57+ Profitable Digital Products to Sell on Etsy in 2024 (+Sales Numbers)


20. Nurse Resume

Nurse Resumes is one good example of a resume template sold on Etsy. These include the design and layout of a resume and relevant text for nursing professionals. 

It is perfect as a starting point for nurses to start customizing the text according to their experience and save a lot of time with their job applications.


Examples from Etsy include RN (registered nurse) resumes, new grad nurse resumes, and medical CV templates.

File type: Word or PDF.

Average price on Etsy: $7 to $20.



21. eBook Template     

Ebook Templates have also gained popularity on Etsy in the past few years because of the rising content creator industry. 

Bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators, in general, use this to write their free guide and increase subscriptions to their mailing lists. These Ebook templates are pre-designed layouts for creating ebooks quickly and professionally.


Examples sold on Etsy include recipe ebook templates, ebook templates for coaches, magazine templates, instructional workbooks, and more.

File type: Word, PDF, Canva templates.

Average price on Etsy: $10 to $30.


22. Business Cards

 Business Cards sold on Etsy are customizable design templates for business owners and professionals. They are simple to use. Customers choose the design they like on Etsy, and once they download the template, they can add their details and send it to print.

Common examples on Etsy include minimalist business cards, modern-style business cards, corporate-style cards, business cards for Instagram, and more.

File type: Canva templates

Average price on Etsy: $5 to $15.


23. Etsy Banners

Etsy Banners are digital templates of banner designs for Etsy sellers. It is sold as a set including all the recommended sizes for Etsy shops and includes a big shop banner, a small banner, sale banners, a shop logo banner, and more. 

The variety of Etsy banner designs sold is endless, making the shop branding look professional. Some examples include minimalist shop banners, cute pastel banners, boho styles, modern designs, and more.

File type: Canva template

The average price on Etsy is $5 to $25.     


24. Social Media Templates 

Social Media Templates have been HUGE on Etsy these past few years (one of the best-selling digital products on Etsy). These are pre-designed post layouts for the most popular social media platforms (Instagram and Pinterest). 

The primary purpose of these templates is to save time for content creators and branding. Content creators, influencers, business owners, and freelancers use social media templates daily.

Some examples from Etsy – are Instagram post templates, Facebook cover designs, and Pinterest pin layouts.

File type: Canva templates.

The average price on Etsy is $8 to $30.


25. Instagram Template 

Instagram Templates are pre-made designs and layouts for Instagram posts and stories. All templates are customizable, including colors, icons, and images. 

Instagram templates are used mainly by Instagram influencers, bloggers, content creators, digital marketers, and small business owners.

Examples sold on Etsy are influencer templates, story highlight covers, and modern, minimal Canva stories.

File type: Canva template

Average price on Etsy: $5 to $20.



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