How This SAHM Makes An Extra $8,000 In Her Flipping Business


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We’re excited to share an interview we did with Jenny Fyksen, a Flipper University alum, who is making around $8,000 a month in her flipping business. 

Tell Us About Your Background

Jenny says she got into flipping after the birth of her third child. She had quit her full-time job to be a stay at home mom and was selling extra things when the kids were napping so she could bring in a little extra income and kind of purge things that were no longer needed.

Then her husband got into flipping too and they went to estate sales and garage sales together. They didn’t think about it as a business at the time. They just got inundated with stuff and wanted to see if there was a better way to do it, which is when she found Flea Market Flipper.


Tell Us About The Canoe Flip

Jenny and her husband had purchased canoe for $5 and listed it on eBay and sold it for $2,300. They were googling how to ship large items, which is how they found Flea Market Flipper, but ultimately it was able to ship in a box. Jenny says it was similar to how we ship out NordicTracks.

What Are You Flipping Now?

Jenny says her husband has always loved smalls so that will always be a part of their business, but they are doing larger items too. They try to 10X their profit and make a minimum of $100 even with smalls. They do a combination of high profit smalls and freight shipping large items and appliances.

How Long Did It Take You To Gain Confidence With Shipping Freight?

Jenny says her confidence grew with experience. She started with NordicTracks and then moved to cooktops and freight. When they first started, they had excuses why they couldn’t do big items, but now they know they can and they won’t miss out on opportunities again. 


One big item they tackled was a six-foot long commercial deep fat fryer that weighed about 1,200 pounds. The item was available for $200 and was $20,000-$30,000 new so Jenny knew the profit was there. 

Jenny says shipping it was easy. The hardest thing with shipping was dealing with the weather because it sold in December and they didn’t have a big enough garage to be able to package it. They had to package it on their trailer while sleet was coming down. They ended up selling it for just around $6,000.

Was That A Unicorn Flip?

Jenny says flips like the fryer come around one to two times a year, but she can consistently find flips that are in the $50-$100 purchase price that she can sell for $1,000 to $1,500 range.

The key to finding flips if there aren’t items in your area is to look for items when you’re making a trip to visit a family member or friend in another city. When she drives two hours to visit her husband’s parents, they look for items in the area.

Did You Start With A Trailer?

Jenny says she didn’t start with a trailer and still doesn’t have one. She borrows her neighbor’s trailer and shares a contractor’s trailer with her in-laws. They store the trailer and live about an hour and a half away though, so it’s not always convenient. 

If you don’t have a trailer, it’s not a reason to put off starting flipping. You can flip with what you have or rent a truck for a day.

What Are You Averaging Per Month?

Jenny says she averaged $8,000 a month last year which surpassed what her husband made at his 9-5 job. 

How This SAHM Makes An Extra $8,000 In Her Flipping Business

What Advice Do You Have For People Struggling To Start?

Jenny says to find an item that you would like to resell and just start. Sleep Numbers are great to start with because they aren’t big and most people can find them in their local market. NordicTracks are also good to start with because they build your confidence with shipping.

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