Shiftsmart Review: A Legit App Worth Your Time?


Are you exploring Shiftsmart reviews to determine if this app is the right choice for earning quick cash and boosting your income?

With the gig economy becoming increasingly popular for supplemental earnings, more people are turning to gig economy apps to make money.


The number of workers reporting income from such apps to the IRS has surged from just over one million to nearly five million in recent years.

One gig app that you may be considering is Shiftsmart.

In this comprehensive Shiftsmart review, I’ll delve into every aspect of the app – from its functionality to potential earnings – to help you decide if it’s a legitimate and rewarding option.

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What’s Shiftsmart & How it Works?

Shiftsmart is an app similar to Upshift (review) that you can use to find flexible work near you. You can find gigs across a variety of industries, like retail, convenience, and hospitality.

It offers nearby shifts of four hours or less from Fortune 500 brands.

With Shiftsmart, you can earn money picking up shifts through a mobile app. Basically you get paid to complete work nearby.


Here’s a guide to how you can use Shiftsmart to make money:

1. Download the app

The first step is to sign up and download the app (available for iOS and Android) which you can do here.

You’ll need to scan the QR code or visit the App Store, or Google Play store to download the app.

Once you’ve signed up, you can scroll through work opportunities and sign up for the ones that you are interested in. Once you sign up for a role, the onboarding flow will appear on your app and guide you through the steps needed to start working.

There are lots of different jobs that you can apply for. Each one has its own respective shifts available. You can open the app and login to see all the shifts available for the job you applied for.

Every job on Shiftsmart has its own onboarding process that you need to complete before you can take on any shift. The onboarding process typically includes answering a few profile questions.

2. Complete the work

Once you’ve completed the onboarding process for a job, you can begin taking shifts. It’s up to you when you want to work, so you can take whatever shifts suit you, whether that’s evenings, nights, weekends, or weekdays.

Shiftsmart will notify you through SMS if there’s a shift available. And, the app also notifies you via push notification if a shift is available.

If you see a shift that you want to take, then you will need to take that shift by checking in and once you’ve completed the shift, you’ll need to check out.

There are two ways that you can do this:

  • Option 1: Home page: Select the Check-In/Out icon on the top right of the home page, and then “Yes – Check-In.” To check out, select “Check-In/Out icon on the top right of the home page, then “Yes – Check Out.”
  • Option 2: Shift details: Select the Schedule tab and then click the shift that you want to check-in for. Next, select the Check-In button. To check out, select the Schedule tab, and then click the shift that you want to check out for. Then, select the Check-Out button.

3. Get paid

Shiftsmart processes payments for an approved shift within 24 to 72 hours of the shift completion. However, sometimes payments can take up to 5 business days (per the company’s terms of service), depending on the role.

When your payment has been approved, the funds will become available in your app. You can withdraw your earnings instantly through the Get Paid Now feature. Payments are sent via Stripe.

If you don’t choose that option, then your money will be sent via a standard bank transfer (direct deposit) within 2 to 5 business days.

What Jobs Can You Get on Shiftsmart?

Shiftsmart offers a variety of different job opportunities, such as:

  • Grocery restocking
  • Store cleaning
  • Auditing
  • Product testing
  • Food preparation
  • Store associate
  • Survey caller (this is a work from home gig)

How Much Money Can You Make on Shiftsmart?

You can earn around $10 to $50 per shift on Shiftsmart.

How much you earn depends on the role you’re doing.

Is Shiftsmart Legit?

Shiftsmart is a legit platform that helps people to find local gigs with well-known companies like Walmart, Pepsi, and Starbucks.

Shiftsmart is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where it has a B rating. Although the company is not a scam, it does have its downsides and reviews of it online are average to poor.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews can help you to decide whether or not to use a platform. After all, just because one person has a good experience with a platform, it doesn’t mean that others don’t have a bad experience with it and vice versa.

Here’s how Shiftsmart is reviewed by users on a few different platforms:

  • Indeed: 3.1 stars
  • Glassdoor: 3.1 stars
  • Better Business Bureau: 1.27 stars
  • Trustpilot: 1.6 stars

As you can see, reviews are mixed on some sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, and poor on others like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot.

I’ve included a few customer reviews of Shiftsmart below, so that you can see what people have to say about the company.

One user on Indeed says:

  • 4 hour shifts and choose your own hours. Simple busy work stocking and rotating merchandise in gas stations. Down side is there’s not always alot of availability. Sometimes the entire shift is in the cooler so bringing warm clothes like a jacket, gloves, ect. Is important. Don’t expect to just stand around and get paid.”

One user on Reddit says:

  • “I work for Shiftsmart, it’s legit. Very menial work, but they pay $10 an hour within a week of your shift. Only problem is they very irregularly and inconsistently post shifts, so I barely work (maybe 2-3 shifts a month), but it’s something.”

One user on Trustpilot says:

  • “The app is slow and sluggish. I have NOT BEEN PAID FOR 3 SHIFTS I JUST COMPLETED. No answer to my texts messages and can’t get through to the contact number where the menu options are, at the beginning as it hangs up on me, regardless of which prompt I chose!”

One user on Glassdoor says:

  • “Pros Has been a life saver for me. Definitely pays the bills if you’re consistent. Relativity an easy job. Cons They stopped phone support & now only communicating thru email & in-app messenger. Which is really a pain in the butt if any issues arise while on the job. *** Only stocking/merchandiser jobs available. Have to basically stay on the app 24/7 in order to pick up shifts consistently.”

Shiftsmart Pros & Cons

In this section, I’ll cover some pros and cons of Shiftsmart, so you can decide whether or not the platform is for you.


Here are the pros of shift smart:

  • You can pick up work when it suits you.
  • No payout threshold
  • Jobs are available in a variety of categories


Here are the pros of Shiftsmart:

  • Poor customer support
  • Lack of shifts available in certain areas
  • It’s not that well rated by users.

Shiftsmart Review: Overall verdict

Overall, Shiftsmart is a legit app. However, it’s not without its downsides. Many users find it difficult to find available shifts, which means that Shiftsmart doesn’t (or can’t) provide a very consistent way to earn money.

Also, there are complaints from users that the customer service from Shiftsmart is poor.

While Shiftsmart is a legit app and company by extension, you may struggle to find available shifts, which can limit your earnings. So I wouldn’t count on it as a reliable standalone income source. However, combine with other gig apps like Instawork, Uber and Instacart, it can be a great source for additional income.

Hopefully this Shiftsmart review helped you to decide whether or not the app is for you.

And if you’ve had experience with Shiftsmart, please leave your own review of Shoftsmart app in the comments section below.

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