Yopa Vs Purplebricks- Which Agent Should You Use?


While there is no shortage of decent online agents to choose from, the battle between the two biggest and most popular online estate agents in the UK (by a country mile), Purplebricks & Yopa, is by far the most prominent.


Those two trollops have been swinging handbags for donkeys. It’s a tale as old as time.

The irony is, up until recently, there was so little difference between the pair, I always felt like a simple coin-flip was sufficient to decide between them. Their house sale services were virtually carbon copies of each other.

However, that’s not the case today – one of them decided to go under the knife and start over – if the objective was to look unrecognisable, mission accomplished.


The battle just got a little more interesting (well, as much as it can be when talking about estate agents trading blows), and the decision of choosing the right online agent for you to sell your house just got murky.

As of December 2023, Purplebricks binned their £999 house-selling package and replaced it with a free one. Yes, Purplebricks is now offering a free house-selling service. Meanwhile, Yopa hasn’t flinched, and they’re still selling their services from £999.

Purplebricks Free service VS Yopa’s £999 service


On the surface, the choice may seem obvious. But it’s not!

Purplebricks Vs Yopa (which is better?)

First and foremost, let’s compare their core sales packages (without all the additional extras available)…

I know, I know!

Reaching for the freebie is tempting. Perhaps even a no-brainer!

But you’d be wise to note that Purplebricks free service does not include the following useful and sort after features by serious sellers:

  • Rightmove listing – the largest property portal in the UK, which attracts more eyeballs than an eyeball factory (I literally couldn’t think of anything else). A Rightmove listing will definitely increase foot traffic and in-turn result in more enquiries.
  • Professional photography – crucial for listings to attract interest.
  • Floor plans – useful for potential buyers to understand size/space.

Despite the gaping holes, Purplebricks state they provide, I quote, “Everything you need to sell your home – for free.”

Technically, it’s true.

Their free service includes a Zoopla listing – the second most popular property portal in the UK – and they certainly aren’t slouches. They don’t generate as much traffic as Rightmove, but they attract more than enough buyers. In fact, I’ve spoken to many estate agents and a lot of them say they get more leads from Zoopla than anywhere else. So make of that what you will.

You don’t need professionally taken photographs of your property – Purplebricks allows you to source your own from elsewhere and use them. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t step in and emphasise the importance of using high-resolution and thoughtful photographs to represent your advert. Various studies have shown that photos make a huge difference when it comes to lead generation. So before you give yourself a prep talk, “I’ve got this covered”, and grab your smartphone out of your pocket, just bear in mind the consequences of using tragically dingy, lop-sided, wonky images (which are often seen on property portals like Rightmove, leaving onlookers bewildered).

Floor plans are a nice touch, but not essential. Out of the three, I’d say this is the least important to have. I personally don’t even pay much attention to them.

So I’d have to agree with Purplebricks bold claims about their freebie.

But if you do want to fill the gaps, Purplebricks offer them as optional add-ons (this is how they hope to make money – by upselling the extras):

Rightmove listing


Digital Enhanced professional photos & 360 virtual tour and professional floorplan


Boost Package

Everything included in the Free Package, plus: Digitally-enhanced professional photos, 360° virtual tour and a premium floorplan, Rightmove premium listing and a discount on mortgage advice (saving of £150).


Full house Package

Everything included in the Boost Package, plus: hosted viewings and mortgage advice (worth £299).


Yup. “Free” quickly becomes an invincible spec in the rear-view mirror if you want any of the extras (extras that Yopa include with their £999 core package).

When Yopa becomes the better option than Purplebricks

If you’ve decided that Purplebricks FREE package doesn’t cut the mustard in its bare bone form, and therefore you want to start tossing some of their optional add-ons into your shopping basket, this is when the wheels start flying off Purplebricks’ alluring freebie.

Let’s say you want a Rightmove listing and professional photography, along with floor plans, now you’re suddenly looking at a £899 bill.

From free to £899.

That’s a tough sell.

In this case, Yopa miraculously becomes the cheaper option (you have to take into account that Yopa’s £999 package includes 12 months of marketing and Purplebricks free + £899 worth of extras is for 6 months).

Obviously you will need to decide which optional extras you want and then crunch the numbers. For example, if you just want the £299 Rightmove listing, then Purplebricks freebie package is still cheaper than Yopa’s core package.

Other Hybrid Online Estate Agents

Technically speaking, Yopa and Puplebricks are hybrid agents (i.e. not strictly an “Online estate agent”), which essentially means they offer the best of both worlds- both a real life agency experience, combined with a virtual one.

In practical terms, it means that once you purchase a home-selling service online via their website, you’ll then get assigned a local agent (that doesn’t work out of a local branch, but typically their home), to visit your property to conduct a property valuation and work with you throughout the sale until completion. They’ll also take the viewings if you’re willing to pay extra for hosted viewings.

Take a look at these, for example, which are like-for-like hybrid packages, so they’re comparable alternatives…

TrustPilot Reviews
270 days
Includes / Notes

IATA Essential package

*You need to choose between Professional Photography/Floorplan or EPC. Alternatively, pay extra for the other: £119 for Photos, £75 for EPC.


Discount available

*£494.1 Inc VAT
(Normal price: £549)

Visit Website
TrustPilot Reviews
6 months
Includes / Notes

High Street package

Discount available

£1044 Inc VAT
(Normal price: £1099)

Visit Website

Please note, I try my best to keep the information of each service up-to-date, but you should read the T&C’s from their website for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Compare all Hybrid Estate Agents

Other Regular/Pure Online Estate Agents

So now, we move onto the “pure” online estate agents.

These agents operate purely online, so you don’t get the “best of both worlds” experience, but you still get an effective one, for sure!

Ultimately, you won’t get a local agent assigned to your case with pure online estate agent. That means you’ll need to manage all the enquiries and viewings. Essentially, it’s a lot more “hands-on”, and that’s why pure online estate agents are generally a lot more cheaper than hybrid agents (prices currently start from £99, which is peanuts).

Here are a couple of examples:

Google Reviews
3 months
Includes / Notes

Build your plan package
Price£169 Inc VAT Visit Website
TrustPilot Reviews
12 months*
Includes / Notes

Sell Your Property package

*Rightmove listing is included for the first month, but after that there is an optional renewable listing for £50pcm. So if you end up advertising for 12 months on Rightmove, that’s an additional £550 (£245 + £550 = £795).

Price£245 Inc VAT Visit Website

Compare all Online Estate Agents

There’s a lot to take in here, and you’d be forgiven for getting lost somewhere along the line. For a much more detailed overview of both online and hybrid agents, along with a more complete overview of your options, may I invite you to scour my complete guide on online estate agents.

Anyways, hope that’s been useful.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.

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