The 10+ Best Apps Like Honeygain (High-Paying Alternatives!)


One of the most popular passive income apps out there is Honeygain. It lets you sell your internet bandwidth for cash, and I’ve also used it over the years to earn rewards.

But Honeygain doesn’t work for everyone. And, some Honeygain alternatives actually pay a lot more and are more consistent.


So in this post, I’m covering some of the best apps like Honeygain you can use. I’ve tested out plenty of these apps over the years, and here are some of the very best.

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The Best Apps Like Honeygain

Here are some of the top Honeygain alternatives you can use to increase your earnings:

  1. Pawns
  2. Nielsen Computer Panel
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Media Rewards
  5. EarnApp
  6. Repocket
  7. PacketStream
  8. Reklaim
  9. SavvyConnect
  10. Tapestri
  11. Mobile Performance Meter

1. Pawns

One of the top apps like Honeygain you can use to earn money on autopilot is Pawns, formerly known as IPRoyal.

Like Honeygain, Pawns lets you sell your bandwidth to earn money, and it’s very easy to sign up and use the platform. And, you even get a $1 sign up bonus when you first create your account.


In terms of earnings, you earn $0.25 per gigabyte of data that you share as a node in the network. And you only need $5 to cash out, which is much lower than Honeygain’s requirement.

Pawns lets you cash out your earnings for PayPal cash, Bitcoin, and various free gift cards.

Just remember that like Honeygain, how much you earn depends on your location and how much data you can actually share. Typically, users in North America and Europe have the highest earning opportunity.

Pawns is available on desktop and for Androids. And overall, it’s one of the best Honeygain alternatives on the market right now.

Earn money with Pawns!

2. Nielsen Computer Panel

Like Honeygain, another way to get paid for your data is to use the Nielsen Computer Panel.

All you have to do is register your devices like a laptop or your smartphone with Nielsen to join its panel. From there, you can win monthly sweepstakes and even earn about $50 per year in free money (for the mobile panel.)

nielson panel passive income

Nielsen is a massive market research and data collection company, and it’s best-known for the Nielsen TV ratings. In other words, this is a legit research panel that pays out users for sharing their opinions. And you can win all sorts of prizes like electronics, gift cards, and cash.

I used the mobile panel back in college when I was phone farming, and it’s also an easy, effective Honeygain alternative you can try.

Sign up for Nielsen and start earning rewards! (U.S. only!)

3. Swagbucks Watch

If you want another easy passive income app to try out, Swagbucks is for you.

This popular get-paid-to website lets you make money with a variety of tasks like paid online surveys, shopping online, playing games for money, and surfing the web. However, you can also get paid to watch ads with Swagbucks Watch which is the platform’s small passive income section.


Basically, Swagbucks Watch pays you small amounts of points for watching short videos and ads. I used this section of Swagbucks for years to make money in college, and it’s a pretty nice passive earning option.

Surveys and other micro tasks are still the main way to make money with Swagbucks. But the watch section is similar to apps like Honeygain because you can just leave your phone running to earn money overnight.

This isn’t going to make you rich, but hey, it’s an easy way to score some free money in your spare time.

Start making money with Swagbucks!

4. Media Rewards

If you’re still looking for a Honeygain alternative that works for Android or iOS, you should definitely consider Media Rewards.

This app collects data on the TV, radio, music, and advertisements you hear around you in everyday life. In exchange for your data, you earn entries into monthly sweepstakes that give away free PayPal cash.

Media Rewards

You can also get invites to personal surveys, and you get paid with free gift cards if you complete them. Surveys normally pay $5 to $10, and if you’re lucky, you’ll start qualifying for them after a month or two.

Sweepstake prizes also range from $10 to $1,000, so you can make some nice, quick money if you get lucky.

Like Honeygain, you have to be comfortable with sharing your data to use Media Rewards. But it’s another nifty app that pays you to install it that you can use.

Try out Media Rewards!

5. EarnApp

Like Honeygain, EarnApp pays you for selling your unused bandwidth. It’s available worldwide and runs on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.


What’s nice about EarnApp is that you can cash out at just $2.50, which is a lower threshold than Honeygain.

Plus, EarnApp pays about $0.32 per gigabyte you share if you live in the United States. This makes it one of the highest paying apps like Honeygain, and it’s just as easy to use.

The downside is that EarnApp doesn’t make much in many countries. But you can also earn extra cash with EarnApp’s referral bonuses in addition to sharing your bandwidth.

6. Repocket

Repocket is a newer passive income app, and it also lets you earn passive income by selling off your internet data.

Repocket says that customers who use your IP address use it to “monitor prices, search Google, monitor stock pricing, competitor research and similar activities.”


This is the same business model as Honeygain. And once you earn $20, you can cash out your earnings for PayPal cash.

Repocket has a $5 sign-up bonus to help get you started, and if you live in North America or Europe, you can probably make $10 to $30 or more per month in some semi-passive income.

According to its site, two devices sharing 2GB of data per day earns $24 in a month. This is a pretty decent rate versus Honeygain, although your location plays a massive role in how much you earn.

Get a $5 reward from Repocket!

7. PacketStream

Another popular app that lets you earn passive income with your bandwidth is PacketStream.

Like Honeygain, PacketStream pays you for selling your internet and acting like a node in its VPN network.


You get $0.10 for every GB of data you sell which is actually the same rate as Honeygain’s $1 per 10GB of data rate. Overall, PacketStream is one of the most similar apps to Honeygain, and you can also run it on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

One perk of PacketStream over Honeygain is that you get paid with PayPal once you earn at least $5.

Now, like Honeygain, you probably can’t make much money if you live in an area where people don’t really need much VPN access. In other words, expect to earn more money with PacketStream if you live in major U.S. cities or major cities in general, not small towns or the countryside.

8. Reklaim

If you want to get paid for your data, the Reklaim app belongs on your smartphone.

This app pays you with passive income for sharing your data with brands so they can send you more tailored advertisements. So, you’re basically giving up your data to brands to get paid.

Reklaim sell data app


You can cash out your earnings with free gift cards, crypto rewards, or even with bank deposits. And you only need $1 to cash out.

I also like Reklaim since it lets you make money with online surveys and through referral bonuses. Overall, it’s similar to Honeygain since you’re getting paid for your data, just from advertisers and not IP users.

9. Savvy Connect

Another reliable Honeygain alternative you can use to earn up to $180 per year is Savvy Connect, a passive income app from SurveySavvy.

This market research company pays you with $5 for installing its software on your phone, laptop, or tablet and sharing data about how you browse the web.

Survey Savvy

You can install Savvy Connect on multiple devices and earn up to $15 per month. This is an easy passive income source, and it’s almost $200 per year in free money.

Savvy Connect pays members via check, and I think it’s a great way to make money online for beginners. Just note it’s only available in the United States at this time.

10. Tapestri

Tapestri is a new app that pays members with passive income in exchange for their data.

All you have to do is download Tapestri and agree to share your location data with the company. You then earn up to $25 per month for this data since Tapestri shares it with advertisers.


Tapestri is available in dozens of countries, with North America and Europe having the highest income opportunities. You also cash out with Stripe after you earn $10, so I like that you’re earning real money with this application.

11. Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter runs in the background of your phone and collects data on how your phone interacts with cellular towers. In exchange, you earn $0.10 per day or so, and you can redeem your meter points for PayPal money when you earn at least $5.

This is a similar concept to MobileXpression, and to date, I’ve earned well over $50 by using Mobile Performance Meter.

Old Mobile Performance Meter payouts from back in the phone farming day.

This app is only available for Android, but if you want a simple-yet-effective app that pays well, definitely consider Mobile Performance Meter.

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How Much Can You Earn With These Apps?

In reality, most of these Honeygain alternatives only earn some side cash and aren’t full-time income sources. Additionally, how much you earn greatly depends on where you live and your internet speed.

For most people, I think making $10 to $50 a month or so is possible with stacking a few apps. If you live in a popular city, you might earn even more.

Ultimately, I think you should treat these apps a fun side hustle. Just have realistic expectations about how much you can earn.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this list of apps similar to Honeygain helps you earn some fun freebies and extra passive income in your spare time.

I’ve been using these kinds of apps for years ever since college. And, I firmly believe these types of apps can help you make some meaningful income on the side without much effort.

Just remember: there are so many other ideas out there you can try, even in the world of popular reward apps. So, even though apps like Honeygain don’t pay a lot, in combination, a few apps can definitely earn a nice amount of free cash.

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