CPF savings, SSBs & T-bills in January 2024.


Last year, I published a blog post with a very eye catching title regarding my CPF savings.

“More than $1.1m in CPF savings!”


Well, this time, it is a whimper, in comparison, at less than half a million dollars. ;p

So, how much exactly?

Here is my CPF pie chart at the end of 2023:


Some readers might say that for the first time in a long time, my CPF savings look “normal.” ;p

CPF OA savings less than CPF SA savings.


For people who use most of their CPF OA savings to fund a flat purchase, this is probably normal.

Of course, regular readers of my blog would know that most of the money in my CPF OA went to buying T-bills.

Two T-bills.

A one year T-bill is maturing end of this month.

A six months T-bill is maturing in the middle of March.

So, the money will come back.

I will transfer the money from the CPF IA to the CPF OA when it happens.

Then, if yields stay relatively high, I would probably buy T-bills again.

Of course, with CPF funds, I do competitive bidding.

3.5% p.a. is a reasonably sensible bid to place.

I produced a video on this topic before too and, in case some are interested, here it is:

Hope the video is helpful.

Of course, another reason why my CPF savings did not grow as quickly as before was because I did not do voluntary contributions last year.

The money earmarked for that went to buying Singapore Savings Bonds instead which offered higher than 3% p.a. in 10 year average yield.

For those who didn’t know this, here is the link to the blog post:

SSB: Mission accomplished.

I won’t be doing voluntary contributions to my CPF account this year in 2024 either.


I front loaded the “contributions” last year, buying more Singapore Savings Bonds later in the year.

See this blog post:

SSB: Missions update!

All as well.

The latest Singapore Savings Bond is offering only 2.81% p.a. in 10 years average yield.

So, that is an easy skip for me.

In any case, I am in no hurry to buy more Singapore Savings Bonds since whatever I want to buy to replace voluntary contributions to my CPF account in 2024 was filled last year.

If the yield remains low for the rest of the year, I will go back to doing voluntary contributions to my CPF account in 2025.


Till the next blog post, mask up and stay safe!

If AK can do it, so can you!

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