Top 14 Websites to Make $100 Per Day in 2024


Many people who are searching for an income of $100 per day seek specific solutions that they can pursue diligently. For them, a list of side hustles is insufficient to meet their realistic goals. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will explore freelancing and crowdsourcing websites where you can earn $100 on any given day. There may be some mixing and matching to fill gaps in your schedule from multiple websites, but $100 is certainly achievable. 

Freelance Websites to Make $100 per Day

If you have a marketable skill, you can make money online working as a freelancer. There are several opportunities, such as data entry specialists, virtual assistants, and more. Many of these jobs require no special skills to get started.


A data entry specialist will need an eye for details. In this role, you simply copy some text into a spreadsheet or document, or you may categorize data. One of the main draws is that the barrier to entry is low and the work hours are extremely flexible. A typical rate of pay is up to $15 per hour.

If you have good organizational, typing, and people skills, you could excel in a virtual assistant role. As a virtual assistant, you would answer emails, organize schedules, manage social media accounts, and perform other admin tasks that take professionals away from their core business. An experienced virtual assistant can make $20 per hour or more. If you’re very organized, you can manage multiple clients at the same time and multiply the hourly rate accordingly.

To find data entry, virtual assistant, and other forms of freelancing work, there are many platforms to consider. But the two most popular options are Fiverr and Upwork. Some people work on both, and many people graduate from Fiverr to source work on Upwork later. Let’s take a look at both platforms in more detail:


1. Fiverr

Many people have heard of Fiverr, but they mistakenly believe that every service offered on the platform is priced at only $5. This was true in the early days of the platform, but many people offer services at higher prices with upsells that add extra value. 

It’s easy to make money on Fiverr if you can deliver good work on time to build your reputation. You can offer a wide variety of services, such as content creation, digital marketing, graphic design, voiceovers, and more. It’s free to create a Fiverr account, but you need to create a good profile and bio to attract the best clients for your services. 

2. Upwork

This is a similar online platform to Fiverr, but the jobs are charged by the hour or per job, depending on the specific contract. It’s free to open an Upwork account, and you can take tests to demonstrate your skills to potential clients. You can earn and purchase “Connects,” which is the in-app currency to bid on jobs that interest you. There are thousands of freelancing opportunities on this site, and some of the best-paying jobs include freelance writing, research, programming, web design, graphic design, and more. 


Service Websites

If freelancing is unappealing, you can offer a service via a number of dedicated websites to earn $100 or more per day. Let’s look at four popular service opportunities in more detail: 

3. Dog Walking

woman walking dogs

This is a tried-and-tested service task that earns money but with a modern twist, as it’s easier than ever to find eager clients to create a dog walking business. You can typically charge up to $10 per hour for each dog, and you can take multiple dogs at the same time to multiply that figure. So, if you can handle three dogs at once, you can earn $30 for each hour of dog walking. One of the best platforms we’ve found for this service is, and it’s easy to make $100 or more per day if you live in an urban or suburban area with plenty of potential clients.

4. Babysitting or Pet Sitting

There are two website sources for this lucrative work: and UrbanSitter. To work with these platforms, you will need to pass a thorough background check. So, you can’t get started immediately, but once you’re cleared, you will be connected with compatible clients. Babysitting or pet sitting is a great way to make money part-time, as the time commitment is low and the hours are flexible.

5. Renting Extra Space

If you have extra space in your home or garage, you can rent this out to local people for storage. The best platform we’ve found for this niche is Neighbor and you don’t need a lot of spare space to get started. Many people are looking for small storage solutions because they don’t want to rent out larger spaces at a storage facility. This is a great passive income because most people will be infrequent visitors and pickups and dropoffs can be scheduled in advance.

6. Renting a Spare Room

If you have a spare room or you’re planning to travel, you can rent out one or more rooms in your house or apartment to make some extra money. The most recognizable website in this niche is probably Airbnb where a host can make around $100 renting an apartment to visitors. 

A typical Airbnb renter is a tourist that wants to explore an area or attend an event and they may be visiting family and friends in the area. If you can rent consistently and your place is in demand, you can turn this side hustle into a significant income. Aside from some basic cleaning and maintenance, this is almost a passive income that you can work around existing commitments. 

Sales/Affiliate Websites 

If you’re interested in selling products or making affiliate sales commissions, there are four popular websites to explore:

7. Amazon Associates

This is Amazon’s network affiliate program, wherein you choose the products that you want to promote, and many brands are already in the public consciousness. The brand recognition can be leveraged to deepen awareness and create greater selling opportunities. With Amazon Associates, you are not paid high commissions; up to 12% is possible, but 5% is more likely. A lot of stuff is easy to sell; people know what they want, and you can just share a link and get paid every time a sale is made through it. 

8. ClickBank 

This affiliate network has a lot of digital products to meet the needs of a wide variety of niches. Some of the popular niches include business, education, health and fitness, entertainment, and more. Signing up as a ClickBank affiliate is free. Simply create an account, search for something you want to promote in the ClickBank marketplace and get to work. When someone purchases a ClickBank service or product with your link, you’ll earn a commission for your promotional efforts.

9. Etsy


This is the place for you if you want to make money selling artsy stuff online! Etsy is a popular platform for handcrafted products, but many mass-produced and digital products are sold here, too. It’s easy to sign up for an account, create an online store, and sell items that you’ve made or sourced from elsewhere. This is a great option if you have a passion that you want to follow or a great niche idea that’s a good fit for a large marketplace.

10. Udemy

This is an online course marketplace with a wide variety of topics. People can purchase courses that you’ve created or that you’ve chosen to market for an affiliate commission. The platform gets a high volume of traffic, which makes it a perfect fit for people with great products and a low marketing budget. Udemy will advertise the online courses for you, and you can make a lot of sales with virtually no marketing.

Financial Websites 

There are many financial websites that give users the opportunity to make some good money. Here are two of our current favorites:

11. Ibotta

Even people who are tightening their financial belts need to spend money on groceries, clothes, and other items each month. Getting a cash rebate for in-person and online shipping can help reduce the costs of things that you need to buy anyway. 

The current Ibotta offers can be browsed online or via the dedicated app. The company has more than 1,500 brand partners, including Best Buy, Domino’s Pizza, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and others. Most offers are linked to the purchase of specific products, which can earn you up to $5 for each shopping receipt. There are also other deals and free promotions to explore. 

When you’re shopping online, you can use the store website or the Ibotta app and do your normal shopping. A portion of your virtual shopping cart total is received as a rebate. When $20 is accumulated, the earnings can be redeemed as a PayPal payment or a gift card of your choosing. 

12. TrueBill

Some companies have preferential rates and great deals that they reserve for new customers to entice them to buy. One of the fastest ways to make money is to switch between energy providers to reduce your monthly utility bills

TrueBill is a platform that can help you identify potential savings and make the switch. Although the company charges a whopping 40% commission, this is only applied when the savings are successfully negotiated. So, you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain, at no cost to yourself. 

If TrueBill can’t save you any money, there is no fee, and you can continue to use your existing provider with the knowledge that you have a good deal in place. 

GPT Websites 

The acronym GPT means “get paid to” and there are many platforms that offer a variety of simple tasks that you can do to earn a little money. Most GPT sites offer online surveys that can take a few minutes to complete and pay $1 or more. Some paid surveys are more complex or take longer, and these can pay $5 or more upon completion. 

A complete demographic profile is often required to match survey respondents with relevant surveys. Many GPT sites offer extra ways to make money, but in general, they don’t pay much and should be considered as part of an overall $100 per day strategy. Our favorite GPT and survey sites at the moment are InboxDollars and Survey Junkie.

13. InboxDollars

It’s easy and free to sign up with this popular GPT site and complete various activities to earn points. There are many earning opportunities, including surveys, free and paid offer participation, watching videos, and downloading specific apps. The InboxDollars dashboard is easy to use, and you can see all the offers that match your demographic profile at a glance. The less popular demographic groups have fewer earning opportunities, but it’s still easy to exceed the $30 minimum cashout threshold. When you’re ready to redeem your accumulated points, you can choose a PayPal transfer or a gift card.

14. Survey Junkie

One of the best platforms to take quick surveys to earn a little extra money here and there is Survey Junkie. This is a transparent opportunity. Before you begin, you will know how long the survey should take and how much you can earn upon completion. 

To get the most out of Survey Junkie, you need an accurate demographic profile to find the right opportunities. This is important because the algorithm will know if you’re not suitable, and a disqualification is a waste of your time. There are surveys on a wide variety of products and services, and the data you provide will help shape them. The minimum cashout threshold is a very reasonable $5, and earnings can be redeemed as a gift card or via a PayPal transfer.


What is the maximum annual earning potential?

In theory, you could make $36,500 for an entire year if you hit the $100 daily target. Certain activities are more sustainable, and variety can be extremely important. The fastest way to experience burnout is to restrict yourself to one activity to earn money. If you’re consistent, diligent, and well-organized, it is possible to earn $100 per day online.

How long will it take me to make that $100 daily amount?

This is hard to answer because everyone is different and has their own set of circumstances to deal with. But if you follow our advice and use the websites in this article to make money, you can get up and running in next to no time. 

If you have marketable skills, set up a gig on Fiverr, walk a dog with, or complete a few surveys while you wait for a response. Mixing and matching is one of the joys of working for yourself and managing your own schedule to make $100 per day.

Can I make $100 every day in passive income?

Yes, but it can take time to reach that level, and it’s more likely that you will be working to reach that amount in the early days. To build passive income, explore affiliate sales and investing to make the most of any spare time and extra cash you may have. 


The very nature of gig work is that it’s uncertain, and that can be a source of concern for many people. But in many ways, this can be considered its main strength, and it’s free to join and try any of the opportunities presented in this article. Try some of these websites to see which ones suit your lifestyle, and mix and match them to boost your earning potential. If you stay motivated and focused, it’s easy to make $100 per day or more and set your own flexible working hours. 

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