Weekend reading: Buy gilts packet fresh on the primary market


What caught my eye this week.

Exciting news! Well, exciting as measured on our patented Government Bond Excitement Scale, anyway.


The Financial Times reports that retail investors can now buy brand new gilt issues on the primary market, thanks to an initiative between government-appointed dealer Winterflood Securities and two online retail platforms – Interactive Investor and Hargreaves Lansdown.

The FT says that:

The platforms have started accepting orders for a seven-year gilt that will be issued on Wednesday 28 February with a coupon of 4 per cent. Retail investors will be given the average price of the auction and will not have to pay any dealing fees, unlike for gilts bought through platforms in the secondary market.

Some sites are saying this is the first-time that ordinary oiks like us have been able to buy gilts direct, but I don’t think that’s correct.


You definitely used to be able to buy gilts from the Government’s Debt Management Office. And I’m sure I recall reading that you could also once get them from other places too, from NS&I to the Bank of England – and even the Post Office?

Could any readers even more ancient than me confirm (Increasingly hapless Google isn’t showing me anything about buying gilts from Ye Olden Times of more than a few years ago.)

Soft launch

I haven’t seen anything on the two platforms themselves about how direct gilt buying will work.


An article from FI Desk quotes Hargreaves Lansdown outlining a summary of the process. But I can’t find the same on the site itself.

I’m sure the FT isn’t hallucinating, Chatbot AI style, so again, if you did put an order in please tell us all how it went in the comments below.

Assuming everything works fine, then buying gilts direct will hopefully become just another standard bit of kit in our investing armoury.

There are circumstances where buying gilts new and holding them until they mature is just the ticket. Being able to do so without fees would be welcome.

Shouting “buy, buy, buy!” as you rub shoulders with the big, swinging bond dealers in the primary market will remain purely optional.

Membership update

The Monevator membership massive continues to swell. We’re now within a dozen sign-ups of our initial target!

Hopefully waverers will join us soon. I think we’ve proven we’re sticking around, nearly a year in…

On that note, a reminder members can read all of our previous Mavens and Moguls missives via the ‘tagged’ archives:

Having recurring membership revenue at our backs makes it so much easier to commit to Monevator for the long-term. That’s especially true as our churn rate (cancellations) is very low.

Thank you for that too! I know this is partly because you’re signing up to support all our work on Monevator, not just for the premium articles. It’s appreciated.

The other relief is the technology – Stripe payments, subscription handling, and premium site access – has gone extremely smoothly.

However I am still occasionally donning my customer support hat:

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Again, huge thanks to the several hundred of you supporting this site as members.

It’s the only long-term sustainable future for Monevator, and I believe for most other quality niche media. Every member counts.

Besides, we don’t want my FIRE-d co-blogger The Accumulator’s Werther’s Originals budget to be entirely at the mercy of sequence of returns risk, do we?

Have a great weekend!

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And finally…

“Do you need to be sitting in front of a screen all day? The answer is no.”
– Robbie Burns, The Naked Trader

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