9 Fun & Engaging Team Building Activities in Nashville


1. What is the Significance of Engaging in Team Building Exercises?

Team building isn’t just about fun activities; it’s a catalyst for workplace success. These exercises help strengthen bonds among employees, enhance efficiency, and improve communication. This helps shape a more collaborative and effective workplace. Tailored activities are also a great way to unleash creativity and innovation, shaping a culture that attracts top talent. It also promotes both mental and physical health, for all-round holistic development.

2. Top 10 Team Building Activities in Nashville

2.1. Explore Nashville with Nashville Pedal Tavern

Location: Demonbreun Street

The Nashville Pedal Tavern Tour is yet another exciting way to get your team out of the office and into fun mode. With Pedal Tavern, your team gets to explore Nashville with party bikes! This particular experience can be great for team building as it helps to form strong bonds and shared experiences among employees.


The tour typically begins at the Pedal Tavern Headquarters at Demonbreun Street and then takes you through several streets in Nashville while you enjoy a curated playlist to sing and dance to as you take in the sights.  Interestingly, the Pedal Tavern Tour has an offer specifically for companies and corporate groups, which can take up to 150 individuals.

Price: Based on packages that start from $49 per person

Time: 75 mins


2.2. Create Your Song with KidBilly Music

Create your song with Kidbilly Music

Location: Harding Pike

Now, this is an exercise that is going to have your employees brainstorming and having fun at the same time. KidBully Music creates an atmosphere for your employees to tell the company’s many stories via music. Through this experience, you can foster an environment of creativity, innovation, and inventiveness in an organization. There is also the fun of singing and the collaboration necessary to write a song that tells a story.

One significant part is that you may not even have to leave the office —  this can happen right there in the conference room. However, you can also hit a recording studio for this activity if you want. Creating a song begins with a performance and introduction from the KidBilly team. After this, your employees are split into groups, and with the help of a facilitator, they can write original songs. After this, each team performs their song, and awards may be given. 


Price: Available upon request

Time: 30 mins and above

2.3. Rofl At the ThirdCoast Comedy

Location: Clinton Street

Another good choice in team building activities in Nashville is a visit to Third Coast Comedy Club, which specializes in Improv comedy. Your team is exposed to an atmosphere of laughter that helps to relieve stress and also helps them bond. Also, with the fun training sessions, they can learn new skills, brainstorm, and collaborate – all of which will be needed in the workplace.

ThirdCoast Comedy hosts several comedy shows you can attend to see which employees have the loudest laughter and which ones don’t laugh easily. They also offer fun training exercises for corporate organizations. These trainings teach Improv and the ability to tell stories, among other things, in a fun and practical way – making it one of the top team building activities in Nashville. 

Price: Based on packages that start from $3 to $24 per person

Time: 60 mins to 120 mins

2.4. Bake Southern Biscuits at Southern Belle

Location: Elm Hill Pike

Getting your employees to learn something fun and new together can be one of the best team building activities in Nashville, and that is what you get with Southern Belle. All you have to do is get the team out in groups to have a hands-on practical experience of baking biscuits for 105 minutes.

Through this process, you can be sure that your employees will learn teamwork, communication, and brainstorming. Furthermore, the relaxed environment and the simple task ( hopefully) of baking biscuits is a way to share experiences and bonds that build trust and friendship.

Price: Based on packages that start from $65 per person

Time: 1 hour 45 mins 

2.5. Enhance your Skills At Escape Game

Enhance your skills at escape game

Location: 3rd Avenue North

What better way to bond, have fun, and learn than playing games?  With EscapeGame, you will be giving your employees an unforgettable immersion in different games designed to be the perfect blend of fun, adventure, and skills like quick thinking and teamwork. To choose from the games available, click on the website and decide which adventure you want to go on. 

What does EscapeGame do for your organization? A lot!, and  that’s why it features on our list of team building activities in Nashville.  Many of the games involve teamwork, communication, and brainstorming, all of which your team needs to cultivate. Furthermore, the thrill and fun from the experience will have your team talking for a long time.

Price: Based on packages that start from $38 per person

Time: 60 mins

2.6. Go on a Scavenger Hunt with Lets Roam

Location: Nashville

One of the fun team building activities in Nashville for your team is a scavenger hunt with Lets Roam. The idea is to go on a quest through the city that takes you through all the must-see sights. As you go through the city, you also solve riddles and conquer challenges. This adventure allows you to pause to take pictures of sights that you love. Note that with LetsRoam, you can also roam other cities across the world. 

We recommend this particular activity because it allows your team members to talk and interact as they walk through the city thereby knowing each other better. Therefore, it is a fun and connected platform, making for a healthy team dynamic overall.

Price: Available upon request

Time: 1 hour to 3 hours 

2.7. Hop on a Guided Tour with Secret Food Tours

Location: Harrison St

The idea is to hit the local restaurants around Nashville and try several different foods. This activity provides a delightful blend of exploring the city’s vibrant food scene while fostering camaraderie among team members. The guided tour takes participants to hidden culinary gems, offering a chance to savor diverse flavors and engage in discussions about the local culture and cuisine.

One reason it is one of our top team building activities in Nashville is because team members not only eat but also talk and learn about Nashville. In other words, a guide food tour not only indulges the taste buds but also provides a conducive environment for team members to bond over a shared passion for food and exploration.

Price: Based on packages that start from $75 to $450 per person

Time: 3 hours

2.8. Release Your Stress with Axeventures


Location: Music Valley

Axe throwing requires focus, precision, and communication, making it an excellent activity for fostering teamwork. At  Axeventures, you get to relieve stress by throwing axes to hit the bullseye.  Participants can release pent-up stress by hurling axes at wooden targets in a safe and controlled environment. As individuals take turns perfecting their aim, the activity transforms into a shared experience that not only alleviates stress but also strengthens the bonds within the team.

All in all, Axeventures provides a unique and memorable team-building experience, allowing team members to unwind, have fun, and discover hidden talents while forging stronger connections.

Price: Based on packages that start from $31 per person

Time: 1.5 hours

2.9. Go for Outdoor Activities At Adventure Works

Location: Whites Creek

Embarking on outdoor activities at Adventure Works can be a refreshing team-building experience. They offer thrilling activities like zip-lining, obstacle courses, or team challenges in a natural setting that encourages teamwork, trust-building, and effective communication. 

In addition, outdoor adventures not only provide an adrenaline rush but also create lasting memories that can positively impact team dynamics back in the workplace. Whether they are navigating a high ropes course or working together on a team-building challenge, the shared experiences in an outdoor setting can strengthen bonds, improve communication, and create a sense of accomplishment.

Price: Based on packages that start from $65.9 per person

Time: 1 to 2 hours

3. FAQs

3.1. What is a favorite activity to do in Nashville?

Music exploratory outings, culinary adventures, and outdoor recreation are some of favorite activities you can enjoy in Nashville.

3.2. What are ideas as building blocks for team activity?

Here, team members write down ideas and pass them along to their teammates, who take them and build upon them before passing them on to the rest of the team. The paper is passed around until each team member has contributed to the original solution.

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