $18 to $86 each
  • Large Foil/Wire Cat: $67 to $341 each
  • Foil/Wire Pre: $6 to $58 each
  • Aftermarket Cat: $10 each
  • Diesel Cat: $15 to $485 each
  • DPF Catalytic Converter: $9 to $769 each

Convert Your Catalytic Converter into Cash!

Ready to turn your catalytic converter into cash?

With these local options for selling your catalytic converter, you can forgo the hassle of shipping, and get paid fast too

You could get $20 to more than $800 and you can keep all that cash by selling your catalytic converter to someone near you.

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