23 Best Business Ideas For Kids To Make Extra Money


Looking for the best business ideas for kids? Finding business ideas for kids is a great way for them to learn about starting their own business, being responsible, and understanding money from a young age. They get to understand how to set goals, handle money, and feel the joy of earning their own extra income….


Looking for the best business ideas for kids?

Finding business ideas for kids is a great way for them to learn about starting their own business, being responsible, and understanding money from a young age. They get to understand how to set goals, handle money, and feel the joy of earning their own extra income.

Whether it’s in the summer, after school, or on weekends, having a small business can be a fun and educational thing to start.


I did many different things as a kid to make extra money, and they all taught me so much. There are many different ways for kids to make money, as you will learn below.

Best Small Business Ideas for Kids

Here are the best business ideas for kids to start.

1. Sell arts and crafts

If your kid enjoys being creative and making things with their hands, selling arts and crafts can be a great business idea for them. It’s not only fun but can also help them earn some money.


Here are some crafts kids can make and sell:

  • Bead jewelry – They can make necklaces and bracelets with colorful beads.
  • Homemade candles – Candles are simple to make and can be sold to people who like to add a cozy feel to their homes.
  • Paintings – If they like to paint or draw, they can create artwork to sell.
  • Slime – Slime is really popular and fun to play with. Kids can make and sell their own slime in different colors and maybe even add things like glitter to make it unique.
  • Pet toys – If they love animals, they could make toys for pets. Choose materials that are safe for animals and design toys that pets would enjoy.
  • Soap – Homemade soap is always nice to have, and people love to buy it. This can be a fun item to make on their own.
  • Stickers – Everyone loves stickers and this can be a fun way to make extra money on Etsy or in person.

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2. Tutoring

If your child is really good at a subject like math or science, they can start a tutoring business. They can help other kids who might find those subjects tough.

Tutoring is something they can do after school when they’re finished with their own homework. It’s a great way to use what they know to help others and even make some money.

Learn more at The Best Online Tutoring Jobs.

3. Babysitter

If your child loves being around kids, babysitting can be a great way to start their journey into the world of small businesses for kids. It’s not just about watching kids; it’s about creating a fun and safe environment while parents are away.

Your child’s reputation is important, and they can start with their neighbors or family friends who already know and trust them.

To decide what they should charge, you can look at what other babysitters charge in your area, but consider how much experience your kid has.

I recommend having your child learn about basic first aid and child care, and you can find classes through community centers or the Red Cross.

Babysitting is what I did the most of as a kid. It was my first full-time job, actually. Starting at the age of 14, I was working around 40 hours per week in the summer taking care of a baby in my neighborhood (I found the babysitting ad on a local bulletin board!). I earned $10 per hour. The mother was a nurse, so I was working about 13 hours per day for a few days each week.

business ideas for kids

4. Pet sitting and dog walking

If your kid loves animals, starting a pet care service or dog walking business could be perfect for them. It’s more than just a job; it’s a way to care for pets when their owners can’t.

In this job, you might look after pets either at your own home (called pet boarding) or take care of them at their home.

Depending on their age, your child may walk the dog for 15 to 30 minutes a day, or more.

I was recently looking at a local bulletin board, and a parent put up an ad for their 10-year-old to walk dogs. The parent would be there as well (to ensure the safety of both the child and pet, of course), but it was a small business idea that the kid wanted to start. If your child is a little older, they may be able to do this on their own as well.

5. Lemonade stand

Starting a lemonade stand is more than just a fun activity; it can be their first step for starting a business as a kid!

Your child will probably want to start with a simple recipe, as lemonade does not have to be hard. They can try different flavors, like strawberry, to make your stand unique.

They will need pitchers, cups, ice, and a table.

Work out how much each glass of lemonade costs to make, and then decide on a price that makes a little profit but is still affordable for customers.

6. Mow lawns

Mowing lawns is a great way to start a small business as a kid. It’s simple to get going, and kids can make money during spring and summer.

They’ll need a lawn mower, fuel, and basic gardening tools.

Next, it’s time to set rates. Figure out how much to charge for each yard. A good plan is to look at what others charge and then set a competitive price.

Your kid can talk to neighbors, family, and friends to find new lawn mowing jobs.

I know many, many families who have kids who mow lawns to make money. I also know several people who have older kids who have turned this into a full-time business that has grown with them as an adult.

7. Rake leaves

Raking leaves is a great business idea, especially during the fall. Trees drop their leaves and many homeowners need help gathering and disposing of them.

To get started, your kid will need to have a sturdy rake, bags for leaf collection, and a pair of gloves to keep their hands clean and protect them from blisters.

8. Shovel snow

If you live in a place where snow falls, a kid can make money by shoveling snow. This job is great if they enjoy being outdoors and don’t mind the cold. Start by asking family and neighbors if they need help clearing their driveways and walkways.

They will need a few things to start:

  • A shovel: This is the main tool, of course!
  • Warm clothes and gloves: Stay warm while they work.

Your kid can hand out flyers or tell friends to spread the word. Social media can be a big help too. A simple post can let everyone in your neighborhood know that your kid is ready to help clear the snow.

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9. Birthday party assistant

If your kid likes being around kids and celebrations, becoming a birthday party assistant could be a fun way for them to earn money.

They will help set up decorations (balloons, banners, and table settings), organize games (such as being ready to lead a game of musical chairs or a treasure hunt), and make sure the party runs smoothly (they might help serve cake and snacks to the little guests.).

10. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be exciting. If your child is under 13, remember, they can’t have their own account. But with a parent’s help, they can still share videos.

Your child can pick something they love, whether it’s science experiments, video game walkthroughs, or crafting tutorials.

They will want to post videos regularly – maybe post once a week to start.

Remember, it’s all about doing something fun and sharing what they love. Starting a YouTube channel takes work, but if they stick with it, they could make something really cool.

11. Lifeguard

If your child is looking for a responsible way to earn some extra cash, becoming a lifeguard could be a way to make money.

Not only does this gig teach important life-saving skills but it also teaches them responsibility and discipline. Many local pools or community centers offer lifeguard certification courses, giving them an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get valuable training.

Running a small lifeguard business can be a win-win situation for kids and the community. They can sell their services to local events, pool parties, or even provide private swimming lessons.

Note: In most states, you need to be at least 15-years-old to become a lifeguard.

12. Start a greeting cards business

Starting a greeting card business is something your kid can have fun with and get their creative juices flowing! They can make cards for birthdays, holidays, thank you, congratulations, or just to say hello.

They will need:

  • Art supplies, like colored pencils and markers
  • Cardstock or heavy paper
  • A printer (if they’re printing designs)
  • Digital design software like Canva (this is optional)

They could start by selling to family and friends or at school events. As they grow, they could try selling them at local markets or even online.

Small business ideas for kids

13. Neighborhood helper

As a neighborhood helper, they can sell their services to people around your community. This is a great way to help others and earn some money.

Your child can sell services such as:

  • Car washing: Wash cars for people in the neighborhood for a shiny finish.
  • Grocery running: Offer to pick up groceries for those who can’t go themselves.
  • Gardening: Help maintain gardens by planting flowers or weeding.
  • Lawn care: Keep neighbors’ lawns neat by mowing them regularly.
  • Pet walking: Walk neighbors’ dogs when they’re busy or away.

To get started, your kid should make a list of what they’re good at and what they might enjoy doing. Then, let neighbors know about their services with flyers or tell them directly.

If you have many kids, they could even involve multiple family members so that each kid has their own specialty or niche as a neighborhood helper.

14. Reseller

Starting a small business as a reseller means buying products at a lower price and selling them for a profit. They don’t need to make their own things; instead, they can find good deals on items, then sell them to others for more than they paid.

They can get items from yard sales, thrift stores, or their own home.

They can sell online on places like Etsy or eBay, or at school events and local fairs.

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15. Voice artist

Becoming a voice artist can be an exciting way for kids to explore and share their talent. If they enjoy speaking and have a unique voice, this could be a fun business idea for them.

They can sell services for character voices for cartoons and animations, narration for audiobooks or educational videos, commercial voice-overs for ads and marketing materials, and more.

They will need to start with a good microphone and recording software on a computer. They can practice by reading out loud and recording their voice.

To find work, they can join online platforms like Fiverr, where people look for young voice talent.

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16. Actor

If your child is interested in acting, the first step is to take acting classes, which can help them learn the skills they need to act in plays, movies, or TV. These can be found online or at a business near you.

Once they have some skills, they can try out for local theater productions and school plays, and join their school’s drama club. Being part of a production gives them practical experience and shows them what it’s like to work with a director and other actors.

17. Sell candy

Starting a candy business can be both fun and rewarding. With a love for sweets and a little creativity, your child can turn their passion into profit.

Candy is something that I see children selling all the time, and it completely makes sense – everyone loves candy! So, it is an easy item to sell.

They can sell homemade treats like chocolate-covered pretzels or gummy bears. Or, if you prefer, you can buy popular brands in bulk and sell them individually.

Next, consider where they will sell the candy. They may be able to sell at school, neighborhood, or local community events, and you should always ask for permission when selling in public areas or on someone else’s property.

Pricing the candy is important. You’ll want to make sure your kid covers the cost of what was spent and adds a little extra for their profit. Selling candy for $2 or $3 can make it easy for customers to buy without thinking twice.

18. Start a blog

If your kid is interested in working online, then they may want to try starting a blog. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get started, and it can teach a kid a lot about how to run a website.

I have met many teens over the years who have started a blog, and I think it’s a great small business idea!

Whether they want to share their hobbies, interests, or personal experiences, a blog gives them a platform to be creative and communicate.

Other business ideas for kids related to this include starting accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and starting a podcast.

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19. Deliver newspapers

Newspaper delivery is a classic way for children to earn some money. It’s a job that can fit well into their schedule before or after school. Plus, they can get good exercise at the same time!

It’s usually pretty simple: they take newspapers and deliver them to people’s homes.

When I was younger, I had a friend who had a delivery route. Once, I went along with her and helped her deliver some newspapers. It was hard work but she ran it smoothly!

If your kid is interested in this job, start by checking with local newspapers. Call them and ask if they’re looking for delivery helpers. Some things they might need:

  • A bicycle or a reliable way to get around the delivery area quickly
  • A bag or basket to hold the newspapers as they deliver them
  • An early morning start if the paper is a morning edition
  • To dress for the weather, since they will be outside

They will learn responsibility by making sure the newspapers are delivered on time.

Sometimes there may be age limits, so if your child is younger, they might need to get a work permit. But often, kids as young as 11 or 12 can start with a bit of paperwork.

20. Sell used toys

Recently, I was on Facebook, and a parent was helping their child host a garage sale. They were letting their child take control of most of the sale, but the parent was posting about it in the group to get more traffic to their yard sale.

They were selling the kid’s used toys to help them declutter and make some extra money. I thought this was a great idea!

Kids can learn the basics of entrepreneurship by organizing and pricing their toys for sale. This activity not only teaches them about value assessment but also introduces the concept of supply and demand as they observe which toys are more popular among buyers.

People pay good money for used toys all the time, so this can be a great side hustle to get into.

21. Face painting

Face painting can be a fun and profitable small business venture for kids who love art and painting. They can start by setting up a face painting booth at local events or birthday parties.

Running a face painting business encourages kids to develop their entrepreneurial skills, from marketing their services to managing customer interactions.

small business ideas for 10-year olds at school

22. Recycling collector

Kids who care about the environment can turn it into a business by collecting recyclables. With a passion for keeping things green, they can offer to gather recyclables from neighbors, schools, or local businesses.

This not only helps the environment but also teaches kids about reducing waste and recycling.

23. Vending machines

I have been seeing more and more parents starting vending machine businesses for their children.

Getting kids into the entrepreneurial world by running vending machines can be an interesting and educational small business idea. Whether they decide to place machines in school common areas or local community spaces, managing a vending business can help teach children valuable lessons in supply and demand, handling inventory, and understanding customer preferences.

Running vending machines also gives kids a chance to learn about financial responsibility as they handle income, expenses, and profit calculations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions about starting a business as a kid.

What is a good business to start as a kid?

Starting a business that fits into their hobbies and interests makes a good choice. For instance, if they like technology, they might try starting a blog or YouTube channel. If they love the outdoors, then a lawn mowing or gardening business might be a better fit.

How can a kid make $100 dollars fast?

A kid can make $100 fast by selling their old toys or clothing items that they already have. You, the parent, can help them organize a yard sale or gather their items to sell in a Facebook buy/sell group.

What can kids sell to make money?

Kids can sell a lot of different things to make money, such as jewelry, paintings, greeting cards, homemade cookies, lemonade, used toys, and more.

What kind of businesses can young students start at school?

They can start businesses at school like a pencil and eraser store, a book swap service, or a snack bar (if the school allows it). Just remember to check in with the school’s rules to make sure their business idea is allowed on the school campus.

What steps can a child take to start their own business?

Here are steps a child can take to start their own small business:

  1. Identify interests and skills – This will help them find a business idea that they actually like.
  2. Research business ideas – Research different small business ideas suitable for kids and think about factors like their age, skills, and the resources available.
  3. Create a business plan – Develop a simple business plan outlining the business idea, target audience, products or services offered, and basic strategies for marketing and sales.
  4. Learn basic business – Introduce the child to basic business concepts such as budgeting, pricing, and customer service, and this can be done through discussions, educational resources, and more.
  5. Decide on pricing – Teach your child about pricing by thinking about the cost of materials, time, and possibly profit. This helps them understand the value of their products or services.
  6. Market the business – Your child could create posters, use social media with parental supervision, or spread the word within the local community such as by placing an ad on a local bulletin board.
  7. Provide good customer service – I highly recommend making sure that you teach your child the importance of treating customers with respect and giving great service as this can lead to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.
  8. Track finances – Teach the child basic financial management, including tracking income and expenses.
  9. Celebrate achievements – Celebrate small victories and milestones to keep the child motivated and proud of their entrepreneurial journey.

Throughout this process, parental involvement is so important. Parents can guide, supervise, and provide a supportive environment for the child’s business, making sure it is a positive and educational experience (and safe!).

Can a 9 year old make a small business?

At around 9 years old, they can start businesses that use creativity and simple skills. For example, making greeting cards or friendship bracelets.

What business can a 10 year old make?

There are many things that a 10-year-old can do to make extra money. A 10-year-old can start a lemonade stand, sell crafts, do yard work, and more.

How can an 11 year old make cash?

There are many things that an 11-year-old can do to make extra money. An 11-year-old can rake leaves, walk dogs, sell baked goods like cupcakes, and more.

What are some simple business ideas for children under 12?

Younger kids can think about businesses like lemonade stands, which are simple to set up and manage. They also might create and sell craft items or start a pet sitting service for neighbors if they enjoy spending time with animals.

How can a teenager make money online?

A teen can make money online by blogging, offering online tutoring services, selling printables on Etsy, reselling items online, and more. I recommend reading 17 Online Jobs For Teens To Make Money to learn more.

How can children stay safe when starting a business?

When starting a small business as a kid, it’s important to think about safety and the rules they need to follow. For safety, always make sure they have an adult they trust to help watch over their business. If they’re selling something like food or crafts, make sure everything they use is safe and won’t hurt anyone.

For legal aspects, different places have different rules for businesses. They might need to ask for permission from someone (like you, the parent) or maybe need a permit.

They also need to make sure they have supervision, which means having an adult around to help them out and make sure everything’s going right. Monitoring what they are doing online, if they are dealing with customers, can be very smart because you never know who they are selling to or talking with.

Small Business Ideas for Kids – Summary

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about small business ideas for kids.

From traditional ways to make extra money like running a lemonade stand or mowing lawns to more modern business ideas like making and selling crafts or starting a YouTube channel, the possibilities for kid-run businesses are plentiful.

Starting a business as a kid can teach children valuable problem-solving and life skills. With the proper guidance and help, there are many different good business ideas that a kid can start.

I have been earning my own money from a young age, and it has taught me so much. I highly recommend helping your kids do the same!

What are your favorite kid business ideas?

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