What We Sold Last Month To Make Almost $10K


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November’s sales numbers are in and we had almost $10,000 in sales so we’re going to share what we sold last month to make almost $10K.

We had six sales total for the month; half were on eBay and half were on Facebook Marketplace.

Item #1 – JennAir Cooktop

This was a JennAir cooktop that we picked up on our road trip last summer. It took a while to get it listed, but it sold in just a couple of weeks once we got it listed. We only had to drive 10 minutes out of our way to get it. He was not far, probably an extra 30 minutes total to pick it up on our road trip. The seller was a scrapper and had actually been planning to get rid of it the next day if we didn’t pick it up.


It did not take long to get this cleaned up, photographed, and listed.

Sold: $1,500

COGS: $65


eBay Fees: $198

Shipping: $98

Profit: $1,139

Item #2 – Whirlpool Glass Cooktop

A friend gave me this one and it had a small chip in the corner. I spent half an hour sanding the edge off the glass to make it so it wasn’t sharp. I noted that in my item description and took pictures of it. It was a good profit for a free item. 

Sold: $600

COGS: $0

Shipping: $75

eBay fees: $79

Profit: $446

What We Sold Last Month To Make Almost $10K whirlpool cooktop

Item #3 – Access Door/Valve Box

This is a box you put into a wall for some type of access such as plumbing. You cut out drywall and put the box in and you can lock it. We got a whole bunch of these a while ago for free and we’ve sold a couple over the years. It wasn’t a huge profit, but not bad for free. 

Sold: $120

COGS: $0

Shipping: $22

eBay fees: $16

Profit: $82

What We Sold Last Month To Make Almost $10K box with valve

Item #4 – Concrete Mixer

This item sold on Facebook Marketplace so there were no eBay fees or shipping fees on this item or the following two items. 

I had this commercial concrete mixer for a while and then listed it. It had a Honda motor on the back that spun around to mix the concrete around and could hold up to 20 bags of concrete. We had a ton of people interested in it. I sat on this one for a little while just because I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to sell it or if I wanted to keep it and use it for some projects that I have around the shop and around the house.

Sold: $3,250

COGS: $500

Shipping: $0

eBay fees: $0

Profit: $2,750

Item #5 – Lift

This was a scissor lift. I bought it for $200 or $250 originally but also paid to replace the batteries so the $510 is the total of the item and batteries. We got good use out of this one but finally decided to sell it. I had it listed for $3,500 so I could come down slightly on the sale. I got this one from my scrapper contact that I met at the flea market.

Sold: $3,250

COGS: $510

Shipping: $0

eBay fees: $0

Profit: $2,740

Item #6 – Wheelchair

I got this from my same contact. I probably spent an hour cleaning this and making it look nice for pictures. I did end up delivering it because the sale was about 20 minutes from my house and I wasn’t sure if it was an older person who couldn’t make the trip to pick it up. I don’t always do that, but I offered to do it on a wheelchair.

Sold: $1,000

COGS: $100

Shipping: $0

eBay fees: $0

Profit: $900

November 2023 Totals

With just six items sold, we had over $8,000 in profit. That’s amazing for the time spent on these items!

Sold: $9,720

COGS: $1,175

Shipping: $195

eBay fees: $293

Profit: $8,057

We are excited to see what 2024 brings!

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