Is Rewards Giant Legit? (Honest 2024 Review)


In the world of making money online, there are a lot of get-paid-to websites and apps that claim you can earn free money.

One popular example of this type of site is Rewards Giant, which claims that you can earn $100 or more by completing just five deals. It’s a legit rewards site, but it can take more work than people think to earn prizes.


I tested out Rewards Giant to find the truth, and here’s what you need to know before deciding to sign up or not.

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Is Rewards Giant Legit?

Yes, Rewards Giant is legit and does pay out users who complete the right number of deals, and there is payment proof online. However, it’s extremely hard to complete enough deals to earn the larger rewards, and the site feels a bit dishonest since it advertises that it’s super easy to earn $100+ gift cards.


It also has a Poor rating on Trustpilot and 2.4 star average rating. And I don’t like that Rewards Giant requires entering your credit card information or even paying to complete certain deals.

This is also the case for,, and In other words, all version of this site are poorly rated and have lots of complaints.


Sure, you might get the $5 free gift card. And you might get the $100 gift card if you grind it out and sign up for a ton of stuff.

Will you make more than that? The chances are extremely unlikely. Overall, this isn’t a very high-paying app, and I think many other online side hustles are more reliable.

What Is Rewards Giant?

Rewards Giant is a rewards site that operates in the UK, United States, and Australia. It lets you earn free $100 gift cards to popular retailers in exchange for completing various sponsored deals with its partners.

The website is very similar to platforms like FlashRewards, which is known for its $750 Shein, $750 Amazon, and $750 PayPal offers, both of which are largely too good to be true.

Rewards Giant

At first glance, Rewards Giant also seems like an awesome way to make money online. After all, it says you can get a free $100 gift card to companies like Amazon or Walmart after completing a few deals, or up to $1,000 for completing 25 deals!

While it sounds great on the surface, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind that might make you reconsider using this website.

How Does Rewards Giant Work?

I signed up for Rewards Giant to test out the site and to find out how it works. It’s very easy to use and is similar to other offer-based reward platforms.

To make money with Rewards Giant USA, you have to complete a certain level of “sponsored deals” from its partners to then redeem a free gift card. Usually, sponsored deals involve signing up for free trials, answering surveys, downloading apps, or completing short online tasks.

Like similar sites, Rewards Giant uses a tiered reward system. This means the more deals and trials you complete, the more you get paid.

All in all, Rewards Giant works in 4 simple steps:

  • Select your gift card reward
  • Sign up
  • Complete sponsored deals
  • Get your reward

I signed up to explore the platform a bit more, and here’s how each step works in a bit more detail.

1. Select Your Gift Card Reward

Unlike most rewards sites, Rewards Giant doesn’t have a simple “sign up” button to get started with their platform. Instead, when you go to, you see a button that says “Get a Quick Start”.

This button takes you to a page where you select the gift card reward that you earn after completing enough deals.

Rewards Giant free Amazon gift card

Rewards Giant only has five gift cards options at the moment:

Gift card rewards start at $100 that you earn after completing five deals. Once you select your preferred gift card, you answer three questions before actually signing up:

  1. Do you do most of your shopping online?
  2. How do you plan on using your gift card?
  3. How many times do you go shopping per week?

Answering these questions doesn’t affect your eligibility for any deals or rewards; it’s simply for the purpose of collecting user data.

2. Sign Up

Once you complete Rewards Giant’s questionnaire, you enter your email address to actually sign up. Signing up sends you to the next step which is an optional survey (I suggest you skip it).

You might also get redirected to a few random sites which is a bit suspicious and feels scammy, but from my experience it’s been okay. As long as you’re 18 years old and provide your email address, Rewards Giant doesn’t ask for any more information.

However, a lot of the partners that are presented on their site do ask for more information that is usually kept as user data for companies.

If you’re okay with that information being distributed, then you can move onto earning money.

3. Complete Sponsored Deals

The way you make money with Rewards Giant is to complete sponsored deals that let you redeem different gift cards. The more deals you complete, the higher value gift cards you can redeem.

A few examples of sponsored deals on Rewards Giant include:

  • Signing up for Capital One Shopping
  • Showtime free trial
  • Adding the Rakuten browser extension
  • Joining SiriusXM free 3-month trial
  • Buying $33 vitamins online

However, the site splits deals into five different levels. Deals become a bit harder to complete at higher levels than simply downloading an app or answering a survey.

Some of the premium deals require entering your credit card information to sign up for free trials and subscriptions. This is where things get a little scammy for Rewards Giant, because it’s not necessarily as simple as it sounds to earn rewards.

Rewards Giant claims that you can earn the $100 gift card without paying a dime, which seems to be true from my time using the site.

However, making any more than that will likely become a problem. Plus, you suddenly have a ton of subscriptions and trials to worry about canceling.

4. Get Your Reward

Completing your first deal doesn’t get you anything except move you onto level two deals. Once you start completing sponsored deals in level two, you start earning credits towards gift card rewards.

According to the rewards chart, completing two deals earns you $5, completing five deals earns you $100, and 25 deals earns you $1000.

Rewards Giant tiersFrom my experience, reaching any number over $100 seems way too good to be true, which makes you question if Rewards Giant is legit.

To cash out these rewards, head over to the “My Rewards” tab and choose which gift card you’d like.

Once you’ve reached the minimum cashout threshold, you have to complete a rewards claim. This claim requires ID verification and takes about 3-4 days to finalize.

This is one of the most tedious parts about using Rewards Giant since you have to submit proof for every deal you complete. This can mean screenshotting confirmation emails, receipts, and sign-up confirmations and not missing any details.

Most beermoney sites just let you redeem your account earnings for free PayPal cash or gift cards. But with Rewards Giant, you have to verify all the deals you complete and hope you get paid.

How Many Sponsored Deals Do You Have To Complete?

You have to complete two deals to earn a $5 gift card from Rewards Giant. Here’s how all the reward tiers work:

  • $5 Reward – one level 1 and one level 2 Deal
  • $100 Reward – one level 1, one level 2, and three deals from level 3, for a total of 5 deals
  • $250 Reward – one Level 1, one Level 2, three level 3, and five level 4 deals
  • $500 Reward – one Level 1, one level 2, three Level 3, five Level 4, and five Level 5 deals
  • $750 Reward – one Level 1, one level 2, three Level 3, five Level 4, and ten Level 5 deals
  • $1,000 Reward – one Level 1, one level 2, three Level 3, five Level 4, and fifteen Level 5 deals

Keep in mind that level 5 deals usually cost money or have you worrying about a million different subscriptions you signed up for. This means you have to spend some money to reach higher rewards with Reward Giant, which I don’t like in a side hustle.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast sign up process
  • Adequate free deals to try
  • Easy to earn $5 fast


  • Hard to reach higher payouts
  • Completing certain deals costs money
  • Many users report having difficulties cashing out
  • Suspicious user interface and data usage
  • Unreliable information and claims on their site

Other Rewards Giant Reviews

After testing out Rewards Giant, I don’t think it’s worth your time since it’s so hard to complete higher-level deals. But it’s also useful to hear from other users so you can get more opinions.

Here’s what some other Rewards Giant reviews are saying on Reddit about their experiences with using the site to make money:

  • Suitedbatsam says: “I’m unconvinced…after a week I’m still getting texts reminding me to complete the challenge [I already completed]  in order to get my reward…Frustrating.”
  • ExhaustedTanuki says: “it’s legit but it’s not unreasonable to think so due to higher payouts. The mobile site for the USA looks super shady.”
  • vdub_1969 says: “100% SCAM.”

Rewards Giant reviewsAs you can see from these other Rewards Giant reviews, the platform seems somewhat scammy, and one user reports not getting credit for completing a task.

Again, the smaller rewards aren’t unreasonable, but there are much better sites to earn free gift cards than this one. And I think free options like paid survey sites are better.

Better Rewards Giant Alternatives

If you’re looking for more reliable and trustworthy sites to earn rewards, check out these Rewards Giant Alternatives:

Branded Surveys website

These sites are much more recommended than Rewards Giant because they are reliable and pay more consistently. You won’t get rich using them, but you can make some nice, quick money with them fairly easily.

Of course, you can try other methods of making money online, like selling your skills as a freelancer, or trying phone jobs on the side. But these sites are easy alternatives to turn to that are legit unlike Rewards Giant.

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Is Rewards Giant A Scam?

Rewards Giant isn’t a complete scam, but so many users experience issues receiving payment and claim that it’s very hard to earn money with the site. Overall, I don’t think this website is very honest or transparent, so don’t waste your time with it.

Is Rewards Giant Safe?

Rewards Giant collects user data and other information such as credit card info, addresses, and user experiences which they sell to other companies. If you’re okay with that, then Rewards Giant is safe.

However, there are much safer alternatives you can use to make money taking surveys and completing deals.

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Is Rewards Giant Real?

Rewards Giant is real, and you can earn rewards by completing enough deals. However, the company has an overwhelming number of negative reviews and people who claim it’s fake and falsely advertises. Ultimately, this isn’t a very effective side hustle and should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

I hope our Rewards Giant review helps you understand how this website works and to decide if it’s worth your time or not.

Many users experience issues receiving payment, being redirected to suspicious sites, having low earning potential, and bad user interface.

Does it pay sometimes? Yes. Does that mean Rewards Giant is legit? Probably not.

I recommend staying away from this site and using an alternative like Branded Surveys or Kashkick to earn money instead. There are plenty of other reliable ways to earn money online, so don’t risk it on a mediocre survey site.

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