How to Start a Beauty Blog and Make Money In 2024 (From a Mom Blogger)


5 Tips for Starting a Successful Beauty Blog


Only Use High-Quality Images

High-quality images are important for any kind of blog these days. They can increase engagement and make your blog look much more professional. If you are using stock photos, you will probably have to invest some money to download high-quality ones.

However, paid images can also help your Google ranking and social media engagement, so buying images is much more recommended than using free ones for your blog.


My favorite place to get high-quality images for my blog posts and social media is Canva Pro. I mostly use the pro images as they are much more beautiful (and I have no limit on how many images I can use per month).


Recommend Products You Use Yourself

It has been proven that Google ranks content with a personal attribute. If you are using the product yourself, you can give first-hand feedback and even add a unique spin to give you an edge in search results.


Add Images You Have Taken Yourself

Google LOVES original photos (as opposed to stock photos). Adding photos you took yourself will help your post rank higher in search results and also will help rank the photo itself in Google Images (which is a Google search only for photos). Google will favor any time unique and original photos on stock photos that you can find anywhere.



Post Consistently on Your Blog and Your Social Media Account

Decide on a schedule you can stick to and start blogging according to plan. There is no point posting 10 posts in your first month and then one post the following month because you have no time to write.

Posting regularly on your blog will drive traffic organically. Google drives more traffic to blogs that upload new content consistently. If you take a break of a few months from posting on your blog, you will start to see a drop in traffic. 

So, even if you plan on taking a holiday, prepare your posts in advance and publish them on the schedule you set for yourself (or hire someone to do it for you).



Create a Content Update Plan

Old content that doesn’t get updates will eventually disappear from the search results! If your blog post about ‘5 Must-Have Skincare Products You Need This Summer’ has not been updated since 2020, then Google will push your post far, far away. 

Why is that? Google is all about bringing readers the most relevant and up-to-date content. If you haven’t updated your post for a while, then the products you recommend are no longer relevant in Google’s eyes, and the new post your competitor just published will show up on Google’s first page.

Make sure your content is up-to-date and helpful to your readers. It’s better to prepare a spreadsheet where you can track everything and set reminders.

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