21 Blitz Review – Does This Game App Pay Real Money? (Honest!)


21 Blitz – Win Real Money is one of the most popular cash card games out there. And it lets players compete against one another in a unique game that’s a mix of 21 and Solitaire.

But how much does this app pay and how does it work? And, more importantly, who is the app best for? I downloaded the app to find out. And this 21 Blitz review is covering everything you need to know!


Key Takeaways

  • A real money card game app from Tether Studios that’s a blend of 21 Blackjack and Solitaire
  • Available on iPhone, Android, and Samsung devices
  • Lets you compete for large cash prize pools
  • One of the leading cash card games on every app store

Is 21 Blitz Legit?

21 Blitz is legit and is run by Tether Studios, one of the leading developers of cash game apps. The app also has a 4.6 star average rating on the Apple App Store and over 28,000 reviews, making it one of the most popular apps in its genre.

Overall, this is a reputable real money game that has paid out millions to winners. However, you have to deposit money to compete in cash tournaments, so some players also lose money with this app.


What Is 21 Blitz?

21 Blitz is a competitive card game app that’s developed by Tether Studios. The app runs on the Skillz platform, which is the same technology that powers other popular games like Blackout Bingo and Pool Payday.

The app is available for iOS, Android, and Samsung. It’s also free to download and is one of the most popular card games out there right now.

This still isn’t an online job or full-time income source or anything like that. But if you enjoy competitive mobile gaming and are a fan of both Solitaire and Blackjack, this could be the app for you.


How Does 21 Blitz Work?

Signing up for 21 Blitz is free. All you have to do is download and launch the app, choose your username, and select an avatar. From there, you can begin playing free practice games to learn how the game works and to Z-coins, which let you enter more matches.

In terms of gameplay, 21 Blitz blends exciting elements from both Solitaire and 21. Players face off against each other with identical decks in a time-based match.

The main object of the game is to complete your deck just like in Solitaire. However, adding cards to a pile also begins a count above the deck. If you hit 21 with your count, you earn bonus points, and this is one of the main ways you can beat your opponents.

21 Blitz Gameplay
Some of my 21 Blitz gameplay.

Face cards are worth 10 points, Aces can be 1 or 11 points, and regular cards score their face value. And 5-card stacks earn bonuses even if they’re below 21.

The main thing to know is that if you go over 21, you’re bust and get one strike. Three strikes mean you’re out, so it’s important to strategize and think carefully before adding cards to a stack. You can also use a Black Jack (Jack of Clubs or Jack of Spades) to clear a stack so you don’t go over 21.

Games last 3 minutes. You also earn bonus points if you complete the Solitaire deck before time runs out.

Game Modes & Cash Tournaments

You can play free games on 21 Blitz to practice and gradually earn Z-Tickets. And with enough Z-Tickets, you can eventually enter some small cash games where the top players win a share of a prize pool.

However, the main way to make money with this gaming app is to pay to enter tournaments.

21 Blitz has a range of cash games that pay winners anywhere from a few bucks to $55 or even more. Buy-in fees vary, and if you don’t perform well in a game, you lose your buy-in and don’t get any rewards.

However, if you perform well, you can walk away with some serious cash. And this is why 21 Blitz is one of the highest paying apps in the card game genre.

21 Blitz tournaments
These are some of the free and cash games I can enter.

On top of that, 21 Blitz also has a few game modes to choose from once you get the hang of things:

  • Blitz Mode: This mode has a shorter time limit.
  • Jokers Wild: Add Jokers to the deck.
  • Ladies Night: Queens are wild in this version.
  • Peek Ahead: Players can see what the next card is going to be.
  • Daggers: This mode adds 4 extra Aces to each deck.
  • Bonus Lane: This mode pays double points when you complete stacks.

Earning Potential

How much you earn with 21 Blitz depends on the kind of games you play and how well you perform. You can potentially earn $50 or more if you win large cash tournaments, but you realistically need to deposit cash to pay entry fees if you want to make money with this app.

One thing I like about 21 Blitz is that it uses skill-based matchmaking to pair you with players who are a similar skill. That said, you can still lose money with this app if you don’t win many games.

Cashing Out

You can withdraw cash via PayPal, Apple Pay, or to your bank account if you win. 

Just note that you can’t withdraw bonus cash 21 Blitz pays you. This confuses many players since the app often gives you cash bonuses if you make a certain deposit. However, this bonus cash can only be used to enter tournaments and can’t be withdrawn.

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Pros & Cons


  • Wide variety of game modes
  • Available on several device types
  • Large cash tournaments are available
  • The game uses skill-based matchmaking
  • You can cash out with real money


  • You realistically need to deposit cash to make money with this app
  • You can’t withdraw bonus cash
  • Some players lose more money than they make with 21 Blitz

Other Gaming Reward Apps To Try

I think 21 Blitz is a fun side hustle to try out if you’re a fan of Blackjack or Solitaire. And it’s really an app that caters to competitive mobile gamers.

That said, there are tons of other cash games you can try as well. Here are some of my favorites:

Blackout Bingo app

Overall, this combo of game apps should leave you with plenty of options to explore. And you can also read our posts on the top iOS money games and Android money games for even more options.

Is There Customer Support?

You can contact Tether Studios by emailing contact@tetherstudios.com. You can also find a support option via the app.

Are There Any 21 Blitz Promo Codes I Can Use?

You can use the following 21 Blitz promo codes to earn sign up bonuses or other boosts when you create your account:

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Who Can Use 21 Blitz?

21 Blitz is free to download. However, the app isn’t available in every country. Additionally, cash tournaments aren’t available in these states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, and DE. Players in these states can still play free games to earn Z-Tickets, however.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to play 21 or Solitaire for money and enjoy competitive mobile gaming, 21 Blitz certainly fits the bill.

I like the fact that the app has so many game modes. And the cash prizes are also very enticing, and there’s always numerous tournaments going on.

That said, this app isn’t a good fit if you’re bad at card games or don’t want to deposit cash. But there are tons of other free ways to get paid to play games that you can also checkout for more options.

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21 Blitz Review

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