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Have you been putting off taking your college admissions test? If so, you might find yourself without much time for studying by the time you register. If so, that do you do?

Higher Scores Test Prep is a test prep company that might be able to help. Their SAT and ACT prep courses are designed for students who need to pick up test strategies quickly and efficiently. The goal is to make the entire admissions process less overwhelming.


Is Higher Scores Test Prep right for you? We’ll dive into the company, what they offer, and whether or not their test prep courses might be a good fit for your study needs.

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  • Higher Scores Test Prep helps students prepare for college admissions tests like the ACT and SAT.
  • The key to High Scores Test Prep results is its bona fide client testimonials and 100% money back guarantee.
  • Comprehensive test prep course as well as a quick prep course for students short on time to study.

Higher Scores Test Prep Details

  • ACT and SAT test prep courses
  • Free workshop on using test scores to finance college

What Is Higher Scores Test Prep?


Higher Scores Test Prep is a college test prep company that tries to meet students wherever they are. This could mean preparing to take the ACT for the first time or cramming for the SAT after months of procrastinating. 

The company was founded by Lauren Gaggioli, a private tutor and actress who wanted to help students get through the college application process. She recognized that preparing for tests like the ACT is a big part of the process and wanted to make it as easy as possible for students to get the help they needed to succeed.

The ethos of Higher Scores Test Prep is to help students feel less overwhelmed about taking standardized tests. They recognize that test-taking is just one part of the admissions process, and that financing college is an endeavor in and of itself. The test prep courses are designed to be as affordable as possible. Every student who works with Higher Scores Test Prep is automatically enrolled in the Cash for College workshop, which teaches students and their families how to use test scores to offset the cost of school itself.


What Does Higher Scores Test Prep Offer?

Higher Scores Test Prep offers courses for the ACT and SAT. While they’re designed for students to go at their own pace, students have access to Higher Scores Test Prep tutors, giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they have along the way.

Every course enrollment also comes with access to bonus materials like the Cash for College workshop and Quick Prep for the PSAT.

SAT/ACT Complete Package

The SAT/ACT Complete Package is one of Higher Scores Test Prep’s signature courses. It’s an 8-12 week program that is broken down into 24 “days.” Each day consists of on-demand videos that cover around three hours’ worth of material on proven test-taking strategies.

In addition to the course’s modules, students also have access to practice questions and two full-length practice tests. Every student enrolled in the program will receive test prep books to study the material and will have unlimited access to tutors to guide them through the material.

The SAT/ACT Complete Package also provides students with personalized support. They’ll receive personalized emails and video responses explaining why a student missed a question, giving them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and ask follow-up questions if necessary.

SAT/ACT Quick Prep

The SAT/ACT Quick Prep program is a shorter version of the Complete Package for students who are in a time crunch. It’s designed to be completed in 10 days rather than several weeks and provides students with a short, 4-hour tutorial on test strategy.

Students get access to downloadable test-taking materials to begin prepping as soon as they’re enrolled in the course. All course material is available for up to three months.

Unlike the Complete Package, this course is designed for a student who’s already taken the ACT or SAT and wants to refresh their skills or for a student who doesn’t have time to commit to a full 8-12 week program. This program costs less than the Complete Package, making it a more affordable option too.

Are There Any Fees?

Compared to other self-paced courses, Higher Scores Test Prep is quite affordable. The Quick Prep program is offered for a one-time payment of $187. The Complete Package is offered at two price points: a one-time payment of $647 or two payments of $327 each. The option to split up the payments for the Complete Package makes it more affordable for students who might not have the means to pay for the full course upfront.

One unique feature of Higher Scores Test Prep’s pricing strategy is that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with either the Quick Prep or Complete Package course, you can submit a refund request within the refund period and receive your money back. It’s very rare to find a company that provides this type of guarantee.

How Does Higher Scores Test Prep Compare?

Higher Scores Test Prep is a low-cost option compared to many other test prep companies, but it isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

With prices ranging from $189 to $445 per course, College Prep Genius is another affordable test prep company. It offers in-person and live virtual classes, and pre-recorded video lessons.You also get year-long access to eCourse materials. 

Prep Expert is a longstanding test prep company. It offers guaranteed score improvements, along with test prep, tutoring, and college admissions counseling. However, with test prep prices ranging between $599 and $2,999 per course, it’s significantly more expensive than the other two options featured in this article.


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prep expert

$187 to $654, depending on payment plan

$189 to $445 per course; $15 to $70 for materials

$599 to $2,999 per course; $79 + per hour for tutoring

Self-paced course modules for students short on prep time

Year-long access to online eCourse

Guaranteed score improvements


How Do I Open An Account?

To get started with Higher Scores Test Prep, purchase either the Complete Package or Quick Prep course. From there, you can create a user login. Using the Course Lobby on Higher Scores Test Prep’s website, you’ll be able to access the learning material, including the free Cash for College workshop.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Higher Scores Test Prep processes payments on its website and creates a username for students to access a dashboard. The website may store payment information as well as the results from practice exams.

How Do I Contact Higher Scores Test Prep?

The best way to contact Higher Scores Test Prep is via their contact page. Provide your name, email address, and any questions you have and a member of their team will follow up with you.

Alternatively, you can email them directly at hello@higherscorestestprep.com or call the company at (760) 814-9655.

Customer Service
Higher Scores Test Prep does not have a rating on the Better Business Bureau and has not been reviewed on a site like Trustpilot. It does have four 5-star reviews on Google and hosts several client testimonials on its website.

Is Higher Scores Test Prep Worth It?

With affordable pricing, a 100% money back guarantee, and bonus workshops, Higher Scores Test Prep offers a good return on investment. Positive testimonials on the website also suggest that students who go through either course can expect to see improved results.

One thing Higher Scores Test Prep lacks is a live course offering. While self-paced courses help meet students where they are, they lack accountability. It requires a lot of discipline on the part of both students and parents to make sure students put in the work to learn the materials.

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Higher Scores Test Prep Features

  • Self-paced test prep courses

Custom Packages Available

Private tutoring experience for SAT and ACT

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