How We Buy Items So Low And Sell So High


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How do we buy our items for so low and sell them for so high? Someone recently wrote to us and asked us this question.

Joe asked, “You always have items that you buy for a hundred dollars and sell for thousands. Why would anyone sell something cheap when it’s worth thousands of dollars?”

This is a great question. Our business model  is buying an item in the local market for a low price and then selling it on a nationwide or a global market for a lot more money.


There are two reasons why this works. The first reason is they are two different markets. The second reason is because we’re offering shipping. We’re offering shipping and we’ll ship it to anywhere in the country. 

Why Are We Able To Buy Things So Low? 

Typically the items we sell are larger items and they’re only offered in the local market. We find items at the flea market, thrift stores, and yard sales. For any yard sale that happens on a weekend, they might have the potential of reaching from 100 to 500 people in that market. Now if you take that one item from that market and move it to eBay, it has the potential to reach millions of people. That’s how we’re able to ask for more money.

Now, the person at the flea market or the yard sale or the thrift store that’s stuck in the local market, they can’t sell it on the global market or the nationwide market. They’re selling it locally and at some point they’re going to lower the price because they’re tired of storing the item.

How We Buy Items So Low And Sell So High

We do things like appliances and exercise equipment, which are things that not everyone is looking for locally, but someone somewhere in the country is looking for it. 

The people selling these items to us could also take the time to sell it on eBay and learn to ship large items, but maybe they don’t want to. Maybe they have to clear a storage unit out fast. We just don’t know their situation. 

They just don’t want to take the time to either learn how to ship or to sit on it for a couple of weeks until it sells or they just don’t have the time. That’s how we’re able to find really good deals.

How Can We Sell High?

If you’re really looking for these items, you can find them everywhere you are. This time of year people are spring cleaning and decluttering and they don’t want to sit on unwanted items. They want items gone, so you’ll watch items on Marketplace drop in price. As the seller gets more impatient, they will slash the price.

Another reason we have good profits on our items is because we’ve gotten pickier with what we buy. Last year we sold 46 items for $92,000 and our average was $2,007 per item. It’s gotten to that point because we stopped looking for small flips. We don’t waste our time with anything under $20 and we really look for $1,000 or more profit. 

You don’t have to go out and make a thousand dollars per item to be successful at this business. You can grow into that. 

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