Why You Should Be Selling On eBay In 2024


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If you are not selling on eBay in 2024, you need to add it to your platform list. 

It’s no secret that our favorite way to make extra income is by flipping used items. Our whole business model is finding used items that people no longer value in a smaller market and bringing them to eBay. We specifically focus on high profit items that are going to make us a lot of money versus volume selling. We want to spend the least amount of time working to get the maximum profit. 

Our average sale price of an item is between $1,200-$2,200 depending on the year. Last year we sold around 55 items that brought in just under $100,000. The majority of our items are sold on eBay.


eBay Has A Huge Reach

eBay is the behemoth of reselling platforms. It has existed the longest and it gives you the most exposure.

When I was growing up, my mom and dad would go to yard sales to find items for our family. They had the idea to buy items for cheap at yard sales and list them in the classifieds for more money. This took it from a yard sale where maybe 200 people would see it to a market of 20,000-60,000 people just using the newspaper classifieds.

That is similar to what we’re able to do with eBay. We’re taking items we get for cheap from a local market and listing them on a platform with international exposure. eBay has something like 132 million users. They might not all be looking for your item, but when you have a bigger pool of people, more people are likely to be looking for the item you have listed. 


Why We Resell On eBay

Every way of reselling has its pros and cons. Some people don’t like paying the eBay fees. Nobody likes fess, but we find that eBay is still worth it because eBay still reaches more than any other platform out there for the items that we sell. We’re selling high profit larger items. eBay is the only marketplace out there that will allow us to do that.

Why You Should Be Selling On eBay In 2024

We can sell locally in Facebook Marketplace or other local apps, but we just don’t get the same profit on items that we get when selling on eBay.

So is it worth it to you to pay a little bit more money in fees? If the profit is there, absolutely. That’s one of the keys in our business model is the profit has to be there. You have to be making good money to be able to pay eBay money and still make a lot of money on the back end.

Make More By Shipping Large Items

You also have to be willing to ship the items and know how to navigate shipping. You may have to even learn how to ship on pallets. When you decide to go to eBay you have to really master everything about shipping. That is one hurdle that people don’t want to do and that’s why we can get our stuff for pretty cheap usually.

If you want to learn more about shipping, you can check out our live event learn2ship.com where we’ll talk about shipping. We know it’s a hurdle for people, so we’ve put together this two-day bootcamp to help you learn how to do it right.

We’ll be reviewing shipping large items like furniture, NordicTracks, cooktops and more. A lot of those things can go in boxes and don’t have to go freight shipping. We’ll review anything that fits in a box at this bootcamp. Hope to see you there!

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