10 Irresistible Virtual Mixology Classes to Shake & Stir With Colleagues


1. What is Virtual Mixology?

A virtual mixology class is an online class or experience where you learn how to make cocktails from home. A professional mixologist or bartender will guide you to prepare and mix specific cocktails. 

Most virtual mixology classes for groups have cocktail kits delivered to the participants’ homes along with some information about the cocktail they can make with the kits. This is a more entertaining twist to your regular virtual happy hours. Once your delectable drink is ready, participants can try it out and enjoy the rest of the time catching up with their coworkers.

2. 10 Best Virtual Mixology Classes With Kits

2.1. Hooray Teams

If you are looking for interactive mixology classes for fun and to bond with your remote team, join the Virtual Cocktail Making Class by the Hooray Teams hosted platform that runs a wide range of virtual team building activities.  In this interactive mixology experience, you’ll learn to create flavorsome cocktails, be it Timeless Martini, Citrus Fusion Fizz or the drink of your choice. Throughout the session, a professional mixologist is there to assist your team, ensuring that everyone can master the art of mixology. 


Hooray Teams will send a cocktail-making kit right to your door, complete with all the essential ingredients needed to create your delightful drinks. This mixology virtual class will be hosted on Zoom, and you only need to click on the provided link to join from the comfort of your home.

Ideal for – Remote team, Corporate events, Virtual Happy hour 

Duration – 60 Minutes


Pricing – $ 80 Per Person

No. of participants – 5-300

Read our articles on virtual happy hour cocktail kits and virtual paint and sip classes to explore engaging ways to make your in home mixology class fun and relaxing. 


2.2. Confetti

We fell head over heels with Confetti by seeing their description – “because it’s always happy hour somewhere!” They guide us to craft cocktail classes with at least two classic cocktails from their selection, as well as better/perfect our bartending skills (depending on how good we are before the class).

Confetti virtual mixology class offers 3 class formats – BYO Ingredients, Mini mix kit, and standard kit.  Kits are deliverable only within the U.S. and do not include bar tools. This virtual mixology class brings you and your team together to learn, craft, and bond over delightful cocktail favorites.

Ideal for – Corporate teams, Remote gatherings, Team building 

Duration – 30-60 Minutes

Pricing – $98 per person

No. of participants – Max 495 people 

2.3. Masterclass by Boozy Events 

If you want to become the guru of bartending, you should definitely take the team building mixology class by Boozy Events Masterclass. No matter where your remote teams are located, their online cocktail class guides you on making cocktails according to your preferences, schedule, ingredients, and even undertake custom printing. 

Boozy Events even provides worldwide delivery of cocktail mixing kits by either shipping directly to your attendees or bulk shipping to a location of your choice. These virtual holiday mixology classes are a fantastic addition to your team-building plans. 

Ideal for – Team building events, Holiday parties, Employee recognition

Duration – 30-60 Minutes

Pricing – $80 to $110 per person

No. of participants – Max 495 people 

2.4. Drnxmyth

Does your team already know about mixing cocktails and now just want to share the experience by taking a mixology class online? Then we recommend you go for  Drnxmyth pre-made cocktail kits. They are a collective of bartenders, cocktail aficionados, hosts, and drink artists who home-deliver craft cocktails beyond the bar.

This is not a class on its own, but you can get these craft cocktails kits delivered to everyone’s homes, and each participant can speak about the cocktail they got and share the knowledge. You can also show everyone videos of you preparing an identical drink, or just go online and share-screen one. This is a fun virtual mixology class team building activity for intermediate and expert amateurs.

Ideal forCorporate events, Team building events, Birthday parties

Duration – Customizable

Pricing –  Customizable

No. of participants – Customizable

2.5. Death & Co

Death & Co Market has always been among the must-visit destinations for serious cocktail enthusiasts and drinks fans in general. Their bartenders host the best online mixology classes with 4 different options to choose from, depending on the level of mixology expertise you and your team would like to have. 

The courses offered by Death & Co include Cocktail Making 101 ($750 for a one-hour demo and a 30-minute Q&A), Cocktail Development ($500 for one hour), Advanced Techniques ($500 for one hour), and Spirits Focused ($500 for one hour). 

Ideal for – Remote corporate events, Team building sessions, Happy hour

Duration – 60 minutes

Pricing –  Customizable

No. of participants – Customizable

2.6. Hey Bartender

How would you feel about a virtual mixology team-building experience from your home but in a virtual bar? Hey Bartender mixology workshop provides precisely that! They provide a one-of-a-kind online drinking experience that you can customize according to your and your team’s likes.

Their virtual mixology party concierge will get in touch to customize your event once you fill out their form. You can choose to have a BYO experience or go for their kits. They even have the option to send bar tools for that authentic experience. 

Ideal for – Corporate events, Team building activities, Virtual happy hour

Duration – 30 – 60 minutes

Pricing –  Customizable

No. of participants – Customizable

2.7. J. Bespoke

Any sports fan looking for an elevated cocktail experience? J.Bespoke offers the perfect cocktail workshops who understand the relationship between sports, loud bars, and cocktails. Their expert bartenders will guide you through the techniques, tips, and tricks to create delicious cocktails, ensuring everyone has a fun-filled time. 

J.Bespoke’s cocktail mixology classes include comprehensive product knowledge, engaging demonstrations, and interactive Q&A sessions to enhance your cocktail-making skills. That’s not all,  participants will also receive cocktail kits that include all the ingredients, bar tools, and recipes for an immersive and hands-on experience. 

Ideal for – Group with aspiring athletes, Remote team gathering, Virtual corporate events

Duration – Customizable

Pricing –  Customizable

No. of participants – Customizable

2.8. Sourced

We have respected Sourced for a long time, especially when they put more than 3,000 bartenders to work across the nation during the lockdown. Expert bartenders from the company deliver premium and fun virtual cocktail classes to build community no matter where your team works from.  

Each participant will receive a mixology kit that includes a sealed bottle of alcohol, non-alcoholic ingredients batched together for ease, a jigger, and eco-friendly cups.  Kits are deliverable to New York City, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, San Francisco/Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston. You can choose from Today’s Menu, Agave Happy Hour With Don Julio, Bulleit Distillery Tour, and Fun with French 75s with Tanqueray & Ketel One. 

Ideal for – Team building events, Special events, Virtual parties

Duration – Customizable

Pricing –  $50 per cocktail kit 

No. of participants – Customizable

2.9. Elixir To Go Virtual Mixology Class

Elixir is your one-stop solution for bartending, mixology, and unique cocktail experiences. Their virtual mixology class allows you and your team members to learn tools, techniques, and terminology behind signature cocktails from the comfort of your home. 

There are two types of classes: one for making two cocktails and another for making four cocktails. In the two-cocktail class, you can choose between making a Manhattan or a Margarita. In the four-cocktail class, you’ll learn to make a Manhattan, Margarita, Moscow Mule, and Mojito. You can buy ingredient kits for delivery in the United States or use your own supplies.

Ideal for – Corporate events, Team building events, Remote group gathering 

Duration – 1-2 hours

Pricing –  Customizable

No. of participants – Customizable

2.10. YouTube + Zoom

You can host a free online mixology class if you have an experienced person or an ex-bartender on your team. They can be the host and teach everyone basics of how to mix the drinks and create awesome blends. Even if you do not have an expert amidst you, simply connect to YouTube and play online cocktail courses or cocktail mixing videos  and with a mixology bartender kit, you can all teach each other a thing or two. Additionally, you can also go for these cocktail recipe cards, and each can choose their own cocktails to teach/show others.

Ideal for –  Team building sessions, Remote team events, virtual team meeting 

Duration – Customizable

Pricing –  Customizable

No. of participants – Customizable

3. Tips to Host a Virtual Mixology Class at Workplace

  • Set the date and time for online bartending classes in advance so everyone can participate in the fun.
  • Set a theme like suit & tie and cocktail gowns; speakeasy, holiday, paint & sip – whatever suits your fancy
  • Create a custom cocktail menu for the event, featuring drinks with fun and creative names related to your company or team.
  • Curate a playlist of upbeat and lively music to accompany the mixology session. 
  • Send in the invitations so that everyone can RSVP and schedule them on their calendars. 
  • Fix a budget and make sure everyone sticks to it
  • Ensure everyone has the necessary tools and ingredients before the event.
  • Plan icebreakers, team building games, and activities to have an entertainment element.  The winner can receive a small prize.

4. FAQs

4.1. How do you make a virtual cocktail party?

You can organize an online bartender class with any of the expert mixologists or host a DIY cocktail party. A virtual mixology party offers a unique way to gather online and learn the art of cocktail making, turning an ordinary evening into a memorable experience.

4.2. How much does virtual cocktail class with kits cost?

On average, online cocktail making classes cost around $50 to $100 per person and include a cocktail kit. Do check the specifications on the bartenders’ websites or with the concierge when you speak about virtual cocktail prices with them and if the alcohol will be included in the kit or not.

4.3. What do the virtual mixology class with kits typically include?

The Online Mixology Course with Kits typically includes a curated selection of ingredients for making cocktails and essential bar tools, accompanied by live online instructions from a professional mixologist. The best virtual mixology class with kits not only provides top-notch instruction but also includes quality ingredients and tools to elevate the at-home cocktail-making experience.

4.4. How do you learn cocktail mixing?

To learn cocktail mixing, consider joining a cocktail mixing course or other online mixologist classes that are designed to teach you the tips and tricks of crafting delicious cocktails. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, cocktail courses typically cover essential topics such as mixology fundamentals, understanding various spirits, mastering cocktail recipes, and honing presentation techniques. 

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