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You have spent too long exchanging time for money in your business. TODAY IT STOPS. Productise your ideas and start benefitting from a business model that fits your lifestyle…

Your business has hit a ceiling in terms of how much money it makes. So much so, you’re leaving a ‘you-sized’ dent from the repeated bashing against that darn roof. You’ve run out of time to exchange for cash, to the point you’re contemplating turning people away – *shock horror*. You’ve begun obsessing about the idea of working fewer hours AND earning more money – but those two concepts are never going to be mates let alone siblings, right?


Perhaps you’ve reached your peak in terms of the number of people you feel like you can impact? Maybe your stage is getting too small and you’re ready to reach more people, teach more of your good stuff and have massive impact in your field?

Whatever the reason, you’re ready to step into those passive income pants that have been hiding in the back of the wardrobe but… you don’t know if they fit! There’s a blind spot: You’re confuddled by courses, screwed-up with subscriptions and plain-old done with digital… what to do?

What would work best for your already-awesome business, without a load of extra work and without scaring the hell out of your existing, lovely customers?


Ahem… shimmy your super-butt this way…




Here’s where you’ll find different super powers that reflect you and your business:

  • Captain Content
  • The Design Dominator
  • The Bionic Brain
  • The Super Scaler

Each represents the type of business owner you are, the niche you work within and the type of impact you already have. It’s a perfectly curated list that’s been designed to reflect EVERY business type there is, so you won’t get missed, however niche your product or service.

With each of these super-powers, I’ve also curated a special list of specific ‘missions’ (passive or scalable product ideas) you should consider, that are perfectly suited to each super-power, depending on your skills and business position. But you can only grab those with the freebie (you know the drill!) and I promise you, those suggestions alone are worth their weight in gold! They’re a genuine starting point for anyone considering passive for their business.


Mission Accepted


You may well fall into multiple descriptions of the super-powers too and that’s OK! Read them all and go with the one that resonates most with you or that’s the EASIEST next step for your business. You’ll get it, I promise. 

Choose-your-adventure and become your own business hero!




Ahh Captain Content; master of language, designer of hilarity and delivery-driver of massive value!

*Huge round of applause* – seriously – you deserve this! I know how much work you’ve put in to create such a buzz and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Your followers love you, and you have plenty of them lapping up your witty, engaging and highly valuable content. You love it and have ideas for days in your area of expertise. You can literally run laps around anyone who dare suggest otherwise.

Now’s the time to maximise the returns you get from your people by monetising the traffic that falls lovingly at your door. It’s time to start getting paid for the recommendations you make through incorporating affiliate partnerships into your content. It’s super easy to do and without it, you’re leaving money on the table! Your readers/viewers are already buying the things that you’re recommending or talking about – get paid for it will ya for heaven’s sake!

Publishing your best work could also prove to be hugely beneficial. You’re a content machine, don’t let that written content start to collect digital dust; put it out there in a new outfit and your following will grab it at the first opportunity.

You might also consider pointing your clients to the ‘natural next step’ from the advice you’re provide. You can utilise drop shipping to maximise returns from content like that and minimise the work you put in. And while you’re at it, monetise your other content assets, like podcasts, video and written content and there are sooooo many ways to do that.

Oooo, you could also create recurring revenue with exclusive content subscriptions…

I can’t help it; you have all the potential to create epic offers that your customers are just begging to buy from you.


Mission Accepted





Ooo you creative genius you! Always a new idea, always doodling, diddling, fiddling or creating something beautiful with materials that are, usually, absolutely everywhere and all over your work space!

Your design talent shouldn’t be limited to creating something once or having to slog to re-create the same design over and over again. Your people come to you for your genius, but there will be many folks out there who love what you do and want to support you, but don’t need you for 1:1 work. There will also be customers who need something from you in addition to that which you’re already providing (a good example here would be jewellery designers who sell beautiful pieces, but your customers need products in order to store, care-for and clean their beloved pieces! See what I’m getting at?)

The answer to your debacle is to use your skill once and create multiple, print on demand products, license your designs to allow others to benefit from your skill or sell digital prints of your designs over and over again, with little work upfront. Become affiliated with, white-label or drop-ship complimentary products that your customers want and need, without you buying massive product in bulk and having to store it under your bed!

Your talent has potential and doesn’t have to make your hands ache in returning plenty of profits.


Mission Accepted





Your brain is like a beautiful mine of information but regurgitating it time and time again in a one-to-one scenario can be exhausting. Your clients come to you for your expertise, your knowledge and your down-right awesome genius. You know your stuff, and although you love working one to one with clients to help with their specific needs, you’re seeing trends in the problems that your customers are facing. The same questions seem to be cropping up time and time again, and you know that there’s a way to teach more people what you know, without you physically being there, holding their hand. 

Now’s the time to maximise the returns you get from your people by bottling your brain. Productising that expertise of yours through the creation of digital courses, self-publishing, or giving access to all the right resources in one place, will allow you to reach lots of people with those same ol’ generic questions that you find yourself answering. Consider maximising the returns on your specific knowledge through group programmes, masterminds and virtual summits, through which you can reach loads of people who really, really need you, but maybe can’t afford to work with you or can’t logistically get to you.

Become the go-to authority in your area of expertise by creating assets that allow anyone to access your brain, whether you’re there or not.


Mission Accepted





Your superpower lies wholly in your ability to engage and excite your audience. You are a superstar in your own right and should celebrate the achievement of creating a large following of people who think you’re the bees’ knees. Your ideal clients are knocking at your door regularly and you never have to look for work. But there are people out there, following your every-social-move, who you know can’t quite afford to have you in their lives.

Plus, you don’t have time to help them anyway; you’re just too stacked out!

The obvious answer to this lovely debacle, is to increase your prices. And I hope you’ve already done that. It doesn’t, however, solve the swap of time for cash. And really, it’d be nice to work less, wouldn’t it? Neither does it allow you to help those people who you’re already out of reach of… hmmm.

If you haven’t considered it before, now is the right time to capitalise on your carefully procured crowd, but in the right way. This is about serving your community with something they need, on a silver platter, that they’re probably already ordering – you just haven’t quite paid attention yet. A scalable, subscription-based product is the way to go.

Your followers are potential clients that need more from you than a one off; create that through engaging subscriptions that design and maintain a sense of togetherness, gives them tools to go DIY or breaks down a process for your customers to follow easily. Subscription models are the right thing for you because they give you the ability to scale your business beyond anything time allows. A well-oiled, automated subscription machine is a completely uncapped income stream. It doesn’t matter if there’s 10 or 10 thousand customers using the process; you create the content regardless AND you already have an audience primed and ready to buy from you – that’s gold!

Don’t be concerned about the ick-factor of a membership either. Creating a paid community doesn’t have to be a vanity project; it can be extremely satisfying to help people on a lower-price basis, but in bulk. It allows you to reach a hell of a lot more folks all at once. And it’s incredibly lucrative when it’s done right.

And a subscription doesn’t have to be just your traditional membership model of content and community if you don’t fancy that. How about breaking down a really complex process, and teaching the steps a week at a time? What about giving your customers access to software ‘as’ or ‘with’ a service (SaaS/SwaS)? Retainer models for those ‘just in case’ moments also work really nicely and can allow you to offer multiple levels of service to your subscribers. There’s also access to swipe files, resource libraries, document vaults, exclusive content and so much more! You can even charge a subscription fee for access to you! I have clients who have hugely successful business models based on one monthly zoom call!

Oh, and whether you’ve done it already or not – it’s time to increase your 1:1 prices.


Mission Accepted


My point, dear friend, is that by monetising the right areas of your business in the right way, you can create an uncapped, scalable model of evergreen content that allows you to help more people, take more time off and earn a helluva lot more (like – mega money if that’s what you want!)

Honestly, you’re doing your prospective clients/readers/viewers a disservice if you don’t do this – there’s people out there that need you and you can help them right now!

And if you need IMMEDIATE help planning and executing your mission with exact precision, give me a shout and let’s talk about it:


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