30 Best Apps Like Mistplay for iPhone and Android Users in 2024


Mistplay is one of the most popular Android gaming reward apps that many casual gamers use to earn points for free cash and gift cards. But there are other game apps like Mistplay that let you win cash prizes and earn bonus rewards or points. You may be surprised at the gaming experiences that await you. 

If you like to play casual games, you can turn gaming into a fun side hustle. This article will look at 30 game apps that offer rewards.


Best Apps Like Mistplay to Play Games and Earn Rewards

Mistplay is an excellent app for game lovers, but unfortunately, it’s currently only available for Android users. Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you’ll find plenty of options on this list, along with apps that work on your desktop. For more ideas, see our list of games that pay real money.

We’ll look at the details of each gaming reward app below, but if you’re in a hurry, here are our top recommendations:

App Device Earn Rewards Through
Gamehag iOS and Android Games
Swagbucks Desktop, iOS, and Android Surveys, games, watching videos, web searches
MyPoints Desktop, iOS, and Android Surveys, online shopping, games
Cash Giraffe Android Games

1. Gamehag

Available for: iOS and Android


If you enjoy playing various PC and mobile games, you may find that Gamehag is a great Mistplay alternative. You earn “Soul Gems” on this platform by playing different games. Some great games include Raid Shadow Legends, World of Warships, War Thunder, and more.

The selection of games is consistently expanding, and the reward tiers are more interesting than Mistplay. The Soul Gems can be redeemed for Steam codes, in-game skins, free gift cards, and more.

Gamehag is available for iOS and Android, which is great for Apple users who cannot play Mistplay on their devices. The only negative is that this gaming rewards app doesn’t offer a PayPal cashout option at this time.

A woman tapping on the app on her phone

2. Swagbucks 

Available for: Desktop, iOS, and Android

Swagbucks is a popular GPT (get paid to) website many people use to make extra cash. It’s more versatile than Mistplay because this platform has various tasks available, including gaming. 

There are many ways to earn Swagbucks (or SB), such as web searches, completing surveys, online shopping, playing trivia games, playing games, and even when you watch videos. Surveys are the most common way to earn Swagbucks rewards, but the shopping options can be lucrative, too. Compared to Mistplay, there are fewer games to play. But it is a great platform to take a few surveys and earn points as you shop. 

If you want to play Mistplay but you’re using an iOS device, this is a viable alternative because you can use Swagbucks on an iPhone. When you’re ready to redeem your Swagbucks earnings, there are two reward options: PayPal money and gift cards. There are $3 gift cards, so you can cash out quickly if you want your rewards fast.

3. MyPoints

Available for: Desktop, iOS, and Android

MyPoints is a popular and versatile GPT platform where you can complete surveys, watch videos, shop online, and play games to earn rewards. 

Like many other platforms, the main ways to earn bonus points and other rewards are by answering surveys and shopping online from this gaming rewards app. But, you can also earn with a limited selection of games. 

Your points can be redeemed for a cash reward or gift card. As a bonus, new users receive a $10 Amazon gift card or prepaid Visa card when they complete an eligible $20 shopping offer. Overall, it’s one of the best apps that pay you for small tasks.

MyPoints - Cash Back and Rewards

MyPoints – Cash Back and Rewards

Earn cash back from purchases at thousands of online retailers and earn rewards for simple tasks like taking online surveys, watching videos, and printing coupons. Sign up for MyPoints now for a $10 bonus!


  • Earn a $10 Amazon gift card with your first purchase
  • Lots of ways to earn points for PayPal cash or gift cards
  • MyPoints has awarded over $236 million since 1996
  • Easy side hustle for your spare time

4. Cash Giraffe

Available for: Android

Like Mistplaty, Cash Giraffe is an Android-only gaming reward app that rewards mobile game players. This GPT app was developed by justDice, a prominent Android game app developer. 

To start, download the free app, log into your account, search for the games that interest you, and install them on your device. Then, you can navigate to the games in the “My Apps” section of the app and play them to earn “gems,” which is the in-platform currency. 

The minimum cashout will vary depending on your location, but it’s typically in the $0.20-$0.50 range. This is pretty low, and you won’t wait too long to claim a reward.

A phone showing its apps

5. Rewarded Play

Available for: Android

Rewarded Play is a popular Android-only Mistplay alternative that you can use to earn free gift cards for playing games. You earn points by downloading and playing mobile games, and there are many games available in a wide variety of categories, including cards, puzzles, strategy, board games, and more. 

The game selection is impressive, and it’s usually better than Mistplay. Rewarded Play doesn’t offer a PayPal cashout option, but many free gift cards are available, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, eBay, Walmart, and more. The minimum cashout threshold is $5, which is pretty low for a GPT gaming app.

6. Cash’em All

Available for: Android

Cash’em All is a free gaming app for Android devices only that’s also similar to Mistplay. Simply select a game that interests you from the list, and you will enjoy rewarded play for every minute you play. 

You receive more money online for extended play, and the money you earn can be redeemed with a PayPal payment. It’s one of the best gaming apps like Mistplay to make extra cash.

7. Money RAWR

Available for: Android

Money RAWR is an app for Androids in the Google Play Store that offers rewards when playing free games. The app also has a referral scheme that increases your earnings when you bring new players to the platform. 

This app is operated by AppLike Gmgh, and players are rewarded with PayPal payments or free gift cards. The minimum cashout threshold is set at £0.50, which is equivalent to 6,399 coins, which is the in-game Money RAWR currency. 

Two men playing on their separate phones

8. WorldWinner

Available for: iOS

WorldWinner is an iOS-exclusive skill-based game app where players can compete against others online to win money. As a player, you can participate in a head-up match against another player or take part in a larger tournament to win real cash prizes. 

WorldWinner offers various game genres, including arcade, card, sports, strategy, word, and puzzle games. Some of the best-known games on the app are Tetris, Spades, Scrabble, Jeopardy, Bejeweled 2, and Wheel of Fortune. 

To play on WorldWinner, the player must deposit $5, $10, or $20 of their own money. So, if you’re prepared to play with a certain level of risk, this is a viable alternative to Mistplay, but it’s only available in the Apple App Store.

9. Bubble Cash

Available for: iOS and Samsung

Bubble Cash is a fun arcade shooter game that can be played on an iPad, iPhone, or Samsung device. New players get to play free games for practice, and when they are good enough, they can challenge opponents to keep the game free to play. 

If you have less developed playing skills, you can deposit some cash to play and stake money online in live rounds against other players. If you win a round of Bubble Cash, you will earn cash with a 50/50 stake, which doubles your money.

Bubble Cash was developed by Papaya, which has a great reputation for creating fun games and quick payouts. If you want a real challenge and you enjoy arcade shooters, it’s worth trying Bubble Cash.

10. App Flame

Available for: Android

App Flame is a popular gaming app for Android devices that offers a wide variety of games to play and earn money or gift cards. It is basically a Mistplay clone available from the Google Play store. 

You download the free app and then the gaming apps that interest you. The games show the number of points that you will receive for each minute you play the game. This differs slightly from the Mistplay system, which is achievement-based. 

A man using his phone while his friend watches what he's doing

When you’re ready to cash out your earnings, you can choose a PayPal payment, or there are free gift cards from companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, and others.

In comparison, Mistplay is better than App Flame because it offers a wider variety of games and pays more. But if you’re bored of Mistplay, App Flame may be a viable alternative.

11. InboxDollars

Available for: Desktop, iOS, and Android

InboxDollars is a GPT site where you can earn cash rewards each time you answer surveys, participate in polls, watch ads, and game on your PC or preferred mobile device. This platform works on Android and iOS devices, and answering surveys is the primary way to earn bonus points on the site. But there are some interesting classic arcade games to earn smaller rewards. 

The minimum cashout threshold has recently been reduced to $10, which has been welcomed by people who use InboxDollars regularly. This platform also pays a $5 sign-up bonus to every new user.

12. KashKick

Available for: Desktop

The main way to earn rewards with KashKick is to take online surveys and complete shopping offers. You can also download mobile games, such as Coin Master, Mafia City, Scrabble Go, Harvest Land, Kings Throne, and others. 

To earn cash rewards, you need to reach certain milestones or levels in the games you play. Some offers pay $5, and others can be $10 or more when the games are completed. KashKick has a minimum cashout threshold of $10, and you can redeem your rewards with a PayPal cash payment, which is not possible with Mistplay. 

At this time, there is only a KashKick desktop version, but the company is working on a mobile app that should be available in the near future.

13. Money Turn

Available for: Android

MoneyTurn is an Android-exclusive app where you can play to earn “Coins.” Install the app on your Android phone, choose how you want to log in, and give MoneyTurn permission to detect the playtime to earn coins. 

You earn the coins when you play sponsor games, and you receive a set number for each minute of gameplay. This will vary depending on where you’re playing the game and full instructions are clearly displayed in the app.

MoneyTurn also offers market research surveys, but you need a complete profile to take part. This ensures that your demographic data is a good match for a survey-taking opportunity. Finally, you can invest your earned MoneyTurn coins in the dashboard to receive a 3% return on your investment, which is a nice touch.

A man playing on his tablet

14. AppStation

Available for: Android

Another app like Mistplay, AppStation, is a free Android-only app where you can download and play various games to earn coins. This in-game currency can be exchanged for PayPal cash payments or gift cards. 

Some popular AppStation games are Candy Crush, Coin Master, Star Trek Timeline, Wildscapes, Angry Birds 2, Dragon City, Words with Friends, and more. 

AppStation users need $5 in coins to cash out and the app pays out less than Mistplay. The earnings tend to decline faster than a Mistplay game; after a few hours of play, you won’t earn much. So, Mistplay is the better option, but if you’re tired of the games, it’s worth trying AppStation if you move games frequently.

15. Skillz

Available for: iOS and Samsung

Skillz is a viable alternative to Mistplay because it’s a game promotion and development platform. Game developers host their games on Skillz to give casual games an opportunity to win real money. Some popular games include card, skill-based, and betting competitions where you compete against other players online. 

The business model is interesting, but you’re investing your money on some games, which is risky. But, if you’re looking for a wider range of competitive games than you can find on Mistplay, you may appreciate the Skillz model.

16. Lucktastic

Available for: Android

Like Mistplay, Lucktastic is a free Android-only app that players can use to earn funds and other prizes when they play selected Scratch games. The jackpot prize is a maximum of $1 million, but other cash offers are available at certain times. At the time of writing this article, there are more than 220,000 Lucktastic prize winners. 

Three women smiling while looking at the phone

Earnings can be cashed out with physical checks, prepaid Visa cards, and gift cards. Although the chances of winning a big prize are pretty slim, these are fun games, and more than $3 million in prizes have been paid out so far. Currently, Lucktastic is only available for players in the United States.

17. Coin Pop

Available for: Android

Coin Pop is an Android-exclusive platform to download new mobile games that can be played to earn points. There are some great games like puzzles, strategy, cards, board games, and multiplayer games. 

Coin Pop has a lower potential for earning in direct comparison with Mistplay. But it’s a decent replacement if you’re looking for a new selection of games to play.

Coin Pop players can cash out their earnings with a PayPal payment or free gift cards with a $0.50 up to $2.50 value. 

18. Cash Cow

Available for: Android

Cash Cow is a reliable Mistplay alternative that lets you play several new mobile games in exchange for special prizes. Looking closely, you can tell that the app is nearly a replica of Mistplay. All you have to do to access Cash Cow is to first download App Flame. Then, download any exciting games and start earning. 

Unlike Mistplay, the games display your earnings as you play. You can withdraw your money with PayPal or via popular gift cards like Starbucks and Amazon. 

This platform stands out because of the numerous alternatives offered to users. Another unique selling point is that its development team constantly makes new updates. Users can cash out their money as gift cards, cryptocurrency, PayPal cash, and game skins. 

19. Bingo Cash

Available for: iOS

If you’re looking for a reliable platform like Mistplay on iPhone, Bingo Cash is one. This app lets you compete against other players in Bingo tournaments and is renowned as one of the highest-paying platforms. 

A phone with its apps on homescreen

Here, winners can earn between $50 and $75. Unlike Mistplay, Bingo Cash isn’t available on Android. You’ll also need to pay a small fee to access the platform’s features. 

20. Drop 

Available for: iOS

Drop is one of the most unique applications because it doesn’t focus on gaming. Rather, the platform rewards users for loyalty. You can earn by shopping, watching ads, and playing games. Unlike Mistplay, this app is available on iOS devices.  

21. Money Well

Available for: Android

Like Mistplay, Money Well is available on Android devices. The application has over 10 million downloads and lets users play various games in exchange for redeemable tickets. 

These tickets can be redeemed as cash or gift cards. While Mistplay may have a more extensive game library than Money Well, the latter has a lower reward requirement starting at $0.50. It also has a comprehensive list of gift cards.

22. Cashyy 

Available for: Android

Cashyy is as close to Mistplay as it gets. This platform also lets you download and earn from playing new games. Cashyy’s best feature is that users can withdraw from as low as $0.2 and $0.5, depending on where they live. There are also several free gift cards available for grabs. 

Two women using their phones

23. Pool Payday 

Available for: iOS and Android

As a massive pool fan, Pool Payday is the perfect option for you. Available on both Android and iOS, this platform allows users to compete against other users in exchange for cash rewards. Pool Payday is one of the most competitive and highest-paying games on this list. 

The game pairs you with players of the same skill level. Depending on the tournament you choose, you can win up to $45. Another exciting feature of this platform is that you can receive money in your bank account or via PayPal. 

24. Blitz Win Cash

Available for: iOS and Android

Blitz Win Cash is another high-paying alternative on this list. The app lets you win real money when you compete against other players in Bingo, Solitaire, Pool, and Match Puzzle tournaments. 

However, you have to pay a small fee to access these competitions. On Blitz Win Cash, your winnings can be paid through Venmo, PayPal, or directly to your bank account. Additionally, this is one of the apps like Mistplay for Android and Apple. 

25. Freecash

Available for: Desktop, iOS, and Android

Freecash is a new reward platform that’s growing rapidly and becoming quite popular mostly because it offers several ways to reward users. With a free signup process, the platform competes with Mistplay by offering several games to members to play in exchange for earning money. 

Money bills falling on the laptop

Freecash also takes things further by allowing users to win by answering online surveys, watching videos, and shopping online to earn real cash.

26. Toluna

Available for: Desktop, iOS, and Android

Toluna combines online surveys with other exciting rewards. This platform’s unique selling point is allowing users to earn money in multiple ways. After signing up, you can make money by playing games, participating in online surveys, answering one-question polls, and influencing products and services. 

27. JustPlay

Available for: Android

Although JustPlay may not be as popular as Mistplay, this platform is equally exciting and rewarding. It offers a wide selection of games that users can play to earn points, which can later be redeemed for various rewards.

28. Buff Gaming

Available for: Desktop, iOS, and Android

This platform is reliable and has an array of games. They also reward users pretty well. While it has raised some doubts because of its relative newness and growing popularity, it is a good alternative to Mistplay. 

A review page of an app

29. Solitaire Smash 

Available for: Desktop, iOS, and Android

If you’re interested in a game that lets you earn from your solitaire proficiency, this platform is ideal. The iOS application enables you to compete against others in real cash solitaire games. Depending on the tournament, you can earn between $5 and $45. 

Solitaire Smash’s most exciting feature is that the application lets you get paid directly to your bank account. There are also free practice games for you to try your hands on. 

30. Scrambly 

Available for: Android

Scrambly is a reward platform for people in the United States or Canada. On this platform, you can earn money by completing surveys, playing games, shopping online, and testing products or services. 

Scrambly is a convenient reward platform because it lets you cash out with PayPal or gift cards, The development team of this platform also constantly updates the games to keep players coming back for more. 

Tips for Using Mistplay Alternatives 

We’ve discussed the best Mistplay alternatives. Here are a few things to note before signing up on these platforms:

  • Set realistic goals: These platforms are designed to let you play games in exchange for money. However, they aren’t a significant source of income, so you should only use them as a source of bonus or extra income.
  • Play several games: It’s a great idea to try numerous games in each library. This will optimize your experience while potentially boosting your earning potential by discovering higher payouts.
  • Withdraw your winnings regularly. Never leave your winnings in your account for an extended period. While unlikely, if you break some rules, your account may get banned, or you may lose your login details.
  • Avoid scams: It’s common to find apps with unrealistic claims about earning potential. That’s why you should only use platforms from reputable application stores. Online reviews can also help you identify rotten eggs.  

Along with scams, Joseph Lucas, a finance professional of almost 20 years highlights some risks to be aware of:

“There are risks with any app or site where you share your personal information. Be careful with what information you share, and make sure you read the terms and conditions. A lesser risk is that you spend time with no real cash payout, but this is less concerning than keeping your information safe. I always recommend doing a little extra research to ensure safety for lesser known apps.”

The last thing you want is your personal information stolen, all because you wanted to play a game with a small cashout.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Mistplay Available on Apple?

No, Mistplay isn’t available on Apple. It’s only available on Android. If you have an iOS device, you can try alternatives like Pool Payday, Solitaire Smash, Bingo Cash, Drop, and Blitz Win Cash. These are apps like Mistplay and the platforms offer a similar experience with exciting rewards. 

Can You Get Rewarded Play on iPhone?

Yes, you can get rewarded for playing games on your iPhone. You can also get paid for taking online surveys, watching videos, influencing products, and shopping online. Applications that let you earn on iPhone include Bingo Cash, Pool Payday, Drop, Solitaire Smash, and Blitz Win Cash. 

Is There a Better App Than Mistplay?

Mistplay is one of the biggest and most popular platforms. However, this platform is only available on Android. If you’re looking for an iOS alternative better than Mistplay, try Swagbucks. This platform also has other ways to earn aside from playing games. However, Bingo Cash and Pool Payday are one of the highest-paying alternatives.

Are There Apps Like Mistplay for iPhone?

The iPhone app store has fewer reward platforms because it doesn’t let apps record app usage like the Google Play store. However, it still has alternative apps like Mistplay. They include:

  • Pool Payday
  • Solitaire Smash
  • Bingo Cash
  • Drop
  • Blitz Win
A line of people using their phone

Final Thoughts on the Best Mistplay Alternatives

Several apps like Mistplay deliver a fun experience and pay you to play games. Of course, you’re not likely to turn this into a career, and your earnings tend to be pretty low. Any GPT platforms or gaming apps tend to have a limited earning potential of $5 up to $50 per month if you’re a dedicated player. 

But, if you’re looking for some extra cash and a fun side hustle that doesn’t require too much effort, these game apps are a viable option for casual gamers, including both Android and iPhone users. 

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