Top 10 Things That Confuse Us About Gen Zs


Are you a millennial or a boomer trying to understand the younger generation? It can be tough—Gen Z is a distinct, tech-savvy age group with its own unique set of likes, dislikes, and habits. From how they interact on social media to the types of jobs they want, there are plenty of differences compared to millennials. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the generational divide between Gen Z and Millennials so that you can get a better understanding.

1. Hot Hoodies in the Summer

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One user shared a post, “I’m Gen x and I want to know why Gen Z wears those hot hoodies in the summer.”


Another answered, “I’m insecure about my body, so I cover up at any cost.”  

A third user added, “Insecurity in my own body and looks are one of my only regrets. Youth is a beautiful period, point blank. Confidence is beautiful AND ageless. I also was insecure. I felt fat and ugly compared to my peers. I don’t remember ever wearing anything smaller than a 13, but in reality I was athletic. I did gymnastics and rode horse’s all the time, and I had curves! What I thought was beauty in my friends was actually skillful make-up and hair spray. I was comparing myself to my peers when I shouldn’t have been comparing myself to anyone. Here’s some advice…..pretend you are a time traveler and have managed to rewind the clock to 2022. You can begin right now to build the best version of your future self. Stop comparing yourself to others and see the untapped potential that is you.”

2. They Skipped the Awkward Phase

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One Redditor posted, “Why does it seem like they all skipped the awkward phase? It’s like they came out of elementary school knowing how to coordinate outfits and drink Starbucks.”


Another added, “Personally, I think this is mostly younger Gen Z, the ones who are coming out of elementary school since the rise of TikTok. I’m in Gen Z, and we look nothing like middle schoolers now.” 

One Gen Z user answered, “Because to learn about style before, you had to have parents to buy you magazines or your own money to buy the magazines and then also needed the money to buy the clothes, and the transportation to the mall. Now style videos are easy to find, and clothes can be delivered home, and I think parents are less judgy about what their kids wear.”

3. Where Are the Gen Z Celebrities?

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One user posted, “Where are all the Gen Z celebrities? Apart from Tom Holland and Zendaya, I cannot think of a leading man or woman in Hollywood in their 20s. Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in the Barbie movie, and he’s 41.”


Another replied, “A ton of older celebrities are getting roles actors used to never get at their age. It’s actually been a big issue. The amount of actors doing action movies or other typically young roles in their late 40’s and 50’s is stunning.”

4. Beautiful Hair

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One user shared, “How do all these young guys get their hair to look that way? That’s super right now. Are they out getting perms?” One confirmed, “A recent haircut visit and chatting with the hairdresser confirmed this. Perms are popular right now, apparently.”

Another user asked, “It’s so weird. I’m 30, and the class clown in my seventh-grade class got a perm just to be funny. Who would have thought that 18 years later, it would be cool.”

A third added, “Decades ago, I was working with dry-wallers; my hair was longer and had a nice curl to it. One guy one day asked me why I was spending so much time getting my hair done in the morning, and he legit thought I had a perm…. I couldn’t stop f–ng laughing. I was like dude I just get up,… and came to work.”

5. Unusual Humor

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One user posted, “Boomer humor: ‘I hate my wife.’ Gen X humor: ‘I hate everyone.’ Millennial humor: ‘I hate my life.’ Gen Z humor: ‘lemn.’

Another added, “Gen Z humor: ‘waltuh’.”

One user added, “They have a very weird and strange sense of humour… like it’s hard to articulate what it. is exactly… but it’s quite precise?”

Another responded, “It’s chaotic and can’t be explained. Every time I see zoomer stuff I feel like an old man who knows about typewriters being taught StarCraft.”

6. Esoteric Slang Words

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One Redditor posted, “I notice a lot of dark absurdist meme-as-folklore humor. It’s hard to describe.”

One advised, “My Gen Z kid tells me, that in order to get their humor you have to sort of follow it, because one thing will get referenced over and over and over until it’s unrecognizable to anyone who wasn’t there at the beginning, but if you know, you know. Know what I mean? Disclaimer: This is only how I understood it. Interpreting what he says can be hard sometimes…

“Edit 3 days later: Dude! I found the perfect example. You know the meme where the woman is yelling at the cat at the dinner table while her friend tries to pull her away? The cat is Smudge. But, I saw a decal on a car today. It was just Smudge’s head from the meme. I pointed it out to my son, and we both cracked up laughing. My husband asked [what] was so funny, and we both said, ‘It’s Smudge!’ My husband didn’t get it. The funniest, greatest thing was seeing the cat where we least expected it.”

7. Thinking Video Games Are Gen Z Pastimes

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One user shared, “Why some of them act like they pioneered the social media/influencer boom or look at me surprised because I have Snapchat, etc., even though many of these came out when millennials like me were in our early 20s and [we are] the core demographic.”

Another responded, “Seconding to add Gen Zers [are] surprised when they come across a 30+ year old in a video game. Like, we were literally playing video games before you were born.” 

Another user commented, “’Wow, you’re over 30 and know what videogames are?’ You little s- brain think that videogames fall out of trees? Who do you think is making them, the Fortnite fairy?” 

“Eurgh, I work with “the youths’” and I get this all the time. ‘Do you even know what anime/sonic/insert generic throwback band is????’ Like [honey] do you???” one commenter replied. 

8. Vintage Is New Again

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One user posted, “It’s hilarious. I have a niece who’s in high school, and her friends and stuff think they came up with everything. They look at me weird when I talk about apps, or clothing trends, or talk about a certain song that they’re listening to. The one that always makes me laugh is when they’re playing a song and I start singing along, and they’re all surprised… Like a lot of old Drake songs. That guy blew up when I was in high school. I know a lot of his old music, but they don’t understand.

“A lot of kids wear Kappa tracksuits where I am too. That’s what I was wearing in Grade 7 and 8,” another added, “Ironically, it seems one mistake both young and older people make is thinking 20 years ago was the 80s, not 2002.”

One commenter agreed, “Can confirm, my niece and I are 10 years apart, and we both think 20 years ago was 1980.” 

9. Laughs in “Xennial”

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One user shared, “Laughs in “Xennial.”

Another user added, “We stopped using that term when the zoomers became the annoying ones; now we’re just ‘elder millennials’.”

A third added, “As much as my 1978 self likes to claim Gen X (and I will die on that hill), I have more in common with elder millennials than elder Xers.”

10. Tolerant of Ads and Constant Tracking

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One Redditor shared, “How incredibly tolerant they are of ads and being tracked constantly.”

“To be real, though, the amount of ads we consumed via commercials back in the cable hay-day probably balances the scales. There was just a solid decade of a decrease in ads when streaming initially got big,” another responded.

One commenter replied, “That’s a fair point; I hadn’t thought about it that way. Though I’d still say that, unlike ads back then, ads today track you, and they are much more disruptive because there are efforts to block services until you watch their ads.”

Source: Reddit.

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