How Our Flipping Business Has Saved Us In The Last Few Months


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Our flipping business has saved us financially in the last six months.

We are going to be a little vulnerable and share what has been going on behind the scenes with our two businesses for the last six months. It’s been a rough year and 2023 has kicked our butts in some aspects of the business. 

We have two sides of our business, the flipping and the coaching, and our flipping business, which is a side hustle has really saved us this whole time. It’s also saved us in the past. 


Tough Year Online

This year has been a tough year online. We’re in masterminds with other people and they are seeing it across the board. Facebook has increased their ad prices, so it’s harder for us to get our coaching business in front of people, and in front of the right people at that.

In our coaching business, we teach people how to do what we do. That takes up three-quarters of our time. We make training videos, coaching, have groups, and make podcasts, but we always flip as well. 

Flipping has always been our side hustle since we went full-time nine years ago, and then we slowly transitioned into coaching and flipping. We’ll never give up flipping because I love it. And it has saved our butts the last six months. Our flipping income is what has kept us afloat.


We know how to fall back on that and we know how to make a lot of money at it. And that’s why we teach it. That’s why we coach it, is because we want other people to have the freedom of what this business can allow you to do. If you do get into a pinch, if you get to a point where you need that extra income, this is what this business can do.

Reflections For 2023

There were a couple of times this year where we thought about stopping everything that we did and going all in on flipping, but our heart is in teaching people. We’re restructuring some things for the next year, so next year could bring some sponsors or ads on the website. We’ve tried to keep those ad-free because it’s a better consumer experience, but  we might have to change a couple things to get some business revenue coming in from other places like sponsorships.

Our income on the coaching side has dropped down a lot and other digital marketers are experiencing this too. It could be the economy or that there is so much noise out there. 

A lot of times people don’t believe we actually sell what we do. We believe in transparency of our numbers and try to share the flips we find. Everyone won’t believe it, but we hear enough success stories from others who learn from us and then go out and do it themselves that it makes it worth it. 

We want to keep coaching and the reason we can is because flipping has saved us. 

Other Times Our Flipping Business Has Saved Us

We’ve been saved by the flipping business so many times and we’re only spending between five to ten hours on average per week on it to make the profits that we make. That’s why we love flipping high-profit items.

We started the year strong with high profits from the stretchers. And we’re ending the year strong too. We made $8,000 in November, and December is pushing $12,000 to $15,000 on the flipping business. 

How Our Flipping Business Has Saved Us In The Last Few Months

Flipping has allowed us to have extra income when Melissa was switching jobs and didn’t yet have commission, or when she was on maternity leave. It’s also allowed us to take vacations or pay bills. Whenever we needed money, we would go flip some more stuff. It gives you a piece of mind to know that you have this skill you can fall back on. We love teaching others to do the same thing and we hope to continue doing it in 2024. We can’t wait to see what happens in the flipping arena next year!

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