The increasing appeal of holiday travel among Americans


The holidays are coming near, and it seems that more Americans are considering celebrating in a special way this year. According to new data, more than 45 percent of Americans are thinking about taking a single vacation instead of participating in customary holiday celebrations. A survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Apple Vacations shed light on the evolving travel plans and preferences for this holiday season.


Holiday travel on the rise

The study found that a significant 63% of respondents plan to travel during the holiday season this year, marking a notable increase from the 41% recorded the previous year. This surge in holiday travel indicates that people are eager to create memorable experiences and embrace new traditions.

Traveling companions

Many Americans will travel over the holidays, but they won’t be going it alone. The majority of those accompanying them on their trip are other family members (52%), spouses (66%), and children (72%). This bolsters the notion that interacting and spending time with close ones is still a typical holiday tradition.

A shift in perspective

What’s particularly interesting is that 52% of those traveling for the holidays this year express a desire to explore the festive season in a new and unique way, compared to just 29% in the previous year. This shift in perspective highlights a growing interest in breaking away from traditional routines and seeking fresh holiday experiences.


The need for a break

Even while everyone is looking forward to their holiday plans, an incredible 77% of respondents stated that they are itching to travel by the time the holidays arrive. Surprisingly, 27% of respondents claimed that going on a “vacation” does not always need visiting family. It also indicates a lot of individuals are looking for something unusual from the norm, especially during the holidays.

Taking a holiday from the holidays

Interestingly, respondents mentioned that they might need a break from various aspects of their lives once the holidays commence. According to the respondents, they require time apart from their jobs (53%), relationships (49%), and children (46%). This implies that although spending time together during the holidays is important, it’s also okay to spend some time by yourself.

Holiday duration

The average respondent appears to cap their holiday vacation at six days, indicating a preference for shorter but more frequent breaks to recharge during the festive season.


Holiday plans and excitement

A recent poll by Apple Vacations showed that 16% of participants said they were bored, yet an overwhelming 70% said they were looking forward to their next travels. Holiday celebrations were traditionally mostly held at houses, with 31% of participants celebrating in their own residences, 23% at family members’ homes, and 20% at partners’ homes. This year, however, has seen a noticeable change in preferences, with 58% of participants expressing a strong desire to leave their typical settings and 16% considering taking a vacation or staying away from social events entirely.

Challenges in holiday travel

Holiday travel comes with its own set of challenges, and this year, some new concerns have emerged. While crowds were the top worry for holiday travelers last year (42%), this year’s travelers are more concerned about issues like lost luggage (49%), delayed flights (41%), overpacking (31%), and forgetting something at home (46%). These concerns highlight the importance of careful planning and preparation for a hassle-free holiday trip.

Holiday spending

When it comes to holiday travel, Americans are willing to dig deep into their pockets, with an average spending of over $1,500 ($1,514.26) per person. The allure of tropical getaways and small towns stands out, as both are tied for the top destinations that Americans are interested in visiting this holiday season (51%).


It’s clear that Americans are excited to try out new customs and make long lasting memories over this holiday season. A family getaway, a solo trip, or just a time away from the grind, the holiday season is changing to provide a variety of experiences to suit personal tastes. Making the most of the last few days of the year by taking some time to relax,reset, and try new things will guarantee that the holidays bring happiness and renewal.



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