How This Veteran Makes $2K/Month Flipping Collectibles


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We recently chatted with Steve Frost, an alumni from Flipper University, and we’re excited to share how he’s making $2,000 a month on his flipping business.

How Did You Get Started In Your Flipping Gig? 

Steve said he’s had an eBay account and sold stuff online for years, but in 2021 or 2022 he started looking at it more seriously. Steve is a veteran and is disabled from his service in the military. He was looking for something to do that allowed him to take care of his kids and make a little extra money. 

He watched some of our YouTube videos and found Flipper University. He said flipping is something he can do that’s not too strenuous on his injuries from the military, so it’s a great fit for him. 


Are You Doing This Part-Time Or Full-Time?

Steve says it was part-time for a while and then he took some time off from flipping. He got back into it and is consistently making sales. Taking a break helped energize him.

How Did You Jump Into Flipper University?

While Googling reselling videos, a Flea Market Flipper video popped up. It was one of the packaging ones, and Steve thought it was cool to see the information being freely shared. After realizing Flea Market Flipper had a lot of good information available for free, Steve decided to jump into Flipper University to see what else the program offered. 

Steve says the program was the best way to step into the world of flipping because it gave him the confidence to start flipping as a side hustle.


He said he knew the program had money tied to it, but realized he could make that money up in one or two good flips. After taking the course, he flipped a cooktop and made back almost double the amount of what Flipper University cost.

What Is Your Average Month Reselling?

Steve says he’s typically averaging between $1,500 to $2,000. It’s winter in New York where he lives, so it can be slower this time of the year when there aren’t a lot of yard sales. He has to be creative about where he’s sourcing and what he’s buying. As long as Steve is at a 30% profit margin on anything he is selling, he feels confident about it. 

Do You Only Sell On eBay?

Steve sells mostly on eBay, but also uses Mercari and sometimes Facebook Marketplace for local stuff that he doesn’t want to deal with shipping. But now that he’s trained to ship items, he really doesn’t mind that. Sometimes items sell better on one platform versus another. For example, he says clothes may sell better on Poshmark, but antiques and collectibles usually sell better on eBay. He says it depends what you’re selling, and where your customer base is. 

What Has Life Been Like Since Jumping Into Flipper University? 

Steve says he’s been enjoying the flipping business. He tells people he enjoys knowing that he can go to a thrift store and find something unique that maybe someone across the country doesn’t have access to. He can connect them to special products at a decent price while still making a profit.

Have You Always Enjoyed Treasure Hunting?

Steve enjoys going to flea markets in New York. He likes finding pieces of history, U.S. history and world history. Sometimes letting go of unique finds can be hard. 

What Is Your Niche?

Steve’s mostly honed in on collectibles. He said when you’re competing with Amazon you have to find something they don’t sell. Most people who are looking to buy an item new go to Amazon first, they don’t check Google. If they can’t find it there, that’s when they branch out and look at Google. 

Lately he’s been in the niche of 1990s and 2000s nostalgia type items, but the challenge is that he sometimes wants to keep the items he finds. 

If you can try to have something that Amazon doesn’t have, then you’re almost guaranteed that the buyers will come to you. That’s why Steve always does the promotions at 2%, because if people are searching on Google or searching for something, it will show up on there.

Who Would You Recommend Flipper University For? 

Steve says anyone can do it. It’s great for high school or college kids who are trying to figure out what they want to do. They can learn a skill and use it the rest of their lives. It’s great for people who are stay at home parents, or anyone who has extra time that is sick of doing the same thing over and over again.

What Would You Say To Anyone On The Fence About Flipping?

“What do you have to lose?” Steve asked. The cost is understandable, but you can make that up in a few sales. Steve said he didn’t know if he could do this, but following the course and starting small helped him grow the confidence to list. Then you start to realize you can do this reselling thing. The program outlines small steps to help you grow your confidence and business. 

If you don’t want to work for someone else or want to find something to do to help make your family extra money, flipping is it.

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