35 Best Remote Side Hustles To Make Money (High-Paying List!)


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A side hustle has the ability to transform your finances and professional skillset. And these days, you can start plenty of hustles from the comfort of your own home.

In fact, I’ve been using remote side hustles for the last 5+ years. During this time, I’ve turned several of them into full-time income sources. And you can do the exact same thing if you know where to look and how to get started.

So, let’s dive into some of the most popular work-from-home side hustles you can use to begin making more money.


35 Best Remote Side Hustles

There’s more opportunity to earn money online than ever before. And that’s why I’m covering 35 remote side jobs you can consider. I’m also including salary data for each side hustle from online salary review websites like Indeed, as well as our own data:

  1. Freelance writer ($24 per hour)
  2. Bookkeeper ($21.37 per hour)
  3. Online survey taker (varies per hour)
  4. Online tutor ($25 per hour)
  5. Blogger (varies per hour)
  6. Proofreader ($30.95 per hour)
  7. Graphic designer ($21.99 per hour)
  8. Digital marketing expert ($35 per hour)
  9. Social media manager ($19.71 per hour)
  10. Website designer ($26.07 per hour)
  11. Email marketing expert ($37 per hour)
  12. SEO expert ($32 per hour)
  13. Video editor ($23.35 per hour)
  14. Virtual assistant ($21.72 per hour)
  15. Call center operator ($17.17 per hour)
  16. Customer support agent ($19.11 per hour)
  17. Ecommerce expert ($27 per hour)
  18. Online coach (varies per hour)
  19. Voice actor ($85 per hour)
  20. Copywriter or copyeditor ($25 per hour)
  21. Website tester ($25.59 per hour)
  22. Translator ($19.50 per hour)
  23. Transcriptionist ($16.66 per hour)
  24. Online focus groups (varies per hour)
  25. Game tester ($18 per hour)
  26. Content moderator ($15 per hour)
  27. Data entry specialist ($17.07 per hour)
  28. Online reseller (varies per hour)
  29. eBook publisher (varies per hour)
  30. Print on demand seller (varies per hour)
  31. Resume writer ($36 per hour)
  32. Affiliate marketing (varies per hour)
  33. Stock photo seller (varies per hour)
  34. Podcaster or YouTuber (varies per hour)
  35. Online music teacher ($25.19 per hour)

Note: Hourly pay data varies by country, city, and your experience level. The data above was collected from salary websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter utilizing Miami, New York, and several other cities to collect data. You might earn more or less depending on numerous factors.

The Best Places To Find These Hustles

Now that you know some popular remote gigs to consider, it’s time to begin your search and to actually start hustling.


Thankfully, there are plenty of remote job sites, job boards, and companies out there where you can get started. Here are some useful websites and resources to bookmark and use:

  • FlexJobs: This is my favorite remote job site and it has thousands of part-time, flexible side hustle opportunities as well.
  • Upwork: One of the largest freelancer marketplaces in the world.
  • Fiverr: Another freelancer website where you can list a range of services.
  • VirtualVocations: This website has thousands of part-time, freelance, and full-time remote opportunities.
  • Facebook Groups: There are thousands of Facebook Groups dedicated to helping people find remote gigs in various niches.
  • ProBlogger: This is one of my favorite writing sites that pays and it’s also great for connecting with bloggers.
  • Freelancer.com: Another popular freelancer marketplace where you can find your first clients.

Options like Fiverr and Upwork are excellent if you want to keep things free and are willing to hustle.

You can also consider upgrading to premium platforms like FlexJobs to speed up your side hustle search. Right now, it has a 14-day trial for only $2.95, which is likely enough to apply to plenty of high-paying online jobs and side gigs.

Just take time to think about the skills you have and which niche(s) you want to work in. In other words, decide on the type of hustle you’re interested in and then begin your search.

Pros & Cons Of Remote Side Hustles


  • Remote side hustles can help you diversify your income
  • An excellent opportunity to upskill and develop professionally
  • Some side hustles can become full-time income streams
  • You can have fun along the way
  • You have more control over your time


  • There can be a lot of unpaid work at the start of some hustles as you scale
  • You have to balance a new remote side gig with your full-time job
  • Some hustles don’t pay that much per hour
  • Taxes can be more complicated as a freelancer
  • Income can be very inconsistent

My Experience With Remote Side Hustles + Tips For Starting

I’ve made all of my income online over the last few years. In fact, I’m now completely location independent, and I make a living with my laptop while traveling the world.

Lions Head hike South Africa
From Lions Head hike in Cape Town, South Africa. Remote work has let me live on 6 continents!

However, life wasn’t always like this. In fact, it took years of hustling while finishing school and starting my first office job. And for a while, I was working 60+ hours per week while I was developing new skills and scaling my income.

That said, remote work has transformed my income and life. And if I was starting out from scratch, here are the tips I wish someone would tell me:

  1. Niche-down into one skill and industry to gradually become an expert in that field
  2. Scale your remote gig while holding down your day job so you have steady cash flow until you’re ready to go full-time
  3. Turn to your network to find new opportunities and practice saying “yes”
  4. Build an online portfolio to showcase your skills when pitching clients
  5. Create a budget if you want to side hustle full-time so you live within your means
  6. Don’t try the digital nomad life if your income is immensely inconsistent
  7. Diversify your remote side hustle with several clients or income sources if possible to add security
  8. Remember the value of work-life balance along the way and don’t burn out

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What Kind Of Remote Side Gigs Are There?

Generally speaking, there are several kinds of remote side hustles you can consider. Picking the right one largely depends on your current skills, how much time you’re willing to invest, and your income goals:

  • Gig Work: This could generally look like completing gig work on websites like Fiverr or Upwork and getting paid one-time fees. Microtask sites are another popular example.
  • Freelancing: Like gig work, a lot of freelancing involves one-time or short-term projects. Freelance writing is how I make a lot of my income, and these informal agreements have lasted years for me in some cases or just a few weeks.
  • Part-Time Online Jobs: You can also find part-time remote gigs that actually involve signing an employment contract and becoming a staff member.
  • Full-Time Online Jobs: There are also full-time online jobs. This route is likely the best if you want the flexibility of remote work but don’t want to grind out the early freelancing days to find enough clients.

Again, think about the lifestyle you want and what your skills are. Different side hustles cater to different income goals, skills, and desires for how your daily life looks like.

I’ve tried all four of these remote gigs in the past. Freelancing is my favorite since it gave me the most flexibility over my time. But I’ve also worked remotely as a full-time employee and the experience was also great.

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Final Thoughts

I hope my guide on the top remote side hustles helps you boost your income while enjoying more freedom.

Again, like any side hustle idea, it pays to play to your strengths and to set some goals. Decide on the type of lifestyle you want and how much you need to earn. Then, you’re ready to pick one or more of these ideas and get to work!

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