27 Stores Like Marshalls with Fashion for Half the Price!


Like most people, I enjoy bargain hunting at deal sites and discount stores like Marshalls.

I also love Marshalls for its clothing and handbags in particular, but honestly the store is just great all around.


Like at many department stores, you can find everything from home décor pieces to kids’ toys all at really affordable prices and the quality of the items is great also.

And, that’s exactly what you want from a store – quality, affordability, and a wide selection of products.

While Marshalls is one of my favorite stores, it’s not the only place I love to shop. Sometimes Marshalls doesn’t have the exact item that I want, so I need to shop elsewhere. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of stores like Marshalls, so I have plenty of options!


I have found some other stores that offer very similar fashions at competitive prices, and some even at lower prices!

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What are Stores Like Marshalls?

Here are 10 of the best Marshalls alternatives.

1. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is owned by the same parent company as Marshalls making it an excellent alternative. Because both stores are owned by the same parent company, you’ll often find many of the same brands and sometimes even the same products at TJ Maxx that you’d expect to find at Marshalls.


Find clothing, home décor pieces, jewelry and more at your local store. I love the selection of notebooks and handbags at my local store. They’re great quality and not too expensive. Like with Marshalls, you can shop online or in-store with TJ Maxx.

2. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is the sister brand to the luxury department store chain Nordstrom. The difference is that Nordstrom Rack is way cheaper than the regular Nordstrom store. That’s why it’s an awesome alternative to Marshalls.

You can find the high-quality items that you’d expect to find at Nordstrom at Nordstrom Rack, but for a low price. In fact, you can get up to 70% off!

Like Marshalls, you can shop online or instore at Nordstrom Rack.

3. Bloomingdale’s Outlet

Bloomingdale’s is known as a luxury department store, so it’s not exactly friendly on the old budget. Thankfully, there’s a cheaper version of Bloomingdale’s called Bloomingdale’s Outlet.

There you’ll find a similar selection of products, brands, and styles that you would expect to find at Bloomindale’s, but for a discounted price. In fact, you can save 30% to 70%!

4. Ross Dress for Less

I like Ross Dress for Less because you never know what you are going to find there. It has a selection of clothing, shoes, and home décor items.

At the store, you can find products that are reasonably priced, just like you would at Marshalls.

5. Saks OFF 5TH

Saks OFF 5TH offers the same brands that you’ll find at Saks Fifth Avenue, but at a fraction of the cost. So, you can stock up on the items you need, without breaking the bank!

At Saks OFF 5TH, you can find men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, shoes, and more. The best part is that you can save up to 70% on everything. I like the store particularly for its discount designer clothing and handbags. You can shop online or in-store.

6. Walmart

Similar to Marshalls, Walmart provides a great selection of products across multiple categories. And, it’s easy on your budget!

Walmart is known for its affordable products. You can shop online or in-store for products in categories like grocery, clothing, shoes and accessories, electronics, and home, furniture, and appliances. You can shop online or in-store.

7. Target

Target is one of my go-to stores because I find the products to be affordable, but still high quality. I love the clothes there in particular. It has some really great fashion lines.

Overall though, it’s just an awesome place to shop. You can also find products across categories, such as grocery, baby, home, shoes and accessories, and furniture. You can shop in-store or online.

8. HomeGoods

If you enjoy shopping at Marshalls because of its selection of home décor items, then you may also enjoy shopping at HomeGoods.

It’s actually owned by the same company that operates Marshalls, so you can find products at the same low prices.

At HomeGoods, you’ll find lots of items for your home, such as home décor items, cookware, and dinnerware. You can get what you need for your home, without breaking the bank!

9. Amazon

Amazon is honestly one of my favorite places to shop. Whatever item I’m looking for, I can usually find it on there.

The prices are reasonable, and since I have Amazon Prime, I get free shipping on many items.

There really are so many reasons to shop on Amazon.

Like Marshalls, Amazon carries a variety of products across multiple categories. And, you’ll find items on there from lots of different brands. Everything on there is affordable, just like at Marshalls.

You can shop for clothing, electronics, books, furniture, makeup, and more on Amazon. You can even shop for groceries on there.

10. Sierra

If it’s active and outdoor apparel you’re looking for, then Sierra is a good option. It’s owned by the same company that operates Marshalls, so you can find items at affordable prices there too.

At Sierra, you’ll find active and outdoor apparel. You can shop online or in-store.

Other Marshalls Compatitors

The stores above are the top 10 best stores like Marshalls. If you’re looking for even more options though, you’ll be glad to know there are even more stores like Marshalls that offer a great selection of products and many of them are cheap too.

Here are some more stores like Marshalls:

  1. ROMWE
  2. Rosegal
  3. Burlington
  4. SHEIN
  5. ASOS
  6. Urban Outfitters
  7. boohooMAN
  8. Primark
  9. BooHoo
  10. Forever 21
  11. Wayfair
  12. JackThreads
  13. End
  14. Shein
  15. Dillards Clearance Centers
  16. Everlane
  17. Bed Bath & Beyond (former Overstock)

Final Thoughts on Marshalls Alternatives

Getting quality items at affordable prices is really all you want as a consumer. That’s why so many of us enjoy shopping at Marshalls. You can get the items you need without spending too much money.

Thankfully, there are plenty of stores like Marshalls around where you can shop for everything from clothing to home décor items. Many of these stores are reasonably priced too! Give these stores like Marshalls a try.

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